The Other Big Winners in Gang of Eight Immigration Bill: Lawyers, Lobbyists and Advocacy Groups

Some of the interests that stand to gain the most from the Senate Gang of Eight immigration bill, S. 744, are obvious.
Within six months of enactment of the bill, millions of illegal aliens would be eligible for Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status – the first and most important step in the amnesty process. They would be granted permission to remain and work in the United States while they wait for green cards and eventual citizenship.

Also obvious winners in the 844-page bill are business interests that would gain easier access to foreign labor. S. 744 provides for significant increases in guest workers who would be made available to businesses, as well as new flows of low-skilled and skilled permanent immigrants.

But there are still others who would hit the jackpot if S. 744 were to become law: lawyers and an array of groups that advocate on behalf of illegal aliens. Click here to read my full op-ed in today’s

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Reduce immIgration. Repeal the cuban adjustment act. End automatic birth citizenship. My wish list.

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    i am pretty sure we are going to lose the fight on a pathway to citizenship, but i have yet to hear these ? asked or ansewered.
    what is going to happen to those who dont qualify for amnesty?
    why would they even try if the know they dont qualify?
    what happens if those who are deported and try to re enter the country, will it be a felony?
    what happens when a person over stays a visa again will that be a felony?
    what will happen when someone who didnt apply is found will they be charged with a felony?
    nobody seems to be asking these?s i would like to hear from this so called gang of 8 on these issues

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    CheatedByPoliticians on

    A bunch of used car salesmen. The greatest problem I have with it is that they are harming all the real citizens of this nation by replacing them for votes and corporations getting the cheap labor. I call it the American Worker Replacement Act. It is a true betrayal and I am really very upset by it all to the point I seriously believe that those politicians and law makers who support the S744 bill are in fact just simply Benedict Arnolds! They all should be fired and taken out of office right now.

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    Diana Wilson on

    This Amnesty Law, you heard me, will not do anything to control the flow of illegals unless you SECURE THE BORDERS!! Otherwise, we’ll be right back in this mess in twenty years.

    To put pork into this bill is just like the way Obamacare was passed. It wouldn’t have had enough votes unless specific political candidates got their own little agendas passed.

    The American Public deserve better. We’re tired out here. Tired of the nonsense and with politicians playing their own games at the expense of the taxpayers. Use your heads you ungrateful bunch of hooligans!! Do something right for the U.S. Citizen.

    Scrap this bill and start over. If it doesn’t include Border Security and a plan of legal immigration, it’s a moot point.

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    The Open Border Wolf Professionals Gobble Down More Deficit Money Peddling Their Phony Snake Oils

    While a lion’s share of Americans are unemployed, uncounted unemployed or severly underemployed.