Amnesty Will Make Americans Poorer

Amnesty Will Make Americans Poorer

“Of all the arguments that are made in favor of comprehensive immigration reform along the lines of the Senate bill, perhaps the most disingenuous is the claim that it will boost the economy. Proponents of the bill always, as far as I have seen, limit themselves to the claim that admitting somewhere between 30 and 60 million new immigrants, over and above those authorized by existing law, will increase the GDP. Good Lord, I should hope so! That would be true unless every single one of them is unemployed. Increasing aggregate GDP is a ridiculously low bar. Congress has a fiduciary duty, not to citizens of Mexico, Colombia or France, but to citizens of the United States. The relevant question, with respect to the economic impact of the Gang of Eight’s legislation, is what impact it will have on existing American citizens,” says John Hinderaker at Powerlineblog.

Big Dollar Amnesty Push Not Getting Far in House

As the immigration debate moves to the House, influential conservative groups are using their considerable clout to persuade Republican lawmakers to support reform. So far, House Republicans aren’t biting. Pro-business and religious groups — constituencies that typically hold sway in the GOP-controlled House — are flooding the TV airwaves, purchasing full-page newspaper ads and sending letters to Capitol Hill in support of reform. And they plan to do even more. But many conservative lawmakers simply don’t feel the urgency,” says Politico.

Immigration Issue Defines Napolitano’s Legacy at DHS

“It seems fitting that Janet Napolitano chose to leave her post at a time when Congress is debating the issue that largely defined her tenure: immigration. The Department of Homeland Security has massive responsibilities, including counterterrorism, natural disasters and airport security; but Napolitano spent much of her four-plus years fielding attacks from both the right and the left over immigration — for either doing too little or too much to secure the nation’s border and deport undocumented immigrants,” USA Today writes.

“The former Arizona governor had to answer critical questions after the Boston Marathon bombing in April about how one of the suspects — Tamerlan Tsarnaev — was able to re-enter the country after a trip to Russia despite the raising of some red flags. Perhaps her lowest point: saying “the system worked” after the nation narrowly avoided the bombing of an airplane over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    These politicians and economists like to say that the nations GDP will improve with all these newly legalized “Americans”. Not to mention all the other millions they want to let into the country. This is probably true, since there will be millions of new consumers. But I think the numbers they should be looking at is the GDP per capita. In the end, the standard of living will decrease for lower and middle class Americans. Not to mention the increased burden on the nations infrastructure and social services. But these politicians and economists like Rubio, McCain, Ryan and Norquist will not be affected much, if at all, since they are already financially set for the rest of their lives. And will never have to compete with the newly legalized for jobs.

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    So now, according to what I’ve read, Republicans want to go soft on the offspring who were brought here as children? I believe the words used were “they know no other country”. Suddenly it becomes our PROBLEM their parents never instilled a sense of patriotism in them? What’s next? They are deficient in English? Our fault, once again, since their parents never integrated and felt urgency to learn English. There is a case pending now where illegal alien mother is suing State of Education for that claim. Truly, it is both a shame and liability to have unlawfuls here, but now being able to sue our government over an issue they ought to be responsible for, is outrageous! It is a never-ending vicious cycle and if we do not take control over this illegal immigration, it will surely take control over US. We are a Nation of diversity, yet with no common language to unify us. I read some nonsense about it being Civil Rights violation under 14th Amendment to enact ‘English Only’, but we are fast approaching a day where it is a matter of public and personal safety to be proficient in English. That assertion, ought to supersede any allegation of civil rights opinion.

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    I’m reading alot about this subject on reform and I believe we don’t owe anything to any nationality. I believe we all need to work for what we have and giving everybody something for NOTHING isn’t the way to go. My father came here illegally 45yrs ago and he walked the line that America wanted him to walk. He speaks English, he’s hard working and he never ever received government handouts. But I believe people aren’t taught about pride now a days and a whole bunch of immigrants think America owes them. When the real truth is they owe America the right to work for themselves. The right to take care of their kids. Not America!!! I am for a reform but not the kind that gives them everything for nothing. Make everybody accountable for themselves and their families. Don’t give them handouts, give them a work visa and make them prove that they are good law abiding residents. Stop identity theft!!! Stop all the human trafficking. But also we Americans have to stop their inhumane work conditions that some work in just to provide for their families. I’m for seeing the best for both sides. I don’t want a reform for everyone either but i do believe this is a huge problem and it will never stop if something isn’t done..

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      John Winthrop on

      So you represent exactly what everybody wants out………you are an anchored baby………you are confused in your message…………….many illegals have been here for years and been abused and worked hard so if they get it, will not be for free the same for your father……………..

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    why does congress turn a blind eye to us ? they take our money and give it to the illeagles we tell them no and they ignore us are they so far above us that we mean nothing to them?..

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    k mclaughlin on

    Everyone wants to gloss over the fact that these illegals are CRMINALS because they are here illegally….and their illegal crossing is an act of terrorism. While every airport in the country molests and strip searches law abiding AMERICANS… we are ho hum about the terrorists sneaking across our borders!!! DEPORT ALL OF THEM and imprison for espionage those who employ them, and rescind the “anchor baby” law!!! Take back America for AMERICANS and stop the slopping for imposters and free loaders!!

