Senate Votes to Proceed on Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill

This afternoon, the Senate voted to proceed with debate on S.744, the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. The first procedural vote was a vote to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed. That vote, which requires 60 votes, passed 82-15, with three members not voting.

The second procedural vote was a vote on the motion to proceed itself. The motion passed 84-15, with one Senator not voting. This outcome was largely expected. Even though many Senators object to the bill, some argued it was preferable to first hear and vote on amendments before voting against it.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has announced that debate on the amnesty bill will last until the July 4th Congressional recess, or about three weeks. Senators have already announced they plan to offer dozens of amendments to the bill in an attempt to improve it. Stay tuned for more information on these amendments and the debate as it continues.

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      We are entitled to a vote. This is an opportunity to have a voice more than once every four years.

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    Initially I was very upset, but no doubt many of them felt that they had to appear to be open to considering the bill, so they can shoot it down on the real vote. At least this is what I am telling myself so I don’t slit my wrists.

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      John Winthrop on

      what you just said….it is exactly what is wrong w/ Congress…….if indeed true….

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    I was watching the news over the weekend and there were discussions about how the US “needs” to take in a large number of Syrian refugees. First of all, we have never supported the Syrian government, that was Russia. And we have no idea who comes here. We had the Boston bombing done by sour losers who came here as refugees, like those who supported and covered up for them, and none of them should have been here.

    The fact is that there is violence and dictatorship all across the Islamic world and they bring it on themselves. That’s where the vast majority of casualties in Iraq came from, Sunni and Shia cleansing each other’s neighborhoods with car bombs and death squads and we get stuck in the middle. We can’t make up for their inability to govern themselves, nor should we even try.

    The hypocrite in chief was on tv today, with more baloney about our broken system. He’s as responsible as anyone for seeing it stays broken and then he has the solution? How stupid can the public be if they fall for this?