Amnesty Supporters Upset by Rubio Comments

Amnesty Supporters Upset by Rubio Comments

“Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s repeated criticism of parts of the sweeping U.S. immigration bill he helped craft has unsettled immigration reform advocates and others who support its passage. Rubio, a Cuban-American lawmaker from Florida seen as a possible 2016 presidential contender, has consistently defended the bill’s centerpiece – providing legal status for roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants,” Reuters reports.

“But he has publicly said he wants changes to the bill and said last week that he agreed with some of the concerns voiced in a letter by 150 prominent conservatives who oppose the legislation. He also told CNBC that it would not pass without changes.”

Sen. Cruz Says Gang of Eight Lockstep Will Doom Bill

“What, exactly, is Ted Cruz’s position on comprehensive immigration reform? There’s no doubt the outspoken and still very new Texas senator opposes the Gang of Eight proposal. From that, some Democrats and commentators on the left have concluded that Cruz is determined to block any far-reaching immigration measure. ‘Cruz seems categorically opposed to anything that smacks of comprehensive reform,’ declared one liberal analyst recently,” says Byron York at the Examiner.

“Cruz doesn’t see it that way. Last weekend, his office got in touch, saying the senator would like to discuss his views on immigration reform. ‘His critique of the [Gang of Eight] bill and his amendments to restructure it offer a compelling contrary vision that we believe makes more sense and is more in line with the country,’ wrote an aide.”

“Cruz called on Tuesday as he traveled in Texas during the Memorial Day break. He began by criticizing the way Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee joined with the two Republican members of the Gang of Eight ‘in lockstep’ to ‘reject virtually every substantive amendment that would have fixed the real problems in this immigration proposal.’ Their tactics, Cruz argued, would likely succeed in pushing the bill through the Senate but would ultimately doom it in the House of Representatives.”

AFL-CIO – There’s No Shortage of Tech Workers

“Basic supply and demand suggests that if there were too few qualified tech workers, their average salaries would be going up. But tech wages haven’t risen since Bill Clinton was president. Clearly, high tech is not looking to bring in H-1B visa holders for a few years at a time because there is a shortage of tech workers. They want a massive expansion of H-1B visa holders because they can pay them less. This is not about innovation and job creation. It is about dollars and cents,” says Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO in an op-ed.

Schlafly: Amnesty Bill Harms American Workers

“Economics 101 teaches that prices of products and wages go up when there is a shortage and go down when there is an ample supply of whatever. But funny thing, a consortium of billionaire oligarchs and high paid lobbyists have defied those axioms by rejecting U.S. STEM college graduates (science, technology, engineering or math) and then crying about shortages. Half of American STEM graduates are not currently hired for a STEM job. Many students are so discouraged about the lack of job opportunities for STEM graduates that they have switched to more promising course majors, such as accounting,” says Phyliss Schafly at

“As bad as the Gang of Eight bill is for high-skilled workers, it is a disaster for low-skilled U.S. workers because the big majority of new immigrants will be low skilled. The bill will swallow up opportunities for our own citizens to join the ranks of the employed and it will depress the wages of both U.S. citizens and immigrants.”

Democrats Understand Amnesty Politics, Republicans Don’t

“There’s nothing more amusing in politics than watching Democrats feign concern for the political future of the Republican Party, as they attempt to cajole Republicans into self-immolation. The issue of amnesty is the latest and greatest example of this spectacle,” says Daniel Horrowitz at

“Behind all that bravado and push-polling perpetrated by liberal special interest groups, Democrats are apprehensive about their immigration deform/voter registration drive. They know that all the real polls show that the public wants enforcement first, and actually desires less overall immigration over more immigration. That is why it is so important for them to make Republicans own the amnesty bill, which is now over 1,000 pages long.”

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    Foot Draggin’ Open Border Republican Politicians

    Remind me of an endless bureacracy of changes and more bills with MASSIVE costs [especially legal] on the real legal American’s shoulders….but God forbid we simply enforce laws on the books at no cost or delay.