Illegal Immigration: A Victim’s Story

Editors Note: In the absence of any compelling public interest objective, the advocates for granting amnesty to illegal aliens resort to telling their personal stories. What is too often ignored are the personal stories of Americans who are harmed by mass illegal immigration. Below is one such story submitted by one of our readers.

I have lived in California since 1965. I raised two boys on my own successfully in California. I never had a problem finding work, until I had to leave my place of employment back in 2009 to assist my elderly parents after my father suffered a stroke.

My father has since passed away, but my efforts to get my feet back into the workforce have all been in vain. And do you know why? I am not bilingual. Companies that I had worked for wouldn’t rehire me back because they are only hiring people that are bilingual.

I just don’t know what to do. I still have the responsibility of caring for and assisting my elderly mother, and I have already exhausted my savings. I only have my small pension from them left to live off of. I am still too young to collect Social Security. If Congress and President Obama grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, I fear that I, and many Americans like me, will never be employed again in California or in much of the rest of the nation.

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    How can Americans work for the same wages as illegal immigrants? By overcrowding. A few years ago, I lived in a building where about 95% of the occupants were recent immigrants and their children. All apartments were one-bedroom apartments. There were seven people in the apartment next to me, five below, and at least six on the other side of me. There’s nothing admirable there, but dangerous – a health epidemic could sweep through like wildfire. This is the path to becoming a third-world country.

    It’s a race to the bottom for Americans to compete with illegal immigrants, to see who can work for the least pay, and in the worst conditions. The media points out that illegal immigrants are afraid to speak up about health/safety concerns in their workplaces for fear of being deported. I wonder how their Americans refrain from speaking up for fear of losing their jobs to more illegal immigrants.

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    davexfligb on

    I completed 2 trade schools each time couldn’t get a job I’m not bilingual, I had 2 pay all my loans back every dime. I was turned down for a medical assisting position & a fruit warehouse girl was hiring instead they could train her 2 do the medical codes ect but she could speak spanish so she got the job. Why do we need school? By not having a common language English, it only creates segregation, hispanic managers hire illegals because they know that illegals will not complain about working conditions or other problems again keeping them segregated. Somehow mexican people think that by repeating history they can bully & strong arm our Government & make this part of mexico again. You don’t see the Russians flooding & trying 2 take over Alaska it 2 was purchased just like CA was.

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    Despite talk of new/changed laws, illegal immigrants know that the surest way to stay here is to father or bear a child as quickly as possible, as many, maybe most, judges won’t deport the parent(s). Also, many, maybe most have more than one child here. A health professional I know sees many pregnant immigrants with babies, and tells them that it’s bad for their health to have children close together. They all reply, in effect, “Oh, my husband* says I have to so we don’t get deported.” (Probably, it’s a form of insurance to have at least two babies here in case the first dies due to a poverty-related cause.)

    Those children later sponsor other family members, like their elderly, for residence, and benefits like Medicare/Medicaid (chain migration). I have severe health problems, and a number of times, in a hospital, there was an elderly patient speaking only Spanish or Chinese, accompanied by a younger person demanding his/her “rights.”

    As a person with disabilities, and now a senior, I waited seven years for housing assistance. So much of it goes to immigrants, legal and illegal (we have far too much legal immigration also). While large corporations and many middle-class Americans profit from immigrants’ cheap labor, taxpayers pay for their housing, health care and education for their children. An immigrant “deserves” a bigger apartment, as he/she has a spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend and children born here for automatic American citizenship and cradle-to-grave benefits.

    There are other back-door amnesties besides “birthright” citizenship. There are drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities, where police are forbidden from finding out a person’s immigration status in the routine performance of their duties.

    * or boyfriend

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    The unemployment rate for California in March? 9.4%. National average last month? 7.4%. This has been the consistent pattern in California for the last several years. Two or more percentage points consistently above the national average. Where’s all the payoff for how wealthy immigration will make us? Since California, by state law, forbids even asking for status when applying for a job, how will it make one bit of difference when an amnesty gives them work authorization numbers. They already work any job they want to now in that state.

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    The former Golden state has become the Fool’s Gold state. They have imported the poverty of another country and declared it a great advantage. California has the highest numbers of illegals among all states, both in numbers and percentage of their population. The state has one third of all the welfare cases in the country. Their budgets are in constant crisis, only balanced every year by a combination of raising taxes yet again, and cutting services. Their long term debt for unfunded pensions is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Businesses are fleeing the state at record rates.

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      I Heard an Anchor Baby From Mexico Lament

      Why does Social Security cover disabilities, when the families have enough money to take care of their own. IAs don’t have a clue…..we paid into Social Security, the government robbed the fund dry and the IAs see legitimate legal Americans collecting benefits they paid for as stealing from the poo [them]r….LOL

      How many pay auto insurance, but don’t use it because they could afford to fix their car themselves?