Senator Rand Paul’s Self-Discovery Tour Kicks into High Gear

As he seeks to position himself for a 2016 Presidential run, it is difficult to guess what Senator Rand Paul will say, or what position he will hold, from one day to the next. On immigration, Paul was against amnesty before he was for “comprehensive immigration reform” before he had serious reservations about the Gang of Eight bill before he decided he just might vote for it.

Anyone who is following Rand Paul’s political career understands that he walks a fine line between being a Tea Party rebel and an establishment Republican who can win the financial support of multinational corporations whose backing can be decisive for a serious run at the Presidency.

This was evident in his defense of Apple’s tax dodge, in which Paul tried to portray the expectation that a company that earns billions of dollars in profit in America should pay taxes in America as government “bullying”. The very next week, the Senator jetted off to Silicon Valley on a fundraising tour. Paul has vigorously supported increasing the number of foreign tech workers the computer industry uses to displace American workers and drive down wages. Paul’s defense of tax havens and his call for huge increases in guest workers sells quite well in Silicon Valley, where industry titans have traditionally been more generous to Democratic politicians.

It also appears that Paul recognizes that conservation is an issue that resonates with voters, unlike many of his Republican colleagues, who only use the word “environmentalism” as a pejorative. Speaking at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, Paul said that Republicans “care just as deeply about the environment as Democrats,” and that “I am a libertarian-conservative who spends most of my free time outdoors…I compost, I plant trees.” 

It is great that Paul does these things, but as a U.S. Senator he has the opportunity and the responsibility to do much more to protect the environment, starting with supporting the enactment of a sustainable immigration system.  If he continues to ignore the environmental and ecological consequences of adding over 50 million people to the U.S. population through the immigration system over the next ten years he is espousing the Al Gore brand of environmentalism – otherwise known as hypocrisy.

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    Amnesty Rose on

    Rand Paul makes me laugh,
    Just like Rubio he seemed to be a bright star.
    Then we found out they are just pieces of coal. Let Rand Paul follow his dreams, they will all be crushed because enough Republicans like me angered by his amnesty support will never show up for him in the polls. Paul snuffed out his Presidential aspirations too quickly. What a shame.

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    Richard Bond on

    I don’t think you are right on Apple which makes the majority of its sales overseas. An argument could as easily be made that the majority of taxes should be paid at that end. The United States has one of the developed world’s highest corporate tax rates. Apple also has not refused to be taxed they are exercise their right to choose when. If the United States wishes to be the recipient sooner we have make our tax rates reasonable.

    • avatar

      LOL Richard

      Even the poor who pay no federal income tax pay have healthy chunks of their pay into the Social Security tax, only to see it stolen [and butcher axed] and spent on things like the middle income welfare loose monetary policy to keep home mortgage rates low to add more unnecessary NWO overpopulation homes.

      The foreign corporates in this country aren’t American anymore and want federal benefits for cheap labor overpopulation, make legal Americans pay for it, while legal Americans try to control birthrates to depopulate and gain higher wages back again. Your foreign corporates in this country all support destroying that dream with excessive immigration.

      How about we hire back the 150K engineers in automotive and space you butcher axed in 2006-2010, the brightest engineers in the world, and develop a manufacturing base with less people in America again?