Can’t Americans Do Anything Right?

Jeb Bush received a lot of attention for saying that we need mass immigration because immigrants are “more fertile and they love their families,” and a lot of other head-scratching things at Ralph Reed’s latest attempt to remain relevant. Bush’s remarks may strike many Americans as unsavory, and they should, but they should surprise no one. These types of comments are commonplace, though most commentators are not so ham-fisted as Jeb Bush (or Marco Rubio’s staff).

The intellectual bankruptcy of proponents of “comprehensive immigration reform” is on full display in a new report from the American Enterprise Institute, which has long served as the mouthpiece for the Republican Party’s Wall Street wing. The report’s authors, Madeline Zavodny and Tamar Jacoby, who are both supporters of open border policies, argue that millions more low-skilled immigrants are necessary because they have greater “physical strength and stamina” than Americans.

What’s next? Will Paul Ryan discover that immigrant doctors have x-ray vision?

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    April in California on

    I never thought I would say this, but, it is time for a third party. A party that is truly concerned about it’s citizens. All you have to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY! This amnesty bill is about money, control and power. Let’s start a party that will focus on freedom, the free market, hard work, no hand outs unless your mentally handicapped, sick or elderly. Abolish the IRS so special favors, greed and corruption do not prevail. Honesty, integrity, hard work, compassion, fairness, religious freedom. A party where we are all Americans and not labeled, African American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian etc. We all do our best for the betterment of our society, communities, country and families. It seems attainable. We can call it the Freedom Party. Together We can do this.

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      Well said….

      Maybe someday, the “SILENT MAJORITY” of conservative citizens of America will wake up and be heard before it’s too late.

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    I understand Facebook and Google are pushing this hard and who big bucks, no doubt Bill Gates is also involved since he said he didn’t care if the whole world came here.
    I think if the Senate votes for this, we need to, by the millions, delete our Facebook….the House should get the message!

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    Jeb Bush seems to forget is that all that fertility that the immigrants bring will have to be supported by American citizens paying all of the taxes. We’re no longer living in the era of when immigrants stood in line the be identified when entering at Ellis Island. Politicians should also separate their personal agenda from what they’re suppose to represent according to our Constitution and other established laws

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      First of all to claim they have higher fertility is just plain stupid. Americans are not giving birth as often because they cannot afford to since they have high student loans to pay off and many are either unemployed or under employed.
      Our young people are not having children because they cannot afford to and are responsible enough to know that having and raising a child cost money. The illegals on the other hand feel no responsbility and have children as quickly as they can once they sneak across our border because that child is their anchor. They continue having children quickly because they have no student loans and know that each child they have brings them more money in the form of food stamps, welfare, housing assistance ect. So the illegals give birth like roaches and we have to support their litters while our citizens who consider living on government handouts shameful are having less children. It has nothing to do with fertility…it has to do with responsibilty, honesty, intergrity and self respect..all of which are citizens have and none of which the illegals have!

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    Americans do not realize that politicians like Jeb need continuing massive immigration to keep our GDP up. Jeb did not say that, but in addition to the Democrat’s need for more voters, it is a major reason politicians want massive immigration. It is very hard to maintain an upward trending GDP in nations like Japan that have a negative birth rate. However, it is interesting that Japan manages about as well as the U.S., even though they have no Natural Energy resources. The Japanese even have to desalinate water, and they have a population density on par with India, but tiny Japan is still one of the world’s largest economies. Jeb Bush is also a New World Order “Open Borders Globalist”. If anyone in the Middle Class takes Jeb seriously, the person is a serious risk to himself.

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    Wonder if jeb bush would still be saying this load of horse pucky if he
    wasn’t married to a mexican

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    Rand: your so correct, takes no talent to birth multiple Illegal Anchor Babies, that is their major talent, SEX and bringing all of their relatives here to, USA, to collect all the freebies that they seem to be entitled to, because our government thinks that the Illegals like them…THE ILLEGALS DO NOT LIKE AMERICANS, we were in the commercial construction business in Los Angeles, CA, and we heard first hand from the illegals that they were here to take America back {evidently someone stole America from the Mexicans} they are here to get rid of all Americans. I could go on and on, to the point, is that what we want to hear from Illegals? Hell NO, our government has to realize the Illegals are our enemies/terrorists illegally entering our country to destroy us. When said government officials die, will they take their favorite Illegal with them? or will they leave the Illegals behind to live free? Jeb Bush is mentally ill thinking that his personal Mexican maids/gardeners/stablemen love him? Hell No, the illegals are waiting to break loose and take over America. Just like right not, Villarigosa {Los Angeles Mayor} is broke, has no where to live, YET he announced on TV that he, Villarigosa will run for Governor of California. He knows the Illegals will vote him into office. Why are these illegals permitted to vote? When I registered to vote I had to prove citizenship, show age with legal identifications. If Villarigosa becomes Governor, he will then make the entire state of California sanctuary state FOR HIS PEOPLE. You yell at me? No you don’t Villarigosa and the city council made Los Angeles CA sanctuary city for the Illegals sneaking into the country. SEND THEM ALL BACK TO THEIR LAND OF ORIGIN AND FORCE THEM TO TRY TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY AS OUR FOREFATHERS DID WITH PRIDE.