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      John Winthrop on

      YOu belong to the forties…………….when our world was backwards…………

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    m.s. beveridge on

    What we ought to ask is why most Americans seem to be in favor of legalising the status of this enormous group. This is baffling and can only mean that most people do not understand the hidden implications behind appeals to their better nature, the “this is not what we are about” argument made by Mr Obama and others..
    We need more studies, like FAIRs, which point out the obvious –that more people scrambling for the same number of jobs hurts everybody. We who see it coming have a civic, and equally moral, obligation to lift the scales from their eyes. We need to explain the facts of the matter to those who don’t —- or WON’T understand, until it is too late.

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      I couldn’t agree more. Why the sudden turnaround of sentiment? Baffling and disturbing, defying logic or any rationality. And this bill is ten times worse than 2007, with the plan to massively increase legal immigration of mostly low-skilled foreign workers. Absolute insanity, yet so many polls support it, although in declining numbers. I can only conclude that it is/was the pure planning of the bill-pushers the likes of which we haven’t seen since Churchill in his war rooms.

      With a billion dollar campaign they have nearly perfectly orchestrated disparate groups to deceive the public and win support, with the enemy of my enemy is my friend strategy. Disparate groups with each their separate end-game, strategically thrown together to get this thing passed into law. Starting with Obama and his Dream Act, getting the ball rolling, a “bipartisan” senate group, a trumped up ethnic lobby, an all-powerful and influential billionaire tech lobby, union leaders, the Chamber of Commerce, the ever-powerful big Ag farm lobby, as well as open border libertarians like Hailey Barber and Grover Norquist, and others . In addition, and very smart was getting the religious groups of Catholics and evangelicals on board, cutting off much of religious conservatives traditional anathema to amnesty.

      Another factor working in their favor is the absolute rabid, fever-pitched partisan hatred of the democrat and republican constituents. Out of this was born the pervasive and ever-present racism charge, cutting off any rational discussion of the actual bill and what it REALLY is all about. ANYONE OR ANY GROUP AGAINST THIS BILL IS RACIST.

      I save the best for last and the true hammer blow to the opposition. It is the media. The powerful corporate media has underhandedly, cunningly, deviously, shamelessly, calculatingly and treacherously and persistently been shilling for this bill from day one.
      The media has reported lies, half-truths and misrepresentations. Never have I seen such blatant bias towards a story. They out and out stir the pot with the Tea-Party-as-crackpot racist charge even though many in opposition are neither Tea Party nor Republican. Often, they get their “points” across in their incessant editorials and blogs which have major presence on the internet, but their real “news” stories fair no better. Their bias is so blatant I would call it illegal, in effect, the media influencing policy. It is beyond unethical. The already low-attention span, low-information voter American will never learn of what the bill is about because the media doesn’t report the truth. I have witnessed so many on blogs who do not know what they are talking about, even in the so-called elite NYT.

      You can tell I am worked up about this because I have followed it AND I feel that strongly about the gross injustice of this bill. I got carried away with reasons why people vote yes in these polls. They discourage me, madden me and re-invigorate me to fight this, all at the same time.

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        mad texas girl on

        I couldn’t agree more, aarona…. I can already feel my blood pressure rising.

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        John Winthrop on

        aarona……………many illegals are whiter than you and me as well as more educated…………………………….I see your thinking………………………………it will happen no matter what…….now the issue is that once it happens it is best for everybody

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    Giuse Marcus on

    Illegal immigrants from Central America work weekly in my neighborhood cleaning yards, gutter cleaners, etc. Each of them has 4 to six children born here in the USA. Their income is very low, as I’ve chatted with them in their own language Spanish. Now, when they become citizens will will pay ZILCH taxes because they are LOW income people. But in turn each family will receive aid and support form current SOCIAL programs and benefits from Uncle Sam — programs that were created to help poor AMERICANS. WE the high salary earners will be paying for all these new Americans after they become legal. Since the government will need more $$$ they will increase OUR taxes. Well, thanks to all those in favor or legalizing illegals, but no thanks!!!

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    John Winthrop on

    Interesting…so far it has make those who used them richer…………….no differently from the corporations using their position for their betterment…………….doesn’t it sound familiar?

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    cyntha curran on

    Well, the biggest pusher is probably landlords of heavily illegal immirgant towns. A mass leaving of illegal immirgants as much as 4 millon, means rents in LA could dropped 300 to 400 dollars and being a landlord in such a depressed market may not work. Same could happen to dozens of cities, Phoneix eventually adjusted but in LA the heavily hispanic places have bad repute’s unless hipsters moved in. I favor there return to mexico but I believe Landlords are telling Republicans to pushed for the legalization since they support renting to more than one family..

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    The first article discusses India. Their growing total GDP is often called the “India miracle”. But it’s based on POPULATION GROWTH. Their GDP per capita, per person, is dismal. One of the worst in the world. Growing as rapidly as they have has produced nothing but gigantic slums and environmental degradation for them. And yet this is what Congress tells us is the ticket to riches for us, by greatly increasing the already high number of immigrants admitted here. Do they care? Are they deliberately trying to destroy our middle class and our environment? How come those questions aren’t being asked?