Support Border Security Amendments to the Gang of Eight Bill!

FAIR is encouraging its supporters to call their Senators and ask them to vote for the following amendments to S. 744: Amendment #1195 by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA); and Amendment #1197 to by Senator John Thune (R-SD). Call your Senators using the Capitol Switchboard: 1-888-978-3094.

Senator Grassley’s Effective Control Amendment

Amendment #1195 would prohibit illegal aliens from getting amnesty (“registered provisional immigrant” status) until the Secretary of Homeland Security has maintained effective control of the borders for 6 months. As written, S. 744 grants amnesty to illegal aliens after the Secretary has merely submitted plans to secure the border.

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Senator Thune’s Border Fence Amendment

Amendment #1197 would require construction of half of the 700 miles of reinforced, double-layered fencing along the Southern border (as initially required by the Secure Fence Act) as a precondition to illegal aliens receiving “registered provisional immigrant” status. Then, illegal aliens granted this provisional status cannot apply for green cards until the remaining half of the fence is built. As written, S. 744 does not require a single mile of fencing to be built.

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    Both these amendments are WORTHLESS!! The Grassley Amendment would “Allow” DHS to certify that they have “control” of the border!!! WOW!! Just like DNI Clapper “ASSURED” Sen. Wyden that there was ABSOLUTELY NO retention of phone records of millions of people; just like AG Holder “ASSURED” Congress that he would NEVER even consider going after a member of the press for “Espionage”; just as the Commissioner of the IRS “ASSURED” Congress that there was ABSOLUTELY NO targeting of any “Conservative” groups!! Yeah, right – – – We can TRUST them!!!

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    I guess the Thune Amendment is better than nothing, but not really!! It is simply a ruse to make it appear that the Republicans are serious about border security. What will 350 miles of fencing, out of the 2,000 plus miles of border, provide?? Just more B**lS**t from the squishy Republicans!! Either FULLY secure the border, or simply admit that you don’t really intend to do so!!!

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    John Campbell on

    All the fencing in the world won’t do SQUAT until the jobs issue is addressed!!! There needs to be an amendment to make E-Verify mandatory for ALL hires, not just for companies that have over 500 workers!! Also, implementation needs to be sped up, not spread out over three years. And serious consequences that CANNOT be changed by the Executive Branch for employers who attempt to skirt E-Verify.

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      John Campbell,
      YES! GREAT comments!! Every employer, even the smallest, with only one or two employees, should have “Internet Access” to E-Verify, and should be MANDATED to obtain an E-Verify clearance prior to hiring anyone!!!

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      I TOTALLY Agree John

      But what FAIR is trying to do makes sense too, albeit doesn’t address the ROOT CAUSE, but thankfully, could throw a wrench into the Amnesty Horror Bill.

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    I Called My Senator(s)

    Their Millenial call takers are young and IMO likely agree with FAIRUS.ORG….its both of my “NWO foreign/corporate paid off Democrat Senators” that have plugging wax in their ears.