Senate Votes to End Debate on Gang of Eight Backroom Amnesty Bill, Tell Your Senators to Vote ‘No’ on Final Passage!

Today the Senate voted 67-31 (33 if you count Sens. Lee and Blunt who missed today’s vote but both announced they opposed the legislation) to end debate on the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill. This vote was nothing more than a vote for amnesty. Majority Leader Reid and the Gang of Eight bought off votes of on-the-fence Senators by including handouts and kickbacks!

Tell your Senator this is unacceptable and that the American people have had enough of Washington D.C. politicians voting in the interest of their campaign coffers instead of their constituents.

The Senate is now slated to vote on final passage of the amnesty bill as soon as Thursday or Friday. We must keep the open-borders lobby from obtaining their goal of 70+ Senators. Call your Senators NOW! You can find their number

In addition, the following Senators need to be hearing from the American people.

Key Senators who VOTED YES on ending debate include:

Begich AK 202-224-3004

Murkowski AK 202-224-6665

Pryor AR 202-224-2353

Kirk IL 202-224-2854

Donnelly IN 202-224-4814

Landrieu LA 202-224-5824

Collins ME 202-224-2523

McCaskill MO 202-224-6154

Baucus MT 202-224-2651

Tester MT 202-224-2644

Heller NV 202-224-6244

Ayotte NH 202-224-3324

Hagan NC 202-224-6342

Heitkamp ND 202-224-2043

Hoeven ND 202-224-2551

Alexander TN 202-224-4944

Corker TN 202-224-3344

Hatch UT 202-224-5251

Sanders VT 202-224-5141

Manchin WV 202-224-3954

*To see how your Senator voted, click here.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Senator Hagan will not get my vote in 2014. We don’t need, or want a representative that will not support her constituency. NORTH CAROLINIANS…DO NOT VOTE FOR kAY hAGAN in 2014!!! I will make sure everyone I talk to is aware that Senator Hagan is for lawbreakers….(and money in her pocket).

    Hooray for Senator Burr…he voted against SB 744.

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    Both Texas Senators voted nay on closing the debate on this bill and hohopefully will do the same tomorrow. For those Gop Senators voting yea, I vow to support your opponents as much as possible financially in 2014 and 2016 races, regardless of the state.

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    lilly martinez on

    since illegals ARE involved in MANY FELONIES ( including gangs, drugs, identity theft, and numerous other felonies) why are they being given rights that are RESERVED BY THE CONSTITUTION for THOSE WHO COME HERE LEGALLY AND AMERICAN CITIZENS? passing this bill does nothing but HURT THIS COUNTRY! if the senate remembered the LAW AND CONSTITUTION they would know that passing of this bill borders on TREASON!! OUR COUNTRY IS OPEN FOR MOE VIOLENT CRIME AND TERRORISM NOW!! OUR BORDERS NORTH, SOUTH, EAST AND WEST NEED TO BE CLOSED!! places similar to Ellis Island need to be established and illegals need to be interred there until their status can be established ( such as if they’re a criminal in their country).

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    Kathleen Hafen on

    Heller vote no please they are here when they should not be do not let them stay you are punishing all those the work to come here the write way. that is wrong

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    Wanda Richardson on

    In the name of Almighty God, and for the sake of everything good and decent, also if you believe our Constitution, still the law of this land, to have wonderful God-given meaning…please, vote no on not only the Corker-Hoeven bill but also vote no on the passage of S. 744!! If you don’t , we will vote you out not only in 2014, but also in 2016!!!!!

    Thank You,

    Wanda Jo Richardson

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      Couldn’t have said that better myself, there are two Iowa senators and they voted, one yea and one nay. They too shall not win re-election if they don’t do the right thing that the constituents in Iowa want.