New Poll: One Third of Mexicans Would Move to U.S.

New Poll: One Third of Mexicans Would Move to U.S.

“About six-in-ten Mexicans (61%) say they would not move to the U.S. even if they had the means and opportunity to do so. However, a sizable minority (35%) say they would move to the U.S. if they could, including 20% who say they would emigrate without authorization,” reports.

Tech Companies Drive Lobbying for Amnesty Bill

“Seven technology companies and a software association – all with interests in shaping the immigration debate now underway in Congress — each spent more than $1 million on their federal lobbying efforts during the first three months of this year, new reports shows,” USA Today reports.

“Among the biggest increases: lobbying by Facebook, which soared to $2.45 million, up from $650,000 during the same period last year and $1.4 million during the last three months of 2012.”

Amnesty Supporters Say There is an Immigration Lawyer Shortage

“With immigration a hot-button issue in Washington, some version of immigration reform is likely this year. Even so, immigrant activist Sandra Sanchez concedes that the country might not be ready for an overhaul of its immigration laws,” NPR says.

“Sanchez, director of the American Friends Service Committee Iowa’s Immigrants Voice Program, doesn’t mean that in political terms, but in practical ones. ‘We need to be prepared for the wave of millions of potential applicants that will be needing … legal services,’ she says. ‘And we will not have enough resources to serve them.'”

The Difference Between Net and Total Migration

“It is true that net migration from Mexico fell to virtually nothing during the depths of the Great Recession. That did not mean Mexicans stopped coming to the U.S., but rather that the number of Mexicans entering the U.S. and the number leaving were about the same. But in the last year or so, there have been signs of an increase, and now a new poll suggests many Mexicans would come to the U.S. if they had the chance. And many of them would come illegally if necessary,” notes Byron York at the Examiner.

Amnesty a Bad Deal for the GOP

“If and when Congress votes on a new immigration bill – whatever the “triggers,” timetables or other provisos – the real issue to be decided will be the same as it has been from the beginning,” says M. Stanton Evans in Human Events.

“That issue is whether the Republican Party, dazed from a daily pounding by the Washington press corps, will agree to commit political suicide by enfranchising 11 plus million illegal aliens on U.S. soil, the vast majority of whom will soon be casting Democratic ballots.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The United States is made of many cultures . Not even yourself are just Americans or your extended family. United States is not going to be different or change just because people of the Mexican Society wants to be here with their wife and children who are American citizen should be allowed to remain here they paid for their papers to be legal. i just don’t separating these families are fair while government takes their money and the people are just wanting to return to their home in the United States where their United State Citizen wife and children are waiting. Put yourself in those families shoes say that you paid alot of money back in 2007 to become legal and the American Consulate told you that you have to go to your home country and once you get there, They tell you that you can’t go home to United States and you have to wait for 10 years to be able to apply for a waiver. Your life is about to change from that moment cause your wife and children are in United States and without you they will lose their home. They are lost without you. All your dreams are crushed and your babies are growing and in 10 years you will miss your oldest child transform from a boy into a man and graduate from high school while your youngest was 1 1/2 years old and by then she would be 12 years. All that time lost because of the law. Unless Congress or someone helps these families. How due I know cause this is me waiting for me to get my life back. My children and I should have to leave this land my Uncles and Grandfathers fought for this land and for us to be free I’m proud to be American cause the ones who suffered and died for me to be free this is my home. God Bless the U.S.A

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    jerry massie on

    One third of Mexicans would move to the U.S.? Hell one quarter of Mexico is already here so technically it should be more like one half of the Mexicans will move to this country, to which I say B.S.
    Eleven million is also more B.S. & it’s probably more like 20 million that are already here!

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    I’ll be darn! I didn’t think anyone was left in Mexico except Obama who’s there today handing out pesos and signing up the people from Costa Rica and El Salvador (gotta love those M-13 gangs) These countries are sending the next tsunami our way..

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    All This Cheap Labor Overpopulation in America

    Is driving suburb home prices in Seattle down the tank….hades, my home was property taxed assessed about 28% less than I bought it in 1999….property taxes pay for the schools, my property taxes plummetted about 30% this year.

    The teachers can thank recent overpopulation lowering wages and tax bases for their budget short-falls.

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    Oh, they’re worried that there want be enough “immigration lawyers”? What difference does it make? The secretary of Homeland Security just declares everyone eligible and that’s the end of the story. Of course, they will make all decisions with the interests of this country and the rule of law in mind. Oh, they won’t? You’re probably right. They never have before. Why change now.

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    cyntha curran on

    Personality, I know the bills also benefits the asian groups but the asian groups tend to balance out the Hispanic groups. We need a quota where the Hispanics and Asians are spilit between instead of the gang of 8 which gives hispanics carte blance. La would almost be alll hispanic if some of the asian groups didn’t move into some of the cities. I agree less legal immirgation overall.

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    cyntha curran on

    Agree, I looked at school districts in Orange County and Hispanics have not made much gains. Most of the heavily hispanic schools still have over 70 percent of the students on free and reduce which shows in the past 20 years slow progress.