Alert: Motion to Begin Debating Amnesty Bill Filed Today, Call Your Senators Today and Tell Them to Vote No

Early this morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) filed a motion to begin debate on the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, S. 744, setting up a VOTE EARLY NEXT WEEK ON WHETHER TO BRING THE BILL TO THE SENATE FLOOR! We know the pro-amnesty forces plan to move quickly, as Gang of Eight leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has predicted a final vote on the legislation by July 4. That’s why we need you to call your U.S. Senator today and tell him or her to oppose S. 744!

S. 744 puts amnesty first and enforcement in the backseat, leaving promises of future improvements unfulfilled — just as it did in 1986. We cannot repeat past mistakes and we are calling on you to help us prevent this bill from passing. Just over 3 million illegal aliens received amnesty in 1986. Nearly 30 years later, if Congress passes S. 744 four times as many – or an estimated 12 million illegal aliens — could be amnestied, all at a time when 22 million Americans are unemployed or working part-time because they have no other option.

Help us secure the border and say no to amnesty TODAY!

Drafters of the bill refer to it as the toughest measure in U.S. history, but this is a bold-faced lie by the amnesty lobby. How can it be tough if it grants amnesty to illegal aliens after the Secretary of Homeland Security submits mere plans to secure the border? Other ways the bill puts amnesty first include:

Prohibits the deportation of illegal aliens until their amnesty application is processed.
Does not require any additional border fencing or completion of current border fence requirements.
Does not require illegal aliens to learn English or pay back taxes in order to be amnestied. In fact, the pro-amnesty majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee expressly rejected an amendment that would have required illegal aliens to pay back taxes.
Does not prohibit criminal street gang members from obtaining amnesty.
Allows in-state tuition and federal financial aid for illegal aliens, subsidized by taxpayers.
Does not require a biometric entry-exit system as already required by current law at all land, air, and sea ports of entry to ensure visitors don’t overstay their visas.
Finally, the S. 744 amnesty will cost U.S. taxpayers $6.3 trillion in federal spending over the course of 50 years!

For more on these reasons and many more on why this bill is bad for the American people, see FAIR’s Top 40 Reasons to Oppose the Gang of Eight Bill.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    give american people jobs dont take it away from those that borned in american make all become citzen s and pay taxes as we all do do the same as everyone does check out how many are here without green cards are have nothing to prove that they should be here check that out and someone will see

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      No “citizen” of this country should want that. Maybe big business, which wants lots of cheap “visa” workers they don’t have to pay benefits or matching Social Security for. Nor should anyone who doesn’t want a virtual repeat of this in a few years. There is no enforcement and it will encourage a flood of new illegals.

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    the bill is funded and desired by big labor, democrats wanting 55 million new votes, illegals who want to steal trillions of dollars of taxpayer money and retire in the US in large family groups on welfare and SSI. andof course the rich elites and globalist for a new world order. the problem is the rich funding this campain has unlimited amounts of money. senators are being paid off with legal PAC donations and promises of re-election. FAISR and Numbers USA need to attack the lobbyist rules and pass legislation that prohibits more than $1000 per year per group or person, to include all front and shadow groups. the true pocket book also needs to be disclosed during an ad, not just the front group. a group of 4 billionaires are funding most of the support under different names. if laws like this are not passed, it is going to get harder to fight the next battle. as long as PAC’s and super PAC’s that control political elections and donations for lifelong political tenure are not affected, lobbyist legislation might pass. that is truly the next order of business once this evil bill goes dead. fight, fight, fight, billionires hate to waste money. if they keep losing they will try less radical measures to win smaller goals, that is a good thing!!!

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    There is no enforcement in this bill. Just vague promises of we may do something in five years. It’s an inducement for more of the lawlessness that has pervaded our immigration system for decades.