What is “True” Immigration Reform?

What is True Immigration Reform?

Beyond the positions of “No Amnesty!” or “Secure the border,” what else does true immigration reform include? FAIR designed the fact sheet below to help explain what an immigration policy looks like that puts Americans first. 

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    Also need to cut benefits. No more educating your kids, no more food stamps or welfare of any kind. Must eliminate the reasons these people come here “the freebies”. We have plenty of those already and do not require ANY MORE.

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      american citizen in Ky on

      All visas should be frozen immediately until “Homeland Security” finds out what happened to the 1 million people who were issued visas and overstayed their timeline. Is Homeland Security even bothered to look for these people? We can not add anymore work to the people working for Homeland Security until they get caught up on the work they are behind. No amnesty until they get caught up and really work on finding where these illegals are staying. How many of these people were terrorist or students who never enrolled in college?

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      John Winthropp on

      Landowner…there are no freebies………………….at least no more than our own citizens take advantage and rob from our gov…..

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    One key point: Enforcement does not require mass deportation. In other words, make life difficult enough for people here illegally by denying jobs and identification and they will “self deport”. Self deport being a term that apparently causes some people to practically faint at the thought. But when did it become acceptable that people must somehow be made comfortable in their law breaking? Should banks fire their security guards? After all, we don’t want to impede the robbers in their right to rob banks. Where does this logically end? We have laws, there is nothing “broken” except the will to enforce them.