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      If we had a national ID card that might prevent illegals from getting access to voting and all kinds of other benefits. ALSO the medical bills of hospitals treating illegals for FREE in our emergency rooms should go TO MEXICO

      These hospitals should start suing the government for not upholding our laws, forcing many to shut down

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        DO NOT DELETE MY MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Groups like LaRaza have said their main purpose in having more Hispanics here is to change our political system. We cannot let that happen! They should have changed their own countries! Not come here and cause trouble!

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        PLEASE CALL THESE SENATORS, SEN. JEFF FLAKE (AZ) 888-995-8316 ; SEN. JOHN MCCAIN 888-995-8291
        SEN.MICHAEL BENNET(CO) 888-995-8318 ; SEN. MARCO RUBIO(FL) 888-995-8279 ; SEN.DICK DURBIN,(ILL)888-995-8319 ; SEN. MARK KIRK (ILL) 888.995-5459 ; SEN DEAN HELLER( NV) 888-995-5451; SEN. BOB MENENDEZ (NJ) 888-995-8306 ; SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (SC) 888-995-8331; SEN. KELLY AYOTTE (NH) 888-995-1986 ; SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (NY) 888-995-8296 ; SEN. JOHN HOEVEN (ND) 888-995-2047. CALL THIS WEEKEND.

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        Its ironic…..Many illegals are leaving their country because they don’t like their laws, government system , corruption, way of life, drug cartel, etc, but they want to come to the US to change our Country to be like the one they are fleeing from….

        Wake up “SILENT MAJORITY” CITIZENS of the US before it’s too late……..or suffer the destructive / bankrupt fate of many of our largest US cities (or state) like Detroit, Chicago, New York, California…….etc….Destruction of our American Way of Life will occur if illegal immigration and unearned welfare are allowed to continue.

        As I understand it, almost more people in the US are receiving government assistance than are donating to the welfare fund via business/citizen tax dollars…..Eventually, this will totally enslave the able bodied / working class citizens of the US as more and more citizens see the freebies others are receiving and join in themselves…….further promoting Socialism….

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    What a pathetic lot Americans are, too stupid too do the high-skill jobs and too weak too do the low-skill jobs. Why would anyone want American citizenship anyway, it obviously makes you into a feeble and feeble-minded fool. Jeb and the other cheap labor hustlers mentioned in this story are great examples of that. Jeb is an overweight version of George W., just what America needs right now don’t you think?

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      The truth hurts Glenn, but you are 100 % correct and whoever does not agree only needs to look back at history and the present. It is no secret.

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    To this point it has not been a political liability to support our current immigration mess. If they vote for amnesty, vote them out.

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      If we let them vote this in, it will be too late to vote THEM out. The illegals will outnumber the legals, and we’ll be screwed!

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    How about these “do good, no brained” politicians who are so PRO immigration adopt and support an immigrant family and leave the rest of us to trying to adequately support our own families.

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      No they want to use our money! In time we won’t have much take home pay, after having been overtaxed to take care of the whole world! We are still losing jobs, with none to be found.

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    Jeb Bush isn’t on the radar for the Republicans to run for office. That gene pool seems to get more shallow all the time.

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    Some people never think, before they speak. Yes, A lot of Americans, have done a lot of things right, unfortunately, not many of them are alive today.

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    I sincely wish that the Republicans do not support Jeb Bush in case he decides to stand for the top job.I find his comment to be anti-American and an insult to the American womenfolk,who are the majority in terms of voters.

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    This is unbelievable coming from an ex-Governor of Florida,though ,I understand, he is married to a Spanish.
    His comment is a slap on the face of the American women,who are explicitly not fertile. What about his mother to have brought up about half dozen children,Is that unfertile? If he wishes to submerge the country with illegal
    immigrants since they are fertile,I wish he opens the reservations where the true citizens are kept like cattle. instead
    of welcoming fertile illegal women from the batch of illegals.
    This comment seems enough to bar his prospect to stand as a candidate as Commader in chief. of US army.

