Immigration Issue Spells Trouble for Rubio

Immigration Issue Spells Trouble for Rubio

“Now, potential Republican presidential candidates are making their way to Iowa again. So far Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Scott Walker have made the trip, with Rick Santorum planning to go soon. And despite the belief in some quarters that immigration will be a less potent issue among Republican voters this time around, so far it appears to be having a serious effect on Rubio, the potential candidate most identified with the issue,” says Byron York in the Examiner.

“Over the weekend I emailed a number of Iowa conservatives to ask them a few general questions about the GOP field. I didn’t mention immigration or any other issue; I just wanted their thoughts. What I got back, as far as Rubio was concerned, was all about immigration, and nearly all negative.”

How Silicon Valley Lobbyied for More Visas

“More than any other group, the high-tech industry got big wins in an immigration bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, thanks to a concerted lobbying effort, an ideally positioned Senate ally and relatively weak opposition. The result amounted to a bonanza for the industry: unlimited green cards for foreigners with certain advanced U.S. degrees and a huge increase in visas for highly skilled foreign workers,” the AP reported.

“And thanks to the intervention of Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the industry succeeded in greatly curtailing controls sought by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., aimed at protecting U.S. workers. In exchange, Hatch voted for the bill when it passed the committee, helping boost its bipartisan momentum as it heads to the Senate floor next month. For Durbin and his allies in organized labor, winning Hatch’s support was a bitter victory.”

PBS NewsHour Report on Low-Skill Immigration

“The U.S. has used unskilled immigrants throughout its history. They worked in factories, on farms, in hotels and restaurants. And over time, those workers could see their opportunities change and their families’ life chances improve. For two different views on immigration and the low-skilled labor force in history and moving forward, we turn to Mae Ngai, a history and Asian-American studies professor at Columbia University, and Carol Swain, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University,” says Ray Suarez of PBS’ NewsHour.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Let us remember the traitorous republican pretenders who voted for this bill and Vote Them Out of Office!

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    So disappointed in Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. They can’t really believe what they are saying in that ad. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the border will never be secured if the democrats have their way. Also can’t figure out why republicans are so afraid to be conservative. Having convictions, ethics and morals is the way to win elections.

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    FAIR is run by very nice people with good and noble intentions.

    However, they were founded in 1979. Since this date, our immigration situation – both legal and illegal – has exponentially worsened each year. Perhaps it’s time that FAIR rethinks its strategy.

    My own solution is the change Congress with pro-FAIR candidates.

    It would not be hard to identify key geographic sectors where a FAIR-supported candidate will win. It is important to remember that more than 10 years ago in the most liberal state of the union – California – citizens voted overwhelmingly on a statewide voter initiative to end government funding to illegals – Prop 209 (later overturned by the courts- why?). So, it is clear that Americans of all ages and nationalities support the work of FAIR.

    It is time to actually do something about it – changing Congress is the only way, and the most effective way to do this. Otherwise, FAIR will simply be what it is now – a reactionary and rather ineffective organization. It’s time to get on the offensive, and stop playing defense.


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      Tom: You are dead on. Why can the NRA wield so much influence, and yet FAIR apparently cannot? One factor, I suspect, is the pressure that the NRA can bring on elections, and perhaps the immigration battle does not provoke the same emotions as the defense of the Second Amendment. FAIR needs to go on the offensive and borrow from the playbooks of more aggressive organizations.

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    The jobs they’re not shipping overseas, they want to give to immigrants through H1Bs because those people will work for less than highly skilled Americans (and will vote democrat in exchange for the favor).
    Out country is being given away, sold out from under us, and destroyed by design by the globalists.

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      We are most certainly being sold out and we are paying these representatives of Our Constituencies while they sell us out. Our gov’t is not working for America as it continues on this One World Order where the persons attempting to implement this will become a puppet to the One Great Dictator. Everyone even the instigators for the One World Government will ‘SELL THEMSELVES OUT’. There is a great ‘LACK OF FORESIGHT AND WISDOM’ being displayed in every sector of politics.

