Mehlman: The Immigration Pitch Republicans Should be Making to Hispanic Voters

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel are all very concerned. They are all losing sleep about the potential demise of the Republican Party if an illegal alien amnesty bill is not approved by the House

Republicans, of course, have good reason to be concerned about the party’s lack of appeal with Hispanic voters. About 70 percent of Hispanics vote Democratic. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Hispanics are traditionally a Democratic constituency.

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    enough is enough it`s time they quit taking from from us poor and disable us citizens to give to the illiagles and when they break the law put them in jail…here in gainesville ga if they get stop for a traffic vilation the police has standing orders to let them go and not do`t that a slap in the face..the laws need to be change and the gov needs to take care of it`s own citizens and not the illeagles..our senators needs to worry about us not them..

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      we must stand up for the american people not the liberal and rhino lap dogs in washington!!!!!!

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    The Republicans Should Change the Course

    From overpopulation greed to depopulation higher wages. They should go on record to the Hispanic, as well as all ethnic groups n America, to control their birthrates to sustain sales though higher per capita wages.

    Now we have a REAL two party choice and IMO, a lion’s share of the Hispanics legally here [the Hispanic voters] will shift from Democrat overpopulation lower wages to Republican depopulation higher wages in support of their families. Ask ’em, I have.

    And if you don’t believe me, why wouldn’t they?

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    This makes the very good point that the GOP is NOT going to win in the future by doing nothing else but pandering to Hispanics for a small increase in their still small percentage of the vote. When you constantly get women voters, half the electorate, angry at you you cannot win. And most working class people see the GOP as the party of the rich. They are simply going to have to give in on those issues a little more, and the reward will be far greater than the peanuts to be picked up with Hispanics.

    Plus, the ultimate thing to remember is that even if this mess called “reform” is passed, it is NOT THE END, because the elimination of the so called “tough requirements” will become the next demand to be met. The chair of the Republican party could go down to the southern border and hand out checks for a 100,000 dollars to every border crosser and the Democrats would say those heartless so and so’s, we will give you 200,000.

    And what everyone is ignoring is that for the FIRST time in our history, blacks turned out at higher rates than whites in 2012. Everything in past history suggests that will NOT be the case when a black candidate is not heading the ticket in 2016.

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      Off topic, but it has to do with how minorities see themselves as victims. Listening to a lot of the commentary about reaction to the verdict in the Martin trial, you hear a lot of blacks saying my children are not safe to walk the streets. Your children are in far far more danger from the constant violence in your own communities.

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        I am a 69 year old white male and there are a lot more places in THIS COUNTRY where is not safe for some one like me to walk at night than for a black or brown person.

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          John Winthrop on

          hahahaha! oldsailor65 the same thing can be said for a black person or a brown person……you are the very issue we have in Congress………………..