FAIR TV Ad Challenges Ryan’s Claims of Labor Shortages

This week in Wisconsin, FAIR launched a new TV ad aimed at Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis-1) questioning his claim that Wisconsin has a labor shortage. While the overall unemployment in Wisconsin is 6.8%, much of the area that Ryan represents has significantly higher rates, such as 12% in Racine, 10% in Milwaukee and 9% in his hometown of Janesville.

Since Ryan has announced a series of listening sessions throughout his district on August 13-15, constituents and nearby residents will have ample opportunities to question his support of amnesty.

The Ryan TV ad is the beginning of a larger ad campaign that will be targeted throughout the country:

Beginning the week of August 5, television ads will begin running in Wisconsin taking issue with Rep. Paul Ryan’s support for massive increases in immigration to the United States. The ads are being paid for by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a national nonpartisan organization that supports enforcement of U.S. immigration laws and overall reductions in immigration to restore a fair labor market for all. The Wisconsin ad buy is over $200,000 and is the next phase of a growing seven figure ad campaign to appear around the country.  FAIR has already invested nearly $1 million in radio and TV spots in the first half of 2013 alone.  Similar ads will soon appear elsewhere.


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    Living With Open Eyes on

    John Winthropp,
    You are obviously another benefactor of the exploitation of illegal labor to fund YOUR Amertican Dream.
    I have asked other American workers for the past 20 years if they believed Mexican illegals should be allowed to stay in the USA, and none of them want them over here. NONE.
    Only employers like you who benefit from cheating workers out of fair wages support amnesty for illegals.
    American workers do not want a government handout – we want fair wages that keep up with the cost of living: and that doesn’t mean living 10 people in a 2 bedroom house.

    • avatar
      John Winthropp on

      The American Dream you enjoy so much……Living with closed eyes………………travel, get to know our country unless from y our comment your are above your 40’s………….

  5. avatar

    I live in Massachusetts and even all the left wing loons around here do not want Amnesty or any kind of pathway for illegals. The illegals are bleeding Massachusetts dry. Our lefist Governonr and friend of Obama, Deval Patrick has given an edict that no socail security number or any kind of ID is required to get Welfare, Food stamps, Wic, Aid to Dependent Children, Free housing and free College. Our inner cities are devasted especially the sanctuary cities here in Mass.
    Get ready coming to a city near you!

    • avatar
      John Winthropp on

      The illegals are drying out MA dry????….they are doing the jobs you guys can’t handle and are lazy to do….your real enemies are yourselves for not being strong and come up with new businesses to make it right and certain politicians you elect……………..

  6. avatar

    “Labor shortage” = American workers who want a decent wage and benefits, so let’s bring in foreigners on visas to work for nothing and push the American workers to the sidewalk. If this so called “reform” package was not a goal of big business and their desire for cheap labor, it would have never seen the light of day. As always, money and campaign donors talk, and the American working class has to walk.

    • avatar
      John Winthropp on

      Leland the illegals have NOTHING to do w/Corporations to cut wages and take jobs overseas…..are you going loony?<……..

      The American Dream also has had businesses ( small) paying cash……..to illegals or not to be wealthey SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the end it is The People who cause this……in your case you never did anything but your job and now as you reach old age like me…. you complain instead of being a real American to re-invent yourself and still make it…………………..DO NOT WAIT for the GOv to make your life easy…..THIS IS NOT our way… you make it yourself…remember that!!…