FAIR Alert: What is the Gang of Eight Hiding?

Stop the Gang of 8


Two days after the massive 844-page Gang of Eight bill was released, the Senate Judiciary Committee started to hold hearings on the legislation and wrapped up this critical process less than one week later. The only promise the Gang of Eight has kept regarding this bill is the pledge to rush it through the Senate!  

This week, the U.S. Senate is in recess, so we need your help in contacting your members while they are at home. Make a call today and ask your Senator to slow down the process and read S. 744, the Gang of Eight bill! 

Next Thursday, the Judiciary Committee plans to start amending the bill while most members have yet to read it!  Once the bill is amended through the committee process, Senate leadership plans on rushing the bill through the chamber as quickly as possible.

Members of the Gang of Eight are deceiving the American people by calling their bill the “toughest border security and enforcement measures in U.S. history,” and by claiming it is “not a special path” to citizenship. Consider what the Gang of Eight is attempting to hide by moving so quickly. The bill:  

1. Grants amnesty to illegal aliens simply after the Secretary of Homeland Security submits plans to secure the border;

2. Grants amnesty to criminals and gang members;

3. Does not require amnestied illegal aliens to pay back-taxes;

4. Does not require amnestied illegal aliens to learn English;

5. Allows illegal aliens to sue the government for amnesty;

6. Allows the open borders and pro-amnesty lobbies to sue to prevent enforcement measures from taking place before illegal aliens can receive green cards;

7. Requires taxpayers foot the bill for illegal aliens to fight deportations at the Attorney General’s sole and unreviewable discretion;

8. Requires only 3 of 9 southern border sectors to have a 90% apprehension rate, leaving the rest in the porous status quo;

9. Grants green cards and citizenship after 5 years to illegal aliens claiming to have come to the U.S. before the age of 16 who meet certain criteria; and

10. Effectively halts all deportations for years by requiring Homeland Security to allow every illegal alien its agents intercept to apply for amnesty and prohibiting agents from deporting them until the illegal alien’s application is adjudicated.

Have your Senators had time to read the bill yet? Let them know the American people will not be fooled by fast-talking inside the beltway rhetoric of “earned paths to citizenship” and “tough enforcement.”

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    This is why Senator Leahy insisted this pass with no discussion. They don’t want you to know what’s in it. If the Republicans in the House are smart, they will hold hearings on this Senate bill and call Napolitano and AG Holder and get them to admit that this bill will give them virtually unlimited power to circumvent all restrictions.

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    Please completely close the U.S./Mexico borders 1st. 2nd. Transport every undocumented alien to a legal hearing & process quickly decision 1. all violations of U.S. laws,2.unpaid wage taxes owed to U.S. Gov’t on back wage that can be confirm,or committed to by alien,3.confirm commitment to honor & obey all Laws of The United States Of America, enjoy and protect what “America” has left to offer. HD

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    Let’s Audit the Gang of Eights’ Campaign Contribution Records

    I bet the open border foreign corporates bribed that Gang well in organised crime payoffs.