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    Aren’t most big contributors to political campaigns “open borders advocates?
    Didn’t many of the direct descendants of European immigrants themselves petition the Federal Government to allow fewer immigrants into the country one-hundred years ago from Europe and elsewhere?

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    I swear by all that’s Holy; if the Republicans are gonna trot out another Bush or other lame *** candidate that will lose, I’m going to write myself in. The Republican Party should just merge with the Democratic Party as they are feckless. If the Repubs pandered to their base like they do the Hispanics, they might win an election.

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    This is the elitist attitude of our government! Jeb Bush has more than likely has never picked up a shove yet alone use it! Also for the life of me I cannot figure what part of illegal is being missed? Illegal, against the law! These are individuals who have entered our country illegally!!! Why reward them for breaking our laws? This happened in 1986, it gave legalized status for 1.7-million people, when the law was passed, there were about 5-million illegal immigrants; now, there’s an estimated 12-million. So, we have more illegals in this country and STILL NO SECURED BORDERS 27 years later!!! Furthermore we support and educate these people who are NOT citizens! We have so many AMERICANS out of work, living hand to mouth, we are being taxed even after we die to support this travesty and all our so called “representatives” what to bring in more with the hopes of more votes!

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      I could not agree with you any more!

      The politicians are not looking out for the future of the people.

      The supporters of S.744 who are democrat senators are hoping for LOTS more votes so that the whole country becomes like California and we are never able to elect anyone but a democrat. I am disgusted by the flagrant and obvious self-interest of the democrat senators and congresspersons. We owe these illegals NOTHING. They are sucking us dry. We don’t need them here.

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    JoAnn Cardwell on

    Who is concerned and thinking about American wage earners on the lower end of the pay scale. This huge influx of illegal turned legal immigrants will wipe out American low skilled employees for a decade and maybe longer.

    I believe we definitely need immigration reform but the proposals out there will decimate Americans as usual. I don’t believe the current congress can handle the immigration reform jobs. They are beholden to far too many fat cats in Washington who pay to re elect them.

    What a disaster waiting to happen to American workers.

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      I am really sick and tired of hearing and seeing american citizens banter their opinions about this nation needinf immigration reform. IS EVERYONE NUTS!! We had far reaching reform in 1986 and we’ve had at least 6 “mini” reforms since. The problem is that we are relying upon corrupt, perverted and low skilled politicians to write the laws with the expectation that they will insist on them being enforced.

      Anyone with a brain or a sense of right and wrong will quickly be able to tell you that immigration reform is nothing more than another door to the bank vault. Politicians who have integrity, dignity and national pride DO NOT subject their citizens to such carnival antics. They represent them in accordance with the law and they stand by their Oath to ensure that “representative” government is an active ingredient in the American Dream.

      S.744 is the proverbial albatross that will sink this ship of state. It is a nation killer and all of those who are participating in this reprehensible deception are part and parcel of the murder of this nation.

      Immigration Reform is not needed. What is needed is good old fashion law enforcement and a Congress and Government with a sturdy backbone. This Bill…..S.744…..hurst the citizens of this nation. It will destroy the hopes and the dreams of those now unemployed and underemployed….and it will undermine the opportunities that we promised to our posterity. Ironically, this Bill, while promising illegal’s the “golden calf”, destroys our childrens future. It, and the politicians supporting it, paint our children as being a compilation of lazy, uneducated, whining nobody’s, while they sing the praises of complete strangers who have absolutely no right to be in the country to begin with. Politicians like Jeb Bush (and all the Bush’s) praise illegal’s for their ability to birth multiple babies. Harry Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, et all….sing the praises of the illegal’s as being “hard working” and family oriented. And the accolades go on and on and on!! But not a kind word for Amnerican Citizens, who somehow, have become the Poster Children from Hell.

      The only Reform that we need now is to Reform the Congress. For far too long the American people have elected and re-elected dunderheads and mouth pieces for the lobbyists. We have indeed gotten the kind of govenment we voted for and its now time to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE the course and the direction of this nation by throwing out, via recall….special election….vote of no confidence…..whatever it takes, those men and women who have been and remain hell bent on diluting our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Rule of Law. S.744, MUST NEVER become law.

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        I totally agree with you. You are right on all points. We “The American People” have been b****slapped by these “voted in” losers! This to me are criminal acts against the people of America.

