Amnesty Debate Ignores Cartels

Amnesty Debate Ignores Cartels

“As the House starts work on an immigration overhaul tied to border security, representatives should keep in mind that they owe the American people action in order to protect their safety. Cartel violence is a serious issue that must be addressed, not ignore,” says Katie Pavlich at in a roundup of news about drug cartels.

Obama Says He “Probably” Can’t Grant Amnesty by Executive Order

“President Obama said in an interview with Univision airing Tuesday that he “probably” cannot legalize illegal immigrants by executive order — a decision he might be faced with if Congress fails to pass comprehensive immigration reform. ‘Probably not,’ Obama said, according to a transcript. ‘I think that it is very important for us to recognize that the way to solve this problem has to be legislative. I can do some things and have done some things that make a difference in the lives of people by determining how our enforcement should focus,'” the Washington Post reports.

GOP Freshmen in House Ready to Stop Amnesty

“Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton isn’t swayed by the bipartisan coalition that passed a comprehensive immigration bill in the Senate or the warnings by senior Republicans that the GOP needs to act on the issue to appeal to Latino voters. And with that, the lanky freshman represents the significant hurdles facing efforts to craft immigration legislation that might possibly be able to pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate,” USA Today reports.

Rep. Cantor to Lead Tour to Build Amnesty Support?

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantos (R-VA) will lead a tour of House leaders next week aimed at educating Americans, and each other, about the history and importance of immigration to the United States. The tour, dubbed the ‘Become America’ tour, will feature events and speeches aimed at overcoming opposition to the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, which has stumbled amidst opposition from conservatives,” Breitbart News reports.

“‘The lawmakers will attend events on Ellis Island and at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and the African Burial Ground National Monument, according to an itinerary of the trip,’ Politico reported late Wednesday evening. ‘Leaders will speak at a naturalization ceremony, and the group will also have a breakfast meeting at Gracie Mansion with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a key advocate of immigration reform.'”

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    Mexican drug cartels have had effective control of large areas on the American side of the border for many years now. It’s no secret to them but apparently it is to our government and media, who continue to ignore their infiltrations that continue to spread all over this country. And what is it your government is worried about? Amnesty. Any idea of a secure fence is considered a radical idea.

    And when the “Becoming America” tour visits Ellis Island, will they be pointing out the huge difference between a hundred years ago and now? Which is the fact that those people back then supported themselves and their families ON THEIR OWN. They were not standing in front of you in the checkout line while the cashier is filling out the forms for the free food for their four kids. WE IMPORT POVERTY NOW, and the taxpayers pay the bill. Back then, it was sink or swim. We have become so politically correct in this country that we cannot speak the SIMPLE TRUTH.

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      Just to add, everyone wants to rewrite history on this president. He was basically hostile to the white majority of this nation long before he became a serious candidate. He wrote two books that included that theme and he sat for twenty years in the pews of a church whose minister constantly had an anti American anti white message. But he makes one of his long on rhetoric speeches at the 2004 convention and the press fell in love.

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      The Mexican Drug Cartels are Horrified With Washington State and Colorado

      These states legalized pot for a HUGE new state tax revenue source.

      BTW, has accidents and health problems increased [or any negative impact for that matter] due to pot legalization in the legal states the last year? Hades no.

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        John Winthrop on

        SWE why?……are you kidding me…….these guys are mafia………………today is marihuana….then tomorrow will be something different…..the problem is not what they deal with but them……so the Law has to get rid of them………….use your critical thinking and make sure your desk office does not make you numb…..because soon an H1 might take your job since you are not that smart any longer

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          So You’re for Continuing the TOTALLY LOST War on Drugs to Keep Funding the Cartels?

          70,000 Mexicans are dead by cartels using that useless plan.

          American dead count soon too.

          That’s the beaty of legalizing pot too (ask Amsterdam)….hard drug use gets separated from pot use/sales and drops WAY DOWN.

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            John Winthrop on

            SWE we already know you like pot……………….so how illegal are you if you consume it and cannot wait to legalize it………remember….if that is the case then you are a criminal………….

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            John Winthrop on

            Dan let’s face it…….most baby boomers from the 70’s did drugs…… there it goes……………The People again support these vices…………