Amnesty Will Create New Surge of Illegal Immigration

Supporters of the Senate amnesty bill, set to hit the floor next week, are telling the American people this is the legislation that will finally solve our immigration crisis. This is the last time we’ll have to extend amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

However, after granting amnesty to nearly 3 million illegal aliens in 1986, the illegal immigration problem in this country has grown worse and nothing in the Senate Gang of Eight bill will prevent a future flood of illegal immigration.

Illegal border crossings already rising
With the mere talk of amnesty in the U.S., illegal crossings on the Southern border have already increased this year over last. Border Patrol officials say they’ve apprehended 90,000 illegal aliens so far this year, indicating a 50 percent increase in crossings. At the same time, Border ranchers tell FAIR that crossings are not only more frequent but even more brazen – and law enforcement can’t keep up with their pleas for help.

The promise of amnesty is proving an attractive carrot for illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America. Although the Senate bill contains a cutoff date of December 31, 2011, potential illegal aliens are either unaware or confident that they’ll eventually be included in an extension of the deadline or a later amnesty. Why not? The 1986 law’s amnesty was expanded on several occasions and if we pass yet another massive amnesty bill, periodic amnesty becomes our new de-facto immigration policy.

Illegal chain migration
Under the Gang of Eight bill, nearly 12 million illegal aliens would receive the right to remain and work in the U.S. Given their new ability to gain lawful employment, housing, and access to benefits, newly amnestied illegal aliens would become well suited to provide a safe haven for relatives and friends who wish to enter the U.S. illegally.

According to a recent Pew Hispanic Center poll, 35 percent of Mexican adults want to move to the U.S. and 20 percent would do so illegally. Clearly illegal immigration remains an attractive option for a significant population and giving them a lifeline if they make it to the U.S. only makes it more viable.

New and continued demand for illegal labor
The overnight amnesty would not dry up a demand for illegal aliens among cheap labor employers. Under S. 744 nationwide E-Verify would not be implemented until years after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) drafts regulations, would only apply to new hires, and will exempt whole classes of employers from the requirement altogether.

No enforcement requirements
The border does not automatically become secure upon enactment of this massive amnesty bill. In fact, there are no requirements that DHS ever improve border or interior enforcement before legal status or even citizenship is granted to illegal aliens.

In addition to allowing a porous border to remain, the Senate bill would tie the hands of law enforcement by prohibiting the enforcement of immigration laws between enactment of the bill and the end of the amnesty application period. DHS may not detain or remove an alien – for any reason – if an alien they encounter is “prima facie eligible,” or at first sight appears to be eligible, for legal status. This provision would allow illegal aliens encountered at the border and inside the U.S. to remain in the country by simply claiming eligibility for amnesty.

All this amounts to more, not less, illegal immigration in the future. It’s exactly what Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who openly regrets having supported the 1986 amnesty, has warned against. Yet this lesson learned is falling on deaf ears, even among some of the same lawmakers – including Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) – who pushed the failed reforms that created our current immigration nightmare.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    Don’t forget to write and call as many senators as you can and tell them frankly that if they vote for S. 744 that you will note vote for them–ever. The primary point to focus on is that the bill is fundamentally flawed the way it is structured (legalization first) like the proven failure of 1986.

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    Drena St John on

    Does anyone not know the definition of insanity? Well what the government is doing is a great explaination!!!
    Do you actually believe these people will help the U S?? No they and their wages back to where they came from and OUR economy is the one that suffers. Rubio and all the legislators must wake up!!! Do what is right for THIS country. We have homeless on the streets now, do we need more? Does everyone have a job? No and they won’t have as long as their are illegals that will work for low cash wages and send most if that back home. Do we want more on welfare and food stamps ? That is where we’re headed. They expect us to know their language and refuse to learn English. My ancestors had to stay on Ellis Island until they knew English!! These people are not special do not treat them as they are!! Send them home and let their government do the changing. Why do we elect people to go to Washington to do what is good for our country, pay them while we don’t have a job , and then they do what they want with our money?? That is insane!! This country is owned by china right now, do we want to make it worse?

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      these people will not help the US, what will happen here is the government will now have to provide them with food stamps and provide their kids with free schooling and health care and our taxes will just rise even more to provide all of this, what aslo will happen here is that we will have to now pay for helath care for our kids and apply to schools early so our kids who are US citizens can be placed in a good schools

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    This “gangster of eight” scenario is not calling it what is really will accomplish…and that, as a previous writer mentioned above, is all about votes. It is and becoming more affordable to be illegal here than putting the time in to pay the dues, so to speak. Politicians finding more ways to waste our money to help themselves. S. 744 is totally illogical.

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        About these traitors needing to be tried and imprisoned for the treason, truer words were never spoken. The gang of eight are criminals and truly the enemy of our beloved republic. We really do need to flush the toilet in Washington DC and get some people in who will love, serve, preserve, and protect this nation and it’s people. Screw the lobbyist who want an abundance of still more cheap labor. Screw the worthless scum who for the sake of a few bucks and their lust for power are driving this country into the scrap heap of history. This is our home they’re messing with. It’s time for them to go!

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    Am trying to figure out the reason why alot of politicians would be in favor of this proposed amnesty. It just appears to me to be total common sense that it would be bad for the country. Am sure one big reason is so that they can keep getting elected and re-elected, since the hispanic population is growing so much. And so they think by saying an amnesty (or comprehensive immigration reform, as they like to put it) will bring illegals “out of the shadows” and that this country is short of workers, that all of us regular working people are just going to believe them. There are many difficult issues facing this country, like Iran and North Korea with nuclear weapons, Social Security solvency, and creation of jobs that require alot of debate of what should be the correct course of action. Illegal immigration is easy. Build a wall on the southern border, no more benefits to illegals like in-state tuition or driver’s licenses, e-verify. and start deporting people again who are here illegally. It’s not rocket science.

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    Amnesty for illegal aliens by officially authorizing them to continue committing identity theft by using fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers belonging to American citizens.

    S. 744 would allow illegal aliens to continue working, committing identity theft, and doing damage to the true owners of the SSNs they are using until such time as they are granted Registered Provisional Immigrant status and new SSNs, which may take many years. During that time the illegal aliens’ earnings, credit, arrest, and medical records would continue to be linked to the Social Security numbers of their American victims. (pp. 69, 78, 92, 120, 130)

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    Chuck Schumer is nothing but a paid shill for the tech companies to bring in massive amounts of workers and drive wages to peanuts. He gets as much or more campaign money from them as anyone. He cares nothing for this country and it’s citizens.

    And it’s exactly correct that this will make things far worse. There is no enforcement in this. As noted, mandatory e verify only becomes effective in five years. That’s the deadline for all small businesses, and they employ the majority of Americans. This is an inducement that says just go ahead and enter illegally or overstay a visa and we will do NOTHING about it. Our Congress has set out to destroy the American working class, for the benefit of their corporate sponsors.

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      Yeah Leland

      I was reading a latest copy of Inc magazine today and one of the recent laid off engineers from the 150K positions they recently eliminated was a bright Space Engineer [brightest in the world, BTW]….he and another Space Engineer are making dinosaur cartoon video games now….at least they aren’t force to wait on tables or work at Radio Shack….or worse yet, be one of the uncounted unemployed.