RNC Chair Dodges Immigration Question

RNC Chair Dodges Immigration Question

“Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus omitted any reference to the Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill during his speech to the Young Republican National Convention this weekend, RNC communications director Sean Spicer declined to answer whether Priebus supports the bill. ‘He has been clear that’s its [sic]not the job of the RNC to do policy,’ Spicer answered when pressed repeatedly for an answer,” says Breitbart News.

“Priebus has in the past, however, repeatedly weighed in on Obamacare, a health care policy law and has even gone so far as to weigh in on things like administration policy at the Department of Justice when he called for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation. Additionally, Priebus had no issue discussing the topic of immigration reform in the recent past.”

Norquist, Rahm Emanuel Make Friends on Amnesty

“Two of the most vocal men in politics – Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Republican Americans for Tax Reform head Grover Norquist – discussed immigration reform Monday at an event for The Atlantic. But if you were expecting a profanity-laced tirade (at least on the part of Emanuel) think again – the duo actually agreed on this one. ‘I work with all of the nice Republicans in the House and Senate to encourage them to do what Reagan did,’ Norquist explained. ‘This is the Reagan Republican view – this is not compromise, this is not moving to the left or something,'” RedAlertPolitics reported.

Fox’s Murdoch Sides With Sen. Reid on House Vote on Amnesty

“News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch has endorsed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s call for a congressional vote on the immigration reform bill, via Twitter. ‘Sen Reid right! Boehner should allow House of Reps to vote on immigration. Lead, for country’s sake,’ the 82-year-old conservative media mogul wrote in a tweet that was retweeted by Sen. Reid on Sunday,” Politico reports.

“This is not the first time Murdoch has expressed his support for immigration reform: Murdoch pushed Mitt Romney to fight for it during the 2012 election and, following his loss, expressed his support for ‘sweeping, generous immigration reform’ on Twitter. But this may be the first time Murdoch has expressed public support for Sen. Reid and put direct pressure on House Speaker John Boehner to address the issue.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    I wish we would start separating ourselves from the rest of the American people.The American people is spread all the way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego,the southern most edge of Argentina in South America.The only Americans that have to deal with immigration problem is us the US of A.Mexicans are also Americans since they live in a country located in America.And so are Colombians,Brazilians,etc.etc.

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    Murdoch’s shift to a pro-amnesty stance coincides with his business decision to develop a Spanish-language division of Fox News. Since that time, even main Fox New has allotted less time to reporting or discussing the consequences of illegal immigration.

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    The EFFECTS of this Amnesty Bill can be summed up very easily – and YES, I have read it!

    This bill, which I believe is unconstitutional, requires the citizens of the United States to agee to, participate in, and pay for their own destruction! And the Kavorkian (suicide pusher) bobble-heads in Washington, insist that it is for our own good!

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    Grover Norquist funds a business think tank that pushes mass immigration. No surprise he’s for this. It’s just further proof that business is behind this bill. It’s not any reform. Reform would be enforcing our existing laws. This is an amnesty and a massive importation of cheap labor to keep wages down and company profits up.

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      I used to trust and admire Grover Norquist…what a joke and what a traitor!!! Reince Preibus and John Boehner should be tried for treason. My God, where are our Conservative leaders? If not for Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage our nation would totally be in the dark.

      To make matters worse the GOP is now pushing Jeb Bush as our next POTUS. If this happens I don’t think Americans could hold up for yet another 8 years of this Communist movement taking over our country.

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        Carol,I feel the same way about Supreme Court Judge Kennedy.I just wonder how much it cost George Soros to buy his vote