Refuting Rubio Myth vs. Fact – The Toughest Border Security and Enforcement Measures in U.S. History

In day two of my four-day series of some of the myths by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) about the Gang of Eight bill that is being rammed through the Senate by the Senator and his seven other colleagues, I address his claims that the bill includes some of the toughest border security requirements the U.S. has ever seen.

The Toughest Border Security & Enforcement Measures In U.S. History
Rubio Speak

This legislation contains the toughest border immigration enforcement measures in U.S. history. It is based on six required security triggers that must be achieved before the newly legalized are allowed to apply for green cards.

The Truth about Rubio Amnesty

  • Sen. Rubio’s bill calls for border security only along narrow corridors, and will measure effective border security with a metric that does not yet exist and is to be developed by Secretary Janet Napolitano, who thinks she has done more than enough already to secure the border.
  • A guarantee of a secure border and tough interior enforcement is not required by Sen. Rubio’s bill. The only thing that is required is a plan to accomplish these things—there are no consequences for the Secretary’s failure to secure the border.
  • The E-Verify “trigger” should already be in place. Legislation to establish an electronic employment verification system was passed in 1996. Rubio’s bill would effectively neuter employment verification, exempting many employers and employees.
  • A biometric entry/exit system has been required by law since 1996. Rubio’s bill weakens its provisions and does not require its implementation at land ports.
  • Illegal aliens get amnesty even if the border is never secured. Once the DHS Secretary submits plans to secure the border and add fencing, illegal aliens get “registered provisional immigrant” status, which will not be taken away even if the security measures in the bill are never implemented.

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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    We learned the lessons of ’86…oh wait, we didn’t. Never mind!

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    jdcsusawww on

    Many Tea Party neophytes are against amnesty but too many are infatuated with Marko Rubio and Rand Paul. Because they want to believe their darlings would never promote anything bad, they believe the amnesty schemes being peddled by those two politicians. We really need to stop preaching to the chior and post to every conservative WEB site out htere and tell the Rubio and Paul supporters that their heroes are peddling political suicide via amnesty.

    Suggestion: be nice, if you start out being nasty it will provoke an angry response and your audience will stop listening and reject anything further you may say, even if it makes perfect sense. Remember Rubio and Paul say things conservatives like to hear and then they sell amnesty that will make it impossible for conservatives policies to become law. Tell that to the Rubio and Paul supporters.

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      I agree with you. Never give the other side ammunition. No racist comments or anything else. There is a good case to be made on the facts. Don’t let yourself be a distraction. Nothing the other side loves better.

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