Potentially the Greatest Comprehensive Immigration Reform Fiasco in the History of the World

Ads featuring Marco Rubio (and Paul Ryan) shilling for amnesty and major increases in guest worker programs are now blanketing the airwaves. These ads are paid for by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s lobbying group, Americans for a Conservative Direction, which is nothing more than a front for the tech industry that supports the Rubio’s bill because it will substantially increase their access to lower-wage foreign workers. The Gang of Eight even included the so-called Facebook loophole, which expands the number of foreign workers companies (i.e. Facebook) can employ without restriction.

In one of the ads, Rubio claims that the Gang of Eight bill put in place “potentially” the toughest enforcement measures in the “history of the world.” So why then has Rubio made it clear that the bill as it now stands is not tough enough, and has vowed to fight to amend the bill to cut down on chain migration, to prevent amnestied aliens from receiving welfare, and to build that dang border fence –at least the 700 miles that was required by legislation passed in 2006. By Rubio’s reckoning, these new measures should make the bill the toughest in the known universe, and potentially in all as yet undiscovered dimensions of space and time.

If these new security and enforcement measures are not met, Rubio claims that one of his amendments would prevent already amnestied aliens from renewing their probationary status when it expires in six years time; except, presumably, for all of those who are put at the front the line, such as the “Dreamers” and agricultural workers who are eligible for a green card after five years. Rubio, who has lost all credibility on this issue, now wants the American public to believe that if the enforcement triggers aren’t met then millions of amnesty recipients will either be deported, or will revert back to their previous status and remain in the country illegally –he hasn’t made that part clear yet.

Where was Rubio when the bill was being negotiated? Was he even in the room? Did he just vote present? Or did he send his staff’s immigration lawyer to negotiate in his stead? Whatever the case, Rubio now realizes that the public is not buying what he’s selling, and he’s furiously scrambling to position himself on the right side of public opinion. Problem is, his fellow gang members are none too happy with his newly discovered concern for what the American people actually want from immigration reform. Once in, in for life, Marco, remember that. The Democrats are threatening to call your bluff, and if you torpedo this thing now, John McCain will forever give you dirty looks in the elevator. Mark Zuckerberg might even unfriend you.

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    Do the people who put this disasterous plan together even realize what they’re doing? The may as well call it the “Bill to Destroy America.” Do they even think about the millions of people that have, and will, pour into this nation, all wanting to keep their own language and culture intact., thereby destroying the cohesivness of America? The difference in yesterday’s immigrants and today’s illegal aliens is the difference in night and day. When you have millions of people here without permission, that is an invasion, not immigration. That constitutes a condition of war. Why are our military not on the border protecting us? That is part of the Presidential oath…to defend this country, but I’m afraid the last few administrations have done a miserable job of it.

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    John Winthrop on

    The truth is that most Republicans are finished and have not caught up with the 21st century and the same for the democrats and independents that think alike……………so we just have to fix immigration because WE ALL SCREWED UP!!!

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      The Only Ones That Screwed Up

      Were open border employers [like you John?] that try to blame their “hard drug amnesty herione habit” on the rest of us non-drug users legal Americans.

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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    Yes, Rubio is flip flopping dissembler. What isn’t getting enough attention is what a disaster Ted Cruz is turning out to be. Wants to double immigration, quintuple H1-B. But he isn’t for citizenship (but apparently cool with amnesty)–big deal.

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    Claudia Belanger on

    I had great hopes for Rubio, but he let the conservatives and working Americans down. I don’t think I can trust him again.

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    I do not want any law that allows the illegals to stay, they came here by breaking the law, we don’t have jobs for people born here, why give jobs to people here illegally, they put a drain on our resources, I think anyone voting for this should be voted out of office and I have let my officials know this, I will work very hard to get them out.

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    All you need to know about Zuckerberg is in the movie, which is based on actual documents of the settlement hearings. He had to pay out very large sums to people who alleged he cheated them, including his roommate.

    As for Mr. Rubio, let’s remember that he said he would never support citizenship. But hey, they all lie. John McCain has a pro enforcement opponent in the 2010 primary, and he says “just finish the dang fence”. Until he wins, and then it’s back to pandering McCain again.

    Or Chuck Schumer, who stood there while Reagan personally thanked him at the signing of the 1986 “one time” amnesty that was “never to be repeated again”. {That one said by Ted Kennedy}

    Or Sen. Diane Feinstein who has been pushing this bill, but then complains about the big burden it will put on the state of California when they have to pay benefits to those amnestied. But she wants the federal government to pay those costs, when we were PROMISED they would not be getting benefits.

    And then there’s Luis Gutierrez, one of the “bipartisan” members of the House gang, who has stated repeatedly that he only cares about the “immigrant community” including illegals. A guy who compared ICE agents to Gestapo.