On Immigration Reform, Is Rubio Just Another Obama Administration Puppet?

It appears that the Obama administration’s role in the immigration debate is more heavy-handed than the public was initially led to believe. According to a recent report from Politico, a senior White House official was quoted as saying, “No decisions are being made without talking to us about it…This does not fly if we’re not O.K. with it,” regarding the Gang of Eight negotiations.

The unnamed official continued, “We’re the hammer on the back end. If the Republicans try to scuttle it, we’re the ones who can communicate to the Latino community who scuttled it.”

Ironically, this report came out simultaneously with Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) reaffirmation of support for the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill. “I think 95, 96 percent of the bill is in perfect shape and ready to go,” stated the Florida Republican last Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” Rubio also repeated the claim that with improvements on border security, the bill “will have strong bipartisan support.” (Politico, Jun. 16, 2013)

If the Obama administration is admittedly overseeing all immigration reform and taking credit for negotiations, how is it possible that the Gang of Eight amnesty bill can be a bipartisan compromise? Sen. Rubio is clearly mistaken, or playing the game of Washington politics. What Rubio calls “bipartisan” is, in fact, nothing more than the Obama administration orchestrating comprehensive immigration reform with a handful of Republican talking heads. Again, why do Republicans think they would get credit for anything that passes?

As Rubio continues to double down on the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill, it appears that he is ideologically aligned with Obama and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) rather than being manipulated in a political game. Through the smoke and mirrors of Washington politics, this bill repeats the mistakes of 1986: amnesty first with promises of enforcement later, if ever….

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    sherri palmer on

    I agree with most of you…BTW, Look at brazil…3rd world behavior for a 10 cent increase in bus fare is what started it! Looks like we will get to see that mob scene here… the gang of 8 traitors included every thinkable avenue for illegals to continue to breach our sovereignty, the queen in the WH started this…Congress is to blame for some of this because they have the powers to reign in his majesty. Martin, you are right on point, what a country!

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    Okay, lets look at this from an iceberg’s point of view. There is a gaping gash that runs from bow to stern in America’s political Titanic that is so irreparable that its every politician douchebag for himself. Throw the women and children overboard as they commandeer that last of the life boats to save their own political sorry asses. Shameless cowards all of them. So here’s and idea. Lets just start from scratch, **** can the whole mess and create another America. Draw new borders, new laws, new citizens who will stand by those laws and what every is outside of that will inevitably crumble under its own dim-witted weight. Sorry America, but you forfeited your sovereignty when you forteited your borders. The greatest invasion in the history of mankind was accomplished without firing a single shot. Thank you Ameircan politicians for your Benedict Arnold leadership. They’re all yours now.

    “When wrongs are pressed because it is believed they will be borne, resistance becomes morality.”
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Sad to say, but this is the beginning of the end of America’s culture and traditions. The Democratic Party members in Congress take their orders from the same puppet masters who control the actions and words of Barack Hussein Obama – that Muslim in our White House. There are citizens who would shoot and kill any enemy of this country in a split second on a battlefield during a war time encounter, but they will not fire one shot at these members of Congress and at the sitting president because of their engrained American values. In the opinion of many honest American citizens, that might be a shame. Get this straight in your mind, nothing constructive is going to be done to stop what is now happening in the halls of Congress and in the White House. Not one single positive action will take place because of the words written on this page and that is really sad!

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    Rubio is a puppet … Obama is a puppet.
    The real puppet masters are the Bilderberger, NWO, corporate/bankster elites that control things from behind the scenes.

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    There is no one in our government or even the Judges all the way to SCOTUS, that has the guts to stand up for America and American people and follow our laws. Pres. Eisenhower did mass deportation and it can be done again if anyone had the will and courage to hold up our laws. I know some things like the kids born here by illegal parents, need special attention .
    I also think that each state should get out their armed Guard units to patrol the border and work hand and hand with the armed Border Patrol until the border is secured. I want to see all of the immigrants to come here legally. Weather it’s day workers to trying for citizenship in America. Come on guys only legally PLEASE.

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    The refusal of the GOP to tell the truth about this bill guarantees the demise of the party
    and the country.
    Rubio is a LIAR extraordinaire on a par with Obama. The bill gives instant legality
    to any illegal that asks. It is only 5 years later, if the illegal applies for “permanent
    legal” status, that the enforcement measures or background checks take place. With
    the help of militant pro amnesty “community” organizations, there will easily be
    25 million waved in during the initial phase. Regardless of what the bill says, as soon
    as it passes, the Dems will demonize the GOP for not offerring free health care, LGBT
    rights, and other welfare benefits.
    The stupidity of the GOP in thinking that the bill must pass now is overwhelming. Call, write,
    call and write again to stop this. Only by organized and immediate action can this be stopped.

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      I can assure you that if S.744, any part of that Bill which sets a timetable for legal status, citizenshiop, etc., will be accelerated and put into effect long before Obama’s ink dry’s on the Bill itself.

      Like the 1986 IRCA Bill and the 6 mini-Bills in between….S.744 is the “GOLDEN CALF” for the 35 to 45 million illegal'[s that now reside in this nation. Likewise, it is the “RED CARPET” entrance for evey other im migrant that desires to come to the USA. It is, in essence….a Bill filled with caverns and loopholes and get into america free cards, the numbers of which are far too numerous to identify. It is sufficient to say, that if you hated the 1986 IRCA Bill….you will find S.744 even more reprehensible. And, like the Obamacare Bill, we are going to have to wait until it passes to see just how disasterous it will be to the nation. I can assure you that this is going to be one ride that we will all wish we never bought a ticket for.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Republicans need to answer to their constituents. No matter how hard these proponents of the bill hammer, they won’t change the minds of citizens.

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    The idea that the Republicans are ever going to get any “gain” out of this is absurd. Because no matter what would be passed in this bill as part of any “compromise”, La Raza and other groups will immediately be lobbying to overturn anything they don’t like, which given their history would be any and all enforcement requirements. This is not the end of demands, it’s the beginning. Over and over. And obviously the Democrats will cater to their every desire, and paint the GOP as obstructionist.