        These idiots have completely disregarded the laws that are already on the books, have ignored the wishes/demands/desire of the American people etc….This is all about the DEM. party which is linked with The “Unions” who have dumped LOTs OF MONEY AND FRAUD VOTES ON ALL LEVELS OF THE ADMINISTRATION. The new border patrol (20,000) are all going to be in the UNION and than led right into registering Democrat. I just heard that Obama is the one who’s pulling the stings of Rubio. I hope we WILL vote Rubio out when the time comes. Don’t get me wrong….There are plenty of people on both sides that need to be voted out. As far as republicans, I can’t post it…. more than likely it will not be posted by this website

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    More fertile and love their families. Yes popping out anchor babies at a record rate and bring all the relatives from Mexico. Then there is the illegal factor which nobody dares to mention. It is just plain wrong and demoralizing to the legal citizens and legal immigrants of this country to amnesty illegal aliens. Our politicians are being duped into thinking they will be re elected by the llegal’s. IMO they are looking to take over by electing their own people if they attain citizenship and removing the traitors now in office who amnestied them. I continue to oppose illegal alien amnesty with all at my disposal.

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      JoAnn Cardwell on

      You are intimating that our politicians really can think! If they could they would never have allowed this fiasco to happen. After Reagan allowed 3.5 million illegals to become legal citizens absolutely no effort for stopping the illegal machine to continue to churn was made. That proves to me that Washington is incapable of fixing this problem now or ever. Statistics showed them from 1986 to today that illegals continued to flow across our southern border virtually unchallenged by an improperly staffed border control. That is how the Drug Cartels gained their stronghold in America selling their “product” that continues to killsband hook our younger generation forever. It all began in earnest in 1986.

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        Correction. Washington is not “incapable” of fixing the problem….it is UNWILLING TO FIX THE PROBLEM. Illegal immigration is BIG BUSINESS!! The political money that pours into the coffers of the political elite is unimanginable. And, the amount of tax payer dollars that pour into the treasure chests of pro-illegal alien, anti-american organizations, via the Congress and the white House is pure scandal. Between the lobbyists like La Raza (nice american name) – LULAC, MALDEF, the ACLU, the SPLC and the U.S. and Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and the Labor Unions….WHY ARE WE SURPRISED that so many politicians are so willing to screw the American people and to bring an end to the United States as we know it and how it was meant to be.

        If their is any shame in D.C., there is no evidence that it exists. You cannot and will not stop influence peddling in D.C., until you take the radical steps necessary to reform government. If we are to save America….then we must save the fundamentals of our government and that will require some strong action on the part of this nations citizens. If we fail to take action….then prepare for the kind of future that will be the mirror image of Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and Facist Italy. Prepare for the kind of government and the kind of life that you always remembered would never be possible in the USA. that is what we will get.

        S.744 must die!!

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          Mike you
          Are 100percent on the money the only problem is most of America is is fast asleep and have been brainwashed by the media and the junk they watch and listen to on T.V and Radio they believe the lies
          They have been told other wise why else would they have voted for the same People who. Lied to them the first time then vote for them a second time and expect different results that is the same as crazy doing the same thing but expecting different results to get real change we would have to over haul the whole government and the way the corruption has over taken our system . We have taken GOD out of our system
          There is no fear of punishment for our elected officials they need to beheld accountable to the People just like they wont us to be to them but you see this comes from a GOD centered relationship we did have this in our congress. It’s conception

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Insulting the entire native-born American electorate strikes me as terrible politics, but moreover, it’s terrible leadership.

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    cyntha curran on

    The intellectual bankruptcy of proponents of “comprehensive immigration reform” is on full display in a new report from the American Enterprise Institute, which has long served as the mouthpiece for the Republican Party’s Wall Street wing. The report’s authors, Madeline Zavodny and Tamar Jacoby, who are both supporters of open border policies, argue that millions more low-skilled immigrants are necessary because they have greater “physical strength and stamina” than Americans
    Not that I support legalizing millions of illegals but its true few of them do clerical work. Years ago lots of low skilled manufactoring in La was done by illegal immirgants but now some of the job descriptions asked for word, excel or ability to run a machine since there is more automation, and these companies seems to be hiring less illegals.

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    cyntha curran on

    Nothing new here, the Bushes are rather stupid on most issues. For example, Allan Greenspan that supports them on immirgation told George W Bush to not cut Taxes anymore because he was going into war, Bush didn’t listen. The Bush wing of the Repuglican Party really controls the party.