Do Democrats Really Have the GOP Best Interest at Heart on Amnesty?

Do Democrats Really Have the GOP Best Interest at Heart on Amnesty?

“Normally, politics is a zero sum game. One party can only win an election if the other party loses. But on immigration, Democrats want Republicans to know that they are only pushing amnesty because they have the GOP’s best interests at heart,” says Conn Carroll at the Examiner.

“But rank and file Republicans aren’t buying the Democrats’ sales pitch. “I was moved, almost to the point of tears, by Senator Schumer’s concern for the future prospects of the Republican party,” Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told Fox News Sunday, “but we’re going to not take his advice.”

House Gang of 7 Member Says He Doesn’t Undertand Every Detail of Amnesty

“A Republican member of the Gang of 7 in the House acknowledged on Friday that there were things in the comprehensive immigration bill he is helping to draft that even he did not understand. Rep. John Carter (R-TX), while saying the House bill would have border security ‘triggers’ without offering specifics, acknowledged, ‘There are things in the bill that I don’t know what they mean because I’m not an immigration lawyer,'” Breitbart News says.

Liberal Washington Post Columnist: Math Doesn’t Add Up for Amnesty in House

Liberal columnist Ezra Klein at the Washington Post says, “[T]here are, in practice, two reasons an immigration bill with a path to citizenship might pass the House. The first is that enough House Republicans think it’s good policy. The second is that enough House Republicans think it’s good politics. What’s not going to push the bill through the House is House Republicans believing it needs to pass for them to keep their seats and their majority in the next election. If anything, that math might be slightly against immigration reform.”

Jeb Bush Says House Should Push Amnesty

“The U.S. House of Representatives should pass the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform package with a few additional requirements, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush co-wrote in an opinion piece,” CNN Reports.

“The Republican reiterated his stance that immigration reform needs to be tailored to boost the ratio of visas issued for skilled workers and reduce those granted for family members beyond spouses and minor children.”

House GOP Members Say Senate Bill Unlikely to Pass House

“House Republicans insisted Sunday that they plan to change key elements of the Senate-passed immigration bill, signaling a protracted and rocky battle ahead despite one Democrat’s pronouncement that in the end the House will cave and pass the Senate bill anyway. Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee who is playing a major role in the chamber’s consideration of immigration policy, on Sunday addressed what is perhaps at the heart of the impasse,” Fox News reports.

Liberal Groups Back Away from Senate Bill After Border Deal

“The Senate passed a sweeping immigration reform bill Thursday that now faces an uncertain future. In the weeks ahead, the central challenge for immigration reformers will be finding a path through the Republican-led House. But behind the scenes, they are also scrambling to shore up support from liberals who see the current legislation as too slanted toward border security and away from citizenship for undocumented immigrants,” The Atlantic reports.

“By the time the Senate bill passed, two major advocacy groups, and the Border Center for Human Rights, had turned against it. The Border Center issued a statement titled, ‘This bill doesn’t represent us any longer,’ and called the bill ‘a promise of abuse, violation and death’ for residents of border communities.”

DHS Official Denies Program to Admit Illegal Alien Juveniles

“Earlier this week, I told you about Obama’s new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy of ‘reverse escorting,’ in which Obama sends ICE ERO’s immigration agents from northern border states to the southern border to pick up illegal alien juveniles caught sneaking into the border. The aliens are then housed at Bethany Christian Services locations and other charities throughout northern border states, where they are kept awaiting amnesty or use of DREAMer status. Normally, these illegal aliens–some of them OTMs (Other Than Mexicans)–are deported back to Mexico within 24 hours. But not anymore.” says Debbie Schlussel.

“It’s not me saying this. It’s the rightfully outraged ICE immigration agents who are telling me about this. And they’re not just in Detroit, as Homan claims. They are in Grand Rapids, Michigan and other locations across the northern border and interior U.S.
If this were really about deportation and beds, ICE would deport these illegal aliens from Texas within 24 hours as was normally done. This is about spending your money to bring illegal aliens into the U.S. interior and help them either await amnesty or find a way to get refugee status and/or asylum. And it’s a way for default amnesty even before there is amnesty.”

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    Really? It’s “too focused” on border security? We were told months ago that border security was an iron clad guarantee on this. How can anyone argue against it? IF, and that’s a big if, there are border guarantees, they SHOULD be there.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Neither Charles Schumer nor Jeb Bush have the best interests of the American public at heart and Schumer has zero credibility when it comes to helping the GOP win future elections. Schumer’s disingenuous “helpfulness” is laughable and evil, while Bush’s comment calling immigrants more “fertile” speaks volumes about his own, barely hidden agenda. The disconnect between these two highly paid government employees and the millions of Americans who, day-to-day, run this country and hold it together, is striking.

    Empty suits like John McCain, who bizarrely references Irish immigration now when talking about giving millions of Democrats-in-waiting the right to vote, is a slave to special interests and his own warped, delusional ideology. You would think McCain sought power when he chose a political career, but by advocating S.744, he and the rest of his Wild West Gang of 8 actually handed Congress’s power to regulate immigration right to the President.

    The American people don’t want a dictatorship and Congress should not subject our very sovereignty to the whims of one individual in the White House, no matter how cool and fashionable it might be inside the Beltway.