Michigan Ready to Give Illegal Aliens In State Tuition

Michigan Ready to Give Illegal Aliens In State Tuition

“The University of Michigan is expected to begin offering in-state tuition to undocumented students who can prove they graduated from a Michigan high school and attended at least some middle and high school in the state. The new policy, part of a sweeping overhaul of who is considered an in-state student, will be voted on Thursday by the university’s Board of Regents. The new proposal also will give in-state tuition to any military member currently serving or honorably discharged, regardless of where the person lives,” the Detroit Free Press says.

“Some are concerned that the university’s decision will give an incentive for illegal immigrants to move to Michigan. And they say that such a move is unfair to legal residents given the economic challenges of the region.”

“You’re rolling out the welcome mat for illegal aliens,” said FAIR spokesman Bob Dane. “How in good conscience – ethically, morally and economically – can it be justified for Michigan to be offering in-state tuition to illegal aliens? … There are only so many resources to go around.”

Oregonians Try Referendum Effort to Repeal Driver Cards for Illegal Aliens

“Oregon lawmakers often take actions that benefit favored constituencies but harm the state overall. Citizens have the opportunity to overturn a glaring example of this: the recently passed state law — Senate Bill 833 — that grants “driver cards” to illegal immigrants. A group organized as Protect Oregon Driver Licenses is working to refer SB833 to voters. If they collect the signatures of 58,142 registered voters by Oct. 6, the state’s November 2014 ballot will include a measure enabling Oregonians to annul the law,” says Cynthia Kendoll of Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

“They are jobs in food services, production, construction and building maintenance/groundskeeping — jobs occupied disproportionately by young and minority Americans and that often provide the first rung on the ladder to supervisory and managerial work. Driver cards enable illegal immigrants to compete for such jobs with Oregonians, of whom, in May, more than 146,000 were unemployed.”

Democrats Pin Amnesty Hopes on Rep. Ryan

“Democrats doggedly pursuing a far-reaching immigration bill are counting on help from Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate last year and an unlikely candidate for delivering the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s second-term agenda. Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman who is frequently mentioned in the GOP lineup of possible 2016 presidential candidates, stands apart from many fellow House Republicans in favoring a way out of the shadows for the 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. in violation of the law,” the AP writes.

“He casts sweeping overhaul as a necessity to ensure both economic and national security — a fitting argument for an acolyte of Jack Kemp, the late Republican congressman and 1996 vice presidential candidate who backed an ill-fated effort in 2006 to overhaul the immigration system.”

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