Health and Human Services Unprepared for Immigration Reform Impact

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified that HHS has its “hands full” with implementing Obamacare and is unprepared for the Senate “comprehensive” immigration reform bill’s impact on health insurance costs. (PJ Media, Apr. 12, 2013)

During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on April 12, Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX) asked Sebelius, “Has HHS made any preparation for how to meet the added cost of providing care for the potential 10 or 12 million [illegal aliens]that might gain permanent resident status under any kind of an immigration bill?” (Id.) “Sir, we don’t do anything about what the Congress may or may not do in the future. No sir,” replied Sebelius. (Id.) “So, there’s been no preparation made whatsoever for that large group of people,” pressed Marchant. (Id.) Sebelius declared, “We are working with the law as it is right now and, believe me, have our hands full to try and make sure that the law of the land is carried out.” (Id.)

Under the Gang of Eight’s bill, amnestied illegal aliens can adjust to legal permanent resident status in 10 years, at which point they become eligible for Obamacare. (See FAIR S. 744 Amnesty Summary) And, illegal aliens who qualify for amnesty through the DREAM Act or as agricultural workers can apply for green cards in only five years. (Id.) The Republican staff of the Senate Budget Committee estimates that the long-term cost of amnesty could cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. (See FAIR Legislative Update, Apr. 15, 2013)


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    What Do You Mean?

    A lot of Obamacare’s costs are related to transferring uninsured onto Medicaid….a lion’s share of ’em are new immigrants I’d bet.