Gang of Eight Bill Passes Senate 68-32

Passing 68-32, S.744 failed to garner the 70 votes predicted it would receive in the U.S. Senate.

Fourteen Republicans voted with all Senate Democrats on both the vote to end debate and the final vote on passage:

  • Alexander-TN
  • Ayotte-NH
  • Chiesa-NJ
  • Collins-ME
  • Corker-TN
  • Flake-AZ
  • Graham-SC
  • Hatch-UT
  • Heller-NV
  • Hoeven-ND
  • Kirk-IL
  • McCain-AZ
  • Murkowski-AK
  • Rubio-FL

The bill now proceeds to the House of Representatives where Speaker Boehner stated it was unlikely to pass. Huffington Post reports:

“The House is not going to take up and vote on whatever the Senate passes,” Boehner (R-Ohio) told reporters. “We’re going to do our own bill, through regular order.”

Not only will that legislation have to go through the entire committee process in the House, whatever emerges will have to meet the “Hastert rule,” named after former Speaker Denny Hastert (R-Ill.), which says the majority of the party in control of the House must back a given measure for it to receive a vote by the full chamber.

“For any legislation, including a conference report, to pass the House, it’s going to have to be a bill that has the support of a majority of our members,” Boehner said, referring to the members of the Republican caucus.

Dan Stein, FAIR’s president commented:

“We fully expect that this betrayal of the American public will be dead on arrival in the House. Thankfully, the House has made it clear that true immigration reform must protect the interests of the American people. FAIR expects to work with members of the House to ensure that legislation coming out of that body provides a workable plan to secure our borders, enforce immigration laws in the interior of the country, and protect American jobs and tax dollars.”


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    It good to solve all this problem..! But as I know this bill for all illegal who arrived USA before or in 31-12-11..! But how about all illegal they arrived here in 2012..? What should the government do..? Because they can not apply so in USA will still had illegal.,

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    cyntha curran on

    Its plain stupid, some economists are predicting that at least 5 million of current illegal immirgants will become unemployed because of automation and robotics will severly limit the need of farm workers, maids and janiors in the 2020’s. In fact currently Los Angeles unemployment is so high since Mexican immirgants are not able to find the work in the garment industry that they did 10 years ago. On the other hand, the white beach towns have much lower unemployment at 3 to 5 percent versus La at 10 percent. We are being forced to pay welfare for about 2 million illegal immirgants that can’t find garment industry jobs or construcation jobs. All cities in California with high illegal immirgant towns have much higher unemployment rates. Santa Ana is at 8.8 percent versus Irvine at 4.1 percent or Mission Viejo at 3.9 percent. The least educated are more likely to be unemployed even if the economy is producing service jobs.

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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    “For any legislation, including a conference report, to pass the House, it’s going to have to be a bill that has the support of a majority of our members,” Boehner said, referring to the members of the Republican caucus.

    It’s simple: pass nothing which can bring the senate bill to a conference committee.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Of course, the stock market is floundering today. If the Gang of 8 bill were the wonderful, historic, groundbreaking piece of legislation that its proponents claim it is, the stock market would have surged today with the Dow up 500-1,000 points simply on the relief and euphoria of the moment.

    But no, it’s not.

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    The House should write a bill that says in the very first paragraph that 1000 miles of the border must have a physical double layer fence and a mandatory e verify program for every job MUST be in place BEFORE any legalization takes place. Since the Senate will not accept that, it will be the end. But, after all, we were ASSURED months ago that those up front enforcement measures WOULD be there, at a minimum. Big surprise, the liars lied again.

    It was rather ironic that they dedicated the passage of the bill to Ted Kennedy. Of course, he was a big force behind the immigration act of 1965 that led to the wide open immigration since then. And he dismissed out of hand the critics that were saying it would lead to a million new immigrants a year and a flood from countries that were not traditional sources of immigration to this country. The critics were right, he was completely wrong. And then in 1986, he said of that year’s amnesty, “I promise” this will never be repeated again. And within a few years, that is exactly what he was pushing for. This truly is like the book 1984. It’s “today’s truth” that counts.

    Even further irony that the organization of state legislatures lauded the passage of this bill, but then said “show me the money”. Wasn’t this bill supposed to put us on easy street? Just like Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, the senators from California., voted for it, but wants the federal government to pay all the costs of benefits for amnestied illegals in that state. Uh no, this is what you wanted. All your sanctuary cities, your resistance to cooperating with ICE, your voting to make illegals eligible for benefits and ID. You wanted it, YOU pay for it. Don’t send everyone else the bill for your stupidity.

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    I Like That One Blogger’s Idea

    I’m sure there’s a few billionaires that think like most of Americans about amnesty.

    Get them to label all Dem/Rep candidates as:

    1. Pro foreign corporations and American growth overpopulation [the source of campaign funding]….or

    2. Anti-amnesty, for depopulation and the environment…with higher wages.

    Then we’ll really have a two party system to vote for.

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      John Winthrop on

      Let’s see what the future holds…………….back in the times of slavery many felt this way yet the african americans from being slaves they built this country as well………………..meaning they were used abused etc…etc no differemtly from the ones nowadays in the same situation that are IAs……………………….hopefully like in the past the facts and decisions will be made for the best of the US regardless of what we think we believe is the right path………….

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        Comparing African Slaves to IAs is Complete Apples and Oranges

        The IAs broke our immigration laws and deserve deportation, the slaves Americans bought and brought into America got here legally; they deserve Civil Rights.

        • avatar
          John Winthrop on

          got here legally?…..different!!…..amazing!! ..they were brought here illegally against their will and kept slaves against their will NOTHING LEGAL ABOUT IT … should learn more about our history buddy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……read up about the Dredd & Scott US Court Supreme decision…….it lookks no differently from today’s reality…..

          I always wonder why they hire H1 engineers… I see partially why……………….

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          John Winthrop on

          SWE when oppression exists and the will of a human being is being challenged….there is no law in the Universe that can make it legal……………………that is the reason the 13th Amendment was born ……I guess I should not be explaining something so basic to a 21st century developed citizen……………………