New Ad Campaign Tries to Push Amnesty on GOP

New Ad Campaign Tries to Push Amnesty on GOP

“As an overhaul of immigration laws shifts to the House, a right-leaning group is launching a new television ad campaign Monday that will call on House lawmakers — and, implicitly, resistant Republicans — to support the Senate-passed ‘border surge’ as part of ‘conservative immigration reform,'” the LA Times reports.

“The ad seeks to influence rank-and-file lawmakers as House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) convenes Republicans behind closed doors to assess how the GOP majority will respond to the bipartisan Senate bill.”

Farm Lobby Maintains Cheap Labor Demand

“From Christmas tree growers in the Appalachians to Wisconsin dairy farmers and producers of California’s diverse abundance of fruits and vegetables, agricultural leaders are pleading with Congress for an immigration bill that includes more lenient and less complex rules for hiring farm workers,” the Huffington Post writes.

“A measure that recently cleared the Democratic-led Senate contained provisions that the farm lobby said were promising. The Republican-controlled House is expected to take up the issue shortly. But with agriculture’s once-mighty political influence in decline as its workforce has fallen to 2 percent of the population, it’s uncertain how the industry will fare. Farmers’ complaints about a shrinking labor pool are being overshadowed by the ideologically charged issues of border security and giving legal status to people in the country illegally.”

Senate Bill Would Remake Economy Says AP

“Landmark immigration legislation passed by the Senate would remake America’s workforce from the highest rungs to the lowest, bringing more immigrants into numerous sectors of the economy, from elite technology companies to restaurant kitchens and rural fields. In place of the unauthorized workers now commonly found laboring in lower-skilled jobs in the agriculture or service industries, many of these workers would be legal, some of them permanent resident green card holders or even citizens. Illegal immigration across the border with Mexico would slow, while legal immigration would increase markedly,” says the AP.

“Opponents led by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., have forecast dramatic increases in immigration under the bill, with Sessions warning that 57 million new permanent and temporary residents and newly legalized immigrants would flood the U.S. within the decade and rob Americans of jobs.”

Obamacare, Disregard for Law Influence Immigration Debate

“Chuck Todd, the political director of NBC News, startled much of Washington on Sunday morning when he announced on Meet the Press that White House aides he’s spoken to have lost confidence that immigration reform will pass. He reported that ‘suddenly the White House doesn’t see a path’ to passing a bill through the House this year. There are many reasons why immigration reform is in trouble, ranging from the fact that immigration is not currently a burning political issue to the inherent complexity and internal contradictions of a 1,200-page bill,” says John Fund at National Review.

“But there is another less-discussed reason. The Obama administration’s instinctive dishonesty and contempt for the rule of law are finally catching up with it. Few Republicans in the House — even those who devoutly want immigration reform — trust the Obama administration to enforce with consistency and integrity anything that passes Congress.”

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    Gee, this administration isn’t trusted that it will enforce immigration laws? Maybe because they said for two years that they could not pass the Dream Act by executive order, and then did exactly that.

    And NO bill that is 1200 pages long should be passed, especially one that would fundamentally change this nation like few other bills ever have.

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    We have many ag worker bills. Trouble is, they don’t want to do farm work, then leave. They want to “move up” right away and do the jobs American’s “will do, and have always done.” Anyone looked at construction jobs lately? All Hispanics. Landscaping? Home helpers? Restaurants? Most any job that employers can pay a lower wage. Let’s don’t be fooled by anyone touting legalization. This is a ruse to get million more foreign workers in here, thereby putting more citizens out of work. Our elected officials are no longer working for us. With the exception of a few, such as Sen. Sessions, most are open-borders fanatics who are determined to turn us into a third world country.