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    Rubio has sold out to the La Raza crowd.
    I’ll bet that his conservative Cuban-American base in South Florida doesn’t really support his change of course, but the other “Latinos” have more votes nationwide, so like most politicians, he’ll sell out.
    I’m disappointed in him and would never vote for him because he’s shown himself to be a political weasel, not a principled person as he sold himself originally.

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    Take a look at Sweden and what is happening with their loose immigration policy, that the “haves” said was “working and successful.” That was a lie and now the truth comes out. They live in the areas they live in (which are considered slums) so that they can be around others who are their same nationality. They do not wish to assimilate, learn the Swedish language or fit in to the Swedish society.

    Our government has invested in a VHF fence that is 2000 miles long that keeps an eye on all the satellites and such that are rotating with the earth, yet they can’t put up a fence that works along our southern border. Until we protect our borders and curtail the influx of illegal immigrants into our country there is no need to have a new immigration policy. Actually the laws that are already in place work fine as long as they were enforced. However, with Janet Napolitano as the head of the NSA (who seems more against Americans and a supporter of La Raza) most Generational Americans don’t stand a chance against the influx of cheap labor that big business wants to bring over the border to fill positions that Americans could fill, be trained to fill and gladly work to support their families working.
    There are three things that come immediately to my mind when I think of amnesty,

    No. 1 — Both parties of the government want to try and grab the votes of newly amnestied Hispanics

    No. 2 — Big business wants to bring over Hispanics so that they can use them (use them up and mistreat them) by paying them cheap wages and not offering anything to them unless it is required by law. I am not sure about how the labor laws would affect workers that are brought over with green cards to work at a specific company will be treated and if our labor laws will apply to them

    No. 3 — I remember ready an article in Newsweek years ago that mentioned the social security taxes that would be paid by the new citizens that amnesty would create and how the government would want to have access to that for their own private spending needs. Lately I learned that the soc sec taxes do not go into a special account, that they are reserved with the use of bonds and when the money is needed to pay for soc security payroll or Medicare expenses then the government must borrow money in order to pay for these expenses. This of course means that interest must be paid on these loans because the government is like a demented person who thinks they can’t be over drawn at the bank because she still has checks left.

    Rubio is like a sheet on the clothesline blowing in the wind. He seems to not know what he really supports but seems to sell his support to the highest bidder. Of course most of our politicians seem this way, too. Obama made a bunch of major promises to his supporters about transparancy in government, being for changing the government and so on. Now he is just another “have or 1%” not caring about the other 99% unless it is going to make a good news story. Such as the women who donated $5 to him and how much it meant. I was watching one of those debates he had with Mitt and the commentator introduced the next questioner as Carrie and Obama said “hi Carrie.” in his sexiest voice and then the camera panned and there was Cary, a rather large man who was around 50+ yrs old. Ol’ Obama back peddled as fast as he could from that one. Did anyone else notice that? Anyway, Ol’ Rubio is the same way. These guys might as well be barkers on the midway for a carnival, because they will lie, cheat and deceive you as much as needed to get elected or re-elected. The masks they carry are great and well used. Both using their different personas to try and get you on their sides. It really doesn’t matter which side these politicians are on it is all the same game and the players are interchangeable. Except for use, we are disposable and insignificant.

    I am against amnesty of any sort. We are not the ones who are breaking up families, the illegal immigrants are and they did as soon as they stepped over our bordered without being welcome. They don’t seem to have a desire to assimilate, stand up for our country that they want to live in yet not pledge allegiance too and they say they want a better life for their families, yet they break the law with their children in tow. This should be child endangerment, if we, as citizens, broke the law with our children with us we would be charge with child endangerment and possibly child neglect and be arrested for that itself and our children would be taken in to the system and be raised by CPS (child protective services). Yet there are those who feel sorry for these people and their divided families, when it is them who came here illegally to our country and divided their families. If you miss your family so bad, go home, back to where ever it is you came from.
    It doesn’t matter who you vote for, they are swinging in the wind and will go with the flow that they think is best for them personally. The government being responsible to those who pay their salary is quickly coming to an end. If it were up to the masses on whether they got paid for their jobs or not, they would be unemployed too, because you actually have to work to get paid in the real world and our government is definitely underworked (by their choice) and overpaid (their choice again enforced by the IRS). If not for threat of jail by this volunteer tax system, I am sure there are many who wouldn’t even get close to paying for such a wasteful lot of theives.

