Boehner Says House Will Produce Its Own Bill

Boehner Says House Will Produce Its Own Bill

“House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, has been saying for months it’s up to the Senate to get the ball rolling on a major overhaul of the nation’s immigration system. When that happens, he said, the House will take a look,” PBS reports.

“But as Senate Majority Harry Reid, D-Nev., laid out the path forward for next month’s Senate debate on a comprehensive bill that seems to have wide support, Boehner cautioned that his chamber won’t just accept that measure, no matter how bipartisan.”

Libertarian Objections to Amnesty Bill Grow

“Does anyone else feel like the Obamcare model of government control is being adapted, with little improvement, to immigration policy?” says Ross Kaminsky at the American Spectator.

“The legislation would be anti-capitalist enough if its quotas were sufficiently high to allow most of the likely demand for foreign labor by American employers. But this is a bill that limits visas for construction workers to 15,000 per year and those for ‘qualified immigrants seeking to enter the United States for the purpose of creating new businesses’ to 10,000 per year. These are just two of the measure’s various ‘not to exceed’ limitations, which fly in the face of economic liberty and historical commonsense.”

3 Plead Guilty to Murdering Immigration Agent

“Three men have pleaded guilty in US federal court for the 2011 killing of a US immigration and customs agent and the attempted murder of a second agent, the Justice Department said. Julian Zapata Espinoza, 32, known as ‘Piolin,’ a commander in Los Zetas cartel, entered his plea on Thursday, according to a Justice Department statement that also announced previous guilty pleas from two other suspects,” reports.

“The three admitted to being members of a hit squad for the drug cartel and to participating in the attack on the US agents.”

Flake Says Police Death Shows Need for Senate Bill

“Sen. John McCain joined other politicians and activists raising concerns about the immigration status of the owner of the SUV that investigators believe killed a Phoenix police officer last weekend. McCain sent an open letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Thursday asking detailed questions about the criminal history of the SUV’s owner, Jesus Cabrera Molina, and his interactions with the immigration system,” the Arizona Republic says.

“Earlier this week, Flake said the suspect’s immigration status only strengthens the case for the comprehensive immigration-reform legislation now under consideration in the Senate. ‘It makes the point that we’ve been making: We’ve got to have a better handle on who’s here and have an entry/exit system that works,’ Flake told The Arizona Republic.”

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    Bills, Bills, Bills

    The lament of every Real Legal American paying the real cost of living.

    Immigration Bills (Democrat or Republican) same thing, overpopulation costs passed on to Real Legal Americans that are trying to raise wages with a present low depopualtion birthrate (1.7)….but the foreign corporate open border Fascists want legal/illegal immigration to CRUSH that dream for our future.

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      John Winthrop on

      Really? what America? the one you dream f or the ne we live on? The one we live on at least 40% pay no taxes…………….

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          John Winthrop on

          Really …tell me how so if they do not pay taxes…………………..softwarengineer this is a know fact no differently from the IAs whom we never cared until 20 years ago and now more than ever within our life expectancy……..

          You see you and I have a nice job and most of us know nothing about how our country works…….just so you know, a friend of mine that lives in Maine says that for years Somalis have been brought to the US through a gov program and they get welfare,
          Mexicans THAT WORK and others IAs that WORK do not get ths treatment like the Cubans as well.

          So now they have their own towns….criminal activity is higher and they do not want Americans around.

          Yet the Mexicans are being singled out….the word among the Somalis is Stay in Maine the gov will give you more money to support yourself…………….regardless of how cold it is……………

          Rumors has it and I have heard this that we have muslims arabs already settling accross the US, outside the cities to practice their believes where these cells might be cultivating…………………….

          NOW THE TWO ABOVE ARE REAL PROBLEMS AND ISSUES BUT TO FINALLY give a chance to the good IAs that were exploited is above priority>>>>>>??????

          I do not get it……………it is simple the gov is so busy that the Somali issue has been sliding all these years like the Cubans who now practically are all over in Florida……………so aht do you think is goin to happen w/Somalis………………..will we have the most New England land be African?………………

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    How would this bill give us a “better handle” on who’s here? It has no enforcement in it, so what changes, other than legalizing 12 million illegals? There’s no e-verify for five years, so employers will have a free pass to hire who they want in that time. Again, what changes? It’s more of the SAME INCENTIVES to stay here illegally. When all this was initially proposed there were many promises of “strict enforcement” policies, and they are not in there. And this will give the secretary of Homeland Security virtually unlimited discretion to suspend any enforcement measures and cancel any deportations. This fixes our “broken system” HOW? The answer is it doesn’t, it only makes things worse.