Senate Judiciary Committee Rejects Effort to Stop Gang Members from Being Amnestied

An amendment presented by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) (#43) that would have made it more difficult for gang members to obtain amnesty, was voted down along party lines during today’s Senate Judiciary Committee mark-up of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

The Gang of Eight bill (S. 744) allows an illegal alien who is a convicted member of a criminal street gang to be eligible for amnesty if he renounces his gang affiliation. A renunciation is not needed for gang members under 18. (See FAIR’s Analysis of the Gang Provisions in the Senate Amnesty Bill) The Grassley amendment would have stricken this section and changed the standards of admissibility relating to aliens in criminal gangs by making it harder for those aliens to be eligible for admissibility or RPI status. It also would have switched the burden of proof from the Secretary of Homeland Security to the alien.

The amendment stated that an alien is inadmissible if they are a member of a criminal street gang unless the alien could demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that the alien did not know and could not have known that the organization was a criminal street gang. The amendment used this same standard for determining whether an alien would have been deportable for being in a criminal street gang and for determining whether the alien would have been eligible for RPI status.

You can view the list of amendments being debated today on the Senate Judiciary Committee Website.

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    This bill reads as one big ‘gotcha just kidding’ joke…then, you realize that the traitors behind this bill are serious! So, are we to understand that you sup….port gang activity on our streets, Senators??? Amazing! I hope real American citizens remember this posturing to gangs and the money behind them when the chance to vote on these traitors comes up agains!!!

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      At-Home Mom on

      I’m wondering if the gang of eight are in the pockets of the cartel???????????

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    I Wonder if Real American Citizens Marched for Immediate Law Enforcement on Seattle’s Streets

    If the Seattle police would mace us, gas us and shoot us with rubber bullets….then round us all up and throw us in jail.

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    Complete & utter stupidity reins supreme in S. 744, along with the useless degenerates that wrote it!

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    Seriously, they have no problems with making gang members citizens? How can you even comment on something so ridiculous???? Do they think said gang members won’t come to their neighborhoods?

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    Sickening. Pandering to criminals. I guess we are supposed to believe the “renunciation” of gang ties. Yeah, they would never lie, right?

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    shawn harhouf on

    I would like to know why they keep saying that the illegal aliens are doing the jobs American people do not want to do, I do not believe this is true and also I would like to know why a lot of Hispanics are sending a lot of their money to mexico shouldn’t this money stay in the united states to help us out here?

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    Sandra Finch on

    Immigration needs to come to a halt! We the Taxpayers can not afford any more costs. I am not against work visas The bracero program worked in the 50’s and 60’s. bring it back. Lets see how bad they want to work. No more free health care, welfare and college educations on the taxpayers. I am tapped out! By the way, if Obamacare is good enough for me it is good enough for all of you! What makes you better than us?

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    Dorothy Nichols on

    I think they all have lost their minds, do they even know what it means to govern for the “people” and I mean Americans not illegals

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      At-Home Mom on

      I’m wondering what are they getting for continuing to push this. What’s in it for them? What is their personal gain?

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    This is outrageous but not at all surprising…Americans have no rights any more and we don’t have any expectations of being kept safe,