Senator Rubio Desperately Trying to Avoid Political Wilderness

Sen. Marco Rubio recently said that “I don’t think you can say you are against Obamacare if you vote for a budget that funds it.”  There is truth in that remark, which is out of character for Rubio, which is why no one really seems to buy the idea that he is doing anything but pandering in an attempt to win back support among Republican voters.   Once a rising star in his party, Rubio has seen his approval rating among Republican voters plummet in the wake of the Gang of Eight fiasco.

Rubio has also said that he does not support blanket amnesty for illegal aliens, the displacement of American workers, the surrender of American sovereignty, the abandonment of the rule of law, and the erosion of national security. By extension, one should not vote for legislation that does just that.  Rubio not only voted for legislation that would bring about all of those things, he was instrumental in guiding it through the Senate.  That is why his approval rating among Republican voters has plummeted, while support for Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz, who both voted against amnesty, is on the upswing.

Voters may have short memories (John “Build the Dang Fence” McCain is testimony to that) but they do not suffer from amnesia, and they don’t like having their intelligence insulted by deceitful politicians.  Marco Rubio has about as much credibility with voters as does Anthony Weiner, which is why it is increasingly looking like Rubio may have a real fight to retain his seat in the Senate.  No doubt he is hoping Florida voters grant him amnesty in 2016.

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    Hopefully Rubio WILL pay a price for what he did. He argued against amnesty because he said it only encourages more illegal entry. Just like Gov. Rick Scott and state Republican candidates in Florida ran on a platform of mandatory e verify in 2010 and then in office Scott and the Republicans suddenly discovered what they knew all along. Which was that business opposed it and it died.

    I think we have to realize that politicians are going to lie. So what has to happen is people have to take the actions available to them and that the politicians can’t change.About half the states have petition processes to put propositions on the ballot and if passed by the voters only the voters can repeal them. It’s time to start thinking about starting that process in the states that allow it, in time for 2014. Propositions that would say e verify for every job and tight standards for issuing of driver’s licenses and other state id.

    Since the Supreme Court has already said states can pass those issues, there is no legal problem. Naturally the sanctuary states will complain it will drive illegals to their states, but hey, that’s what you want, so you got it.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Rubio deserves to pay politically for his irresponsible leadership on immigration. So does John McCain, but the voters of Arizona keep putting him back in office. Most people don’t realize how bad S. 744 really is, including the Senators who voted for it — they haven’t even read it. For example, Section 3701 states that illegal immigrants who are members of street gangs simply have to claim that they renounce their gang affiliation in order to obtain a waiver that would make them admissable to the U.S. Are we as a country really this gullible, or is it only key political leaders who are utterly inept?

    Ted Cruz and Rand Paul deserve to be rising stars, on the contrary. When the country elects its first Latino president, it should be a patriot with statesmanlike qualities — someone like Ted Cruz. I believe that helping Latinos move up in America, including rewarding Senator Cruz for his leadership, is the best overall approach for the GOP to win over Latino voters. Let Latinos see the real, tangible results that come from voting Republican, and I wager that many will.

    Also worth noting: nowhere in S. 744 does the Senate address the huge terrorism loopholes that allow widespread fraud in the asylum approval process. Senate staffers reading this post, to refresh any memories, this is the problem that led to kids having their legs blown off at Boston Marathon.

    And John McCain touts his prowess on national security. There’s another case of fraud.

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    cynthia curran on

    Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz, who both voted against amnesty, is on the upswing.

    Paul has not been that good on immigration, he wants a guest worker program and some type of legalization but doesn’t like the current bill. Cruz is somewhat better but wants a lot of high tech immigration.