Grassley – Amnesty Bill Delegates Too Much to DHS (Video)

During yesterday’s markup of S. 744, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said the bill was just like Obamacare – which contained 1,600 delegations of Congressional authority. S. 744 allows the DHS secretary to waive rules over 400 times, including in cases where criminals attempt to get amnesty. Watch the video of his remarks about delegation below.

In addition, the border security provisions of the bill are too dependent on the DHS secretary self-certifying that DHS is doing a good job of enforcing the border. Instead, Congress should be the one to make the final judgment on whether the border is secure. Despite these common-sense arguments, however, the Republican members of the Gang of Eight voted against common-sense fixes to the bill yesterday.

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    John Winthrop on

    I think the GANG OF EIGHT is doing a great job DESPITE the fact The People screwed up already AGAIN!! not being 100 % compliant to back up our gv once a law is enacted!!……………………….

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    Dorothy Nichols on

    Whatever plans they have for down the road are NOT American freedom. Power has gone to their heads and I would vote them all OUT. They do not have our American freedoms in mind. They do not have the good of our country at heart. They continually offend most Americans with all this crap, they must actually think we are all brain dead. NO ONE should be handed citizenship in our country. They should earn citizenship like all the ones before them. I will also say just because a child is born in our country should NOT make them citizens of our country. If I had a child born in another country my child would be an American citizen only, not also a citizen of that country. This is an amendment I would vote for. Also they need to stop offending Christians by not wanting to hurt the tender feelings of other religions or make them feel bad. We are a Christian nation Under God………everyone is entitled to worship as they please. EVERYONE including Christians. Why should we change our country and what we stand for? Why does it offend so many people of other religions? Good question!!!!!!!!!

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    The gang of eight needs a more appropriate name. Like the Liar’s Club. Chuck Schumer for instance. He was thanked personally by Reagan at the signing ceremony for his “leadership” in the House on the “one time” amnesty in 1986, which promised that this would NEVER happen again. Marco Rubio said he would never support anything that gave citizenship. But now that he’s got that presidential gleam in his eye, that promise goes out the window.

    How was this amnesty sold to us at the start? Solemn promises of border enforcement, mandatory e-verify, and pledges of no access to federal benefits like Obamacare. And yet, when the opportunity has come up for everyone to put themselves on record for those specific things, they are voted DOWN. It is nothing but “PLANS” for something five or more years down the road.

    And to the point of this article, this bill turns over authority for policy decisions, and any and all interpretations of our immigration laws, to the virtually unchallenged and uncontrolled authority of the secretary of Homeland Security. We have been moving to the concept of “executive decisions” for a few years now, with both parities, but this is granting dictatorial powers to one person. Congress swears to uphold the Constitution, and nowhere does that document even imply anything like this.

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      John Winthrop on

      Leland you got it wrong again!……The People failed Senator Schumer and President Reagan THAT IS THE SAD TRUTH!!

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          John Winthrop on

          Leland are you sure you live i the US or Russia?……………………………….read the constitutions and our history………the gov never made us…it was/has been The People correct?