GOP Leadership Waits for Permission to Speak Out Against Executive Branch Abuses

The Republican leadership is outraged by the reprehensible behavior of the Obama Administration in the Benghazi cover-up, the use of the IRS to go after its political enemies, and the Justice Department’s unwarranted seizure of Associated Press phone records. They have every right to be outraged, but where was this outrage earlier, before the media gave Republicans the green light to express their indignation?

When President Obama usurped Congress’ authority over immigration policy and illegally declared that the DREAM Act would go into effect even though it had failed to pass (a Democratic controlled) Congress, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner said nothing about this abuse of Presidential power. When President Obama brazenly refused to enforce immigration law and ridiculed those who want a secure the border as people who must want a “moat with alligators in it” along the southern border, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner said nothing. As DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano continuously claimed that “record deportations” were taking place in the face of evidence, and the President’s own admission, that such claims were “deceptive,” Mitch McConnell and John Boehner said nothing.

McConnell and Boehner are content to let “gangs” in the Senate and House run the show on immigration reform. Neither has taken a position on one of the most transformative pieces of legislation in the history of the nation. If they are looking to be outraged there is plenty to be upset about in the Gang of Eight bill. Instead, they take their cues from the op-ed pages of The New York Times, demanding answers to questions they should have been asking long before now.

Selective outrage is better than none, but a party, any party, that would defend the Constitution and fight for the interests of the American people would be much better than what we have now.

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      The establishing of a set of laws and boundaries makes up a nation.

      American defense is EVERY one’s duty and responsibility. As a soldier he/she becomes either an HERO, or a TRAITOR according on how the defense is carried on.

      For those who wants to protest, profess pitiful stories, etc. etc. (chosen and created freely by their own decisions)
      ask them if the nations from where they come from would stand still from such abusive behaviors/demands, etc., etc.

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    This entire issue is quite sad. Almost all Americans – from whatever ethnic background – are firmly opposed to illegal immigration. But the propaganda by the media and in in DC is incredible. Why is it that you never hear – even in the current hearings on this issue – about the 5 million honest people from all around the world who have applied to enter the US legally and are patiently and respectfully waiting their turn in line. Why is this issue even complicated – what’s confusing about the word illegal? When you encounter someone pro-illegal, merely ask them if they would give up their jobs – or take a wage cut – for an illegal. I’ve asked this numerous times and have yet to find one person who would do so. When the issue becomes real, tangible – and not abstract – it becomes more clear for people.

    So frustrating.

    I have also asked FAIR to open a SF area office and they have no response – why?

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    This is why the Republican pandering to Hispanics to pick up an extra million votes, if that, is ridiculous. First of all, blacks actually outvoted whites, by percentage of group, in 2012, something that never happens. Without a black candidate in 2016, that won’t happen again. Second, six year elections in a president’s term are generally a disaster for the incumbent party. Put that together with a lot of negative news about Obamacare kicking in, and the GOP is likely to do very well. Of course, they can’t go too far right, which alienates independents. All through our history, one party or the other has been written off, but it inevitably swings back the other way.

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    Boehner and McConnell have led the RINO’s almost continuously for the past four years in whatever direction the great dictator Obama the 1st has directed. They have been consistent in their support of all the Obamajunk that has been put out. Starting with Obamacare, which even when the Courts declared it illegal, Boehner and McConnell still did nothing to stop its implementation. They talk the talk about it’s illegality to their constituents but vote to support it. Like wise with the latest Amnesty for 11M. illegals With the highest number of Americans out of work, maybe forever, but definitely since the great depression, What are they doing, Senate passes it overwhelmingly and the Boehner is still talking of approving it in the house. I am willing to bet that the last weeks Obama errors ranging from four murders, The IRS Scandals and all the other nasties he has been caught out in. Nothing will come of this. Because demoncrap cannot be disciplined.
    The great dictator, demoncrap and repugnican RINO’s continue in their merry way passing whatever Big “O” puts out as long as they continue to get richer. While America dies. R.I.P.

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      Romney Dickinson on

      Are citizens going to LET America die? I hope not. I challenge citizens to not duplicate the very same acts as Boehner and McConnell. America get off your collective asses. Organize, do something, act, quit your damn bitching. If you have something helpful to contribute here or elsewhere fine, but if you are bored or think you are a comedien shut the hell up. Use your time to call, email, fax, mail letters, organize, inform yourself and ACT. And, yes I do; locally and nationally. Print your own flyers and place them out at shopping centers or neighborhood. Begin to prepare to survive or join a constitutional militia, start an early warning phone system for neighborhood or county/state. Do not cooperate with federal government. OR…. just sit on your *** and wait for obama to kill AMerica while you waste your time. If you have ideas publish them and spread your idea. It could be the action that may change things. God bless America and help us all fight back and win.

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        Romney Dickinson on

        And for all you United Methodists and Episcopalians contact their home offices and ask it they have an interreligeous information program to “educate” about Islam. Their reply will be yes. Personally, this is another area of concern; churches are betraying America and God. We removed our membership in the U. Methodist Church due to this.

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    There are several issues to pursue,namely IRS is hammering on the Tea Party, the scandal of,Benghazi and the Immigration fiasco,which might open the path for Obamagate. and ultimately IMPEACHMENT just like Watergate when Nixon had to resign..

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      Unfortunately I don’t believe there’s any chance whatsoever that the hate-America usurper will be removed from office via Impeachment. Assuming the House refers at least one “Article of Impeachment” to the Senate and the Senate brings same up for a vote, 2/3rds (66) of the Senators present when the vote is taken need to vote guilty. Currently there are 55 Democrats, 2 Independents and 45 Republicans in the Senate. Even if every Republican and both Independents voted guilty that means 19 Democrats would have to jump ship — isn’t going to happen.

      Remember, not one Democratic Senator voted guilty on any “Article Of Impeachment” against Bill Clinton.

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      As long as McCain (AZ) ,who never saw an amnesty he didn’t like, Linsey Graham (SC), Marco Rubio (FL), Boehner and the other RINOS are in office, nothing much is ever going to change! Everything they do is by design and deals with the Democrats. These Republicans who usually vote with the Democrats are exactly what is wrong with the Republican party today……