Border Amendments Shot Down in Senate

Hearing Shows Rocky Road for Amnesty Bill

“The difficult road ahead for comprehensive immigration reform became more evident Thursday as Republican critics mounted a sustained assault on the legislation, demanding that it include considerably greater border security measures before legalizing any undocumented immigrants,” the Washington Post says.

“The contentious beginning of the debate in the Senate, where the bill’s prospects for approval are considerably better than in the House, was a clear signal of tough times as the legislation moves forward.”

Border Amendments Shot Down in Senate

“Twenty-eight amendments to the Schumer-Rubio immigration bill were voted on by the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, and all 12 sponsored by Democrats passed. Meanwhile, conservative Republicans offered five substantive amendments that would have strengthened the border security measures in the bill, and every time Sens. Jeff Flake, R-Ari., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., the two Republican members of the Gang of Eight on the Judiciary Committee, voted with all 10 Democrats to to defeat them,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Oregon Referendum Effort to Overturn License Bill

“Opponents have started their effort to force a statewide election on four-year driver’s cards for Oregonians who do not qualify for standard eight-year licenses. Republican Reps. Sal Esquivel of Medford and Kim Thatcher of Keizer, and Richard LaMountain of Portland, filed the referendum papers with the secretary of state,” the Statesman Journal writes.

“They hope to overturn Senate Bill 833, which Gov. John Kitzhaber signed on May 1. The bill would allow four-year cards for those who cannot prove legal presence in the United States and do not qualify for licenses, which also can be used for federal identification purposes such as boarding commercial aircraft and entering federal buildings.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    sherri palmer on

    This is all so frustrating…we have politicos, sister obama & wife, pro-amnesty groups, the media and the gang of 8 idiots who are clearly on the take and for the new world order. This gang of 8 and rubio are telling one lie after the other, I would like to think that they will be finished in politics, at least the Americans will, but rubio and menendez will be heroes to hispanics….we should not have to fight so hard to be heard nor to make a difference in the outcome of this country. This number of illegals can never be amnestied, they all have to be sent back and it is easy to do, just cut off all financial assistance and they will get the hell out of here. I believe that we are all fighting to maintain our beautiful country, its culture, sovereignty, freedoms, etc. 97% of politicos want to turn this nation into a hell hole where we get to financially support 33 million plus illegals, then support all of their chain relatives, and their chain relatives and on and on; not to mention the babies all of these millions will pump out for us to financially support. Their culture is not our culture, I don’t want to give up my culture for their culture which is blood sports ex. cock fights, bull fights, dog fights, gang fights, lassoing the front legs from under racing horses at full gallop, etc. , not civilized at all. Illegals came to this country ILLEGALLY w/o regard for our sovereignty AND demand benefits which our country gives to them, they want the word “illegal” BANNED” from OUR language because it makes illegals uncomfortable and that damn near has happened…they demand amnesty which 97% of aforementioned groups are working dilligently to give to them…I wish our politicos would be that dilligent to enforce our immigration process and secure the border. ALL hispanic countries encourage their people to immigrate to other countries! This country discriminates against us to give them financial support, our jobs, healthcare, public schools, college tuition, driver licenses,,not arresting, not deporting ,not imprisoning them, not questioning as to their immigration status, not mandating that businesses use E-verify from day one, not admit to using forged or stolen soc. security cards to apply for citizenship thanks to sister obama who is also sueing states that are enforcing immigration laws. 97% politicos are thinking of labor, business, themselves, their cohorts, and all financial gratification they will reap from this amnesty mess. They are assholes for sure, who turns their backs on their country except traitors, acts of treason…We do not owe anything to mexico or any hispanic country, just because they come here illegally is just the reason they should be sent back. If this amnesty takes place their will be no more America for Americans. This will be a cesspool that will continue to come here from south of the border. I do not see the borders ever being enforced and in a few election years it will be a hispanic presidential candidate and due to the millions of millions of amnestied, he will win!

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    Why would we need a “plan” for catching 90% of border crossers, with a goal of doing that in FIVE years. Are we living in some alternate reality? We have been told repeatedly that the border IS secure NOW. Combine that with no implementation of e-verify for 5 years, and it’s a virtual endorsement of the status quo in existence now. You know, the “broken system” that this supposedly fixes????

    I usually shy away from the “media bias” arguments, but I was watching CNN last Sunday and the host was promoting some study of the “benefits” of granting citizenship right away, or in five years, or ten years. You guessed it, instant citizenship was some huge boost to the economy. Why this would be so is a little suspect. Illegals would get legal authorization right away to work just about any job under all three scenarios, so it’s a little difficult to see how there could be an sizable difference.

    Then on Monday The Situation Room on CNN hosted by Wolf Blitzer had two guests on to discuss the financial benefits of the bill. So you would think, one person arguing each side? Nope, both were for it, with Wolf going right along about “they will pay taxes” and everyone exchanging knowing grins about how smart they are. You would think after the false arrest report CNN had made about the Boston bombing, they might want a little credibility, but I guess their minds are made up.

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      Fareed Zakaria was the Sunday host. Not surprising. According to him, more immigration and more immigrants could cure cancer.

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    John Thiesfeld on

    I really wish the Gang of Eight didnt have such disproportionate power to shoot down those amendments for better security.