S. 744 Guarantees More Illegal Immigration, Higher Costs

S. 744 Guarantees More Illegal Immigration, Higher Costs

“Considering how effectively Democrats gamed the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring system during the Obamacare debate, conservatives have every reason to be skeptical of anything the CBO publishes. And while pro-amnesty Republicans may be touting the $197 billion cut that the CBO projects the Schumer-Rubio immigration bill will make to the deficit, conservatives should read the entire CBO report, and the accompanying Economic Impact study, closely. They will discover that the CBO has unquestionably validated every conservative objection to the bill,” says Conn Carroll at the Washington Examiner.

“Overall, CBO estimates that Schumer-Rubio would only decrease illegal immigration by just 25 percent. Combine that future flow of illegal immigrants with the 3 million illegal immigrants who CBO estimates will not qualify for legalization this time around, and you have a growing cohort of future illegal immigrants who are guaranteed to demand another amnesty years from now.”

CBO Study Unrealistic, Critics Say

“Repealing Obamacare will increase the deficit by $109 billion over 10 years. That was a headline from a CBO report in May when Republicans voted on full repeal of Obamacare. Somehow, when it comes to ascertaining the costs of wrongheaded policy, CBO wants us to engage in willing suspension of disbelief. The most costly entitlement will actually reduce the deficit, they claim. In Washington, up is down and down is up,” notes Daniel Horrowitz at Red State.

“We are now seeing the same thing with the amnesty/immigration deform bill. You need not be an actuary to understand that 11 million poor illegals and tens of millions of other poor legal immigrants and guest workers, along with their American-born children, will wind up receiving a lot more in benefits that they pay in taxes. Yet, CBO will have you believe that this bill will actually reduce the deficit over 10 and 20 years by $197 billion and $700 billion respectively. In fact, the only main costs in this bill are the border security provisions.”

Also, later this afternoon at 2pm Eastern, the Heritage Foundation will be hosting an online briefing to discuss the CBO finding.

Michael Graham: The Jobs Give-Away

“Think about that as you sit reading the Herald at your local Dunkin’ Donuts, waiting for your ride to work or sitting eating lunch on a couple of cinder blocks on your job site. These are the guys in Washington who are supposed to be on your side. And they’re pushing for amnesty and more foreign workers to compete for your jobs. After all, we can’t ‘presume you’re a star worker,’ can we?,” says radio host Michael Graham.

“U.S. Sen. Liz Warren, Sen.-wannabe Ed Markey and every liberal Democrat in New England is going to vote to reward the illegal immigrants who have been stealing jobs from American workers like you, with legal permission from the government to keep some American slob out of work.”

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    It says right in the CBO report that it is going to put huge costs on local governments. The same thing that two faced Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are whining about. They complain it will put huge costs on local California governments, but then they expect the federal government to pick up the costs. Costs that were never supposed to happen, according to all the original promises made.

    Even supposing it did cut the deficit, that will not make up for the huge eventual costs this will impose on local governments. It’s smoke and mirrors, look over there, don’t look over here.