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      Rubio is too;too wishy washy: He lacks vision of the repercusions of his actions.

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      John Winthrop on

      Give me a break You cannot compare Sweden w/us…………..1st we have thrived on immigration being the 1630’s the first and Ellis the crazy population wave….and identifying the 1630 like the most influential and reason who we are.
      By the the average Sweden citizen is wealthy compare to us…………………

      WE THE PEOPLE created this situation and from it WE BECAME WEALTHY as simple as that……and of course those who forgot that came here from abroad but yet do not wnt anybody else to come…..

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    Frank La May on

    we have enough people out of work without bringing in millions of more uneducatd people from foreign countries. stop the efforts to bring in immigrate and work on finding work for the americans living here now. we have 300 million people in this country and most the immigrate immediately apply for welfare. give me a break. let them stay in Mexico and Cujba or whereeveer. we have enough foreigns living in this country now. if your so hot on immigrations why don’t your immigrate to clube and learn what it’s really like living in a country like that and leave them there.. if you continue on this path i promise i will vote for your oppont.
    frank la may
    summerfield florida

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    It took my nephew a good six months to land a job after getting his PhD in a STEM field from an IVY league school ! So much for a shortage of technical workers! I really don’t think we need H1-B workers!

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      shoot I am a Registered Nurse and have a second degree in Public Health, and I have been looking for a Nursing job for 2 years!!! They just want more educated people so they can lower the working American wages, all while they increase the cost of an American Education!! Furthermore, they want more uneducated workers for the same purpose, but when those illegals have to pay taxes on those low wages, and they have to pay their own hospital bill they no longer will work for the lower wage!!

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      John Winthrop on

      Mr D by your own facts then WE ARE IN GOOD shape………..6 months is not bad and a record nowadays……especially when we hire the best……… you should be proud that your nephew is world-class quality to beat everybody else American and foreign to get the job…..

      That also means not too many of us graduating but the few still getting the jobs and for the lack or Americans they bring the H1Bs……what an eye-opening reality…..but I already knew this…………….since I hold the same degree and I see how it actually works………………

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    The fact is Rubio changed his mind completely. He said amnesty would lead to more illegal entry and he was correct. But now he supports both amnesty AND citizenship for illegals. And this travesty of a bill is far beyond an amnesty, it’s an attempt by big business to bring in masses of workers to lower wages. Everyone complains that not enough Americans go into the tech fields, but why would they when they run up all kinds of debt and then companies demand workers to accept whatever wage level the companies determine.

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      150,000 Engineer Jobs Eliminated from 2006-2010 per Bureau of Labor Staitistics Lelnd

      Then the Fascist liars claim there’s a tech shortage….LOL

      The 150K engineer jobs lost were like tearing America’s heart out….mostly its brightest engineeers in Space [NASA shutdown] and automotive [foutsourced by oreign engineered “made in America” cars]….GONE!

      We need to immigrate more tech workers in America like we need to get terminal cancer.

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        Could be the reason that we have Chinese spies working at NASA rather than patriotic Americans. Just thinkin’

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    Democrat and Republican Open Border Fascist Politicians

    Do we really have choices to vote for anymore, all they give us are these amnesty/overpopulation loving swine; and claim [lie] there’s a two party system of choices in America?….LOL

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      John Winthrop on

      I would think you realize you had a choice and that was voting for these guys…………….now the question is how to make sure these guys do not go sour on us like they have been…..Immigration Reform is needed whatever the results will be… is we are destined to be even in much worse………….