Chamber Says Amnesty Bill 50-50

Chamber Says Amnesty Bill 50-50

“There’s a fifty-fifty chance of a good immigration bill being signed by President Barack Obama, predicted Randy Johnson, a senior vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. However, the House likely won’t grapple with the issue until October or November, he said. That’s yet another delay, because advocates had hoped to get a bill through the House before the August recess, or in September,” the Daily Caller reports.

Amnesty Supporters Say Executive Amnesty is Backup Plan

“The biggest obstacle facing immigration reform may be not opposition but inertia. Leaders of the House of Representatives have said they plan to act, but with the coming months likely to be consumed by budget drama, immigration could fall by the wayside. If that happens, advocates of immigration reform have another idea: They’ll push Obama to press the button on the immigration-reform nuclear option,” The Atlantic reports.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Amazing, isn’t it. A major piece of legislation that will affect this country for many years and there are those who insist that this can be done with a signature on a piece of paper, a so called executive order. Then pray tell, what is there that can’t be done by “executive order”? I didn’t realize we had a dictator in this country who just bypassed the legislative branch whenever he wants to. Presidents have been issuing these orders for years, and their scope has been growing, but this is nothing but a total abuse of power. I can’t believe any court could allow this.

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      whenever he wants to?…….educate yourself……..Republican Presidents have used this power far worse than Democrats……………………….the truth is that the dreamers can sue the Stale Department and win……exhibit A….Derd Scott US Court Decision 14th Amendment So the president knew what he was doing……

      The republican do not put the Bill on the floor…..THEN Obama signs the executive order, since the Senate already passed a Bill…..The House will try to veto it SINCE they will never get 2/3 of the votes THEN Obama just outsmarted the Republicans again and made the House vote to make this a LAW.

      Yes indeed we nee immigration reform, the System us broken and so is whoever says it is not.

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    Amnesty supporters are a bunch of brainless morons,that can’t even pee over their shoes.

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    We do not need Amnesty nor do we need reform, but we do need enforcement of current laws and perhaps some changes in those laws to make them more effective for today. We could fund E-Verify for all employers to comply with hiring laws. We could modify our 14th Amendment so that there would not be any more questions about Anchor babies and just what kind of benefits they are eligible for. We are one of the very few countries around the world that still bestows citizenship on any child born here even without benefit of parental citizenship in this country.

    Let’s also go back and see how we can more effectively police our borders, maintain our databases of visiting students and workers on visas and otherwise ensure that people are not overstaying their time here. Try this for the next four years and then look at any more changes that need to be made.

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      You are correct about “still” granting citizenship to those born here to non citizen parents. Most all nations have stopped that. Ireland had a nationwide referendum in 2004 that said the parents had to at least be permanent legal residents for several years. It passed with nearly 80% of the vote. It’s not the extremist position a lot of people in this country want to make it. We’re one of the few nations still willing to be played for suckers on this issue.

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        That is done Leland……they were born here,,,,,they are Americans ELSE it should be retroactive and that would mean then you are a 21st century anchor baby unless they take it away

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    ANY who vote for Any type of amnesty or immigration reform will lose. Americans are learning the truth as to why we ONLY want our current immigration laws upheld to their fullest and the borders secured completely. The MAJORITY of AMERICANS of ALL RACES, don’t want the illegal immigrants to stay here and are tired of the problems they cause to each and everyone of us. Our reps are to protect the LEGAL citizens of America by keeping out those who cross our borders ILLEGALLY. IF our rep chooses to IGNORE that their oath is to US and that they are to STAND UP FOR US and AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, then WE will make sure they are no longer our rep. Just that simple. Ten’s of Thousands of LEGAL American Citizens are being murdered, maimed and threatened by the AVERAGE ILLEGAL immigrants and their supporters. Tens of MILLIONS of LEGAL American Citizens are victim of the ILLEGAL Immigrant’s fraud, theft, and harassment DAILY! Americans DO NOT WANT THEM HERE and THE USA CANNOT AFFORD FOR THEM TO STAY. STOP ANCHOR BABY CITIZENSHIP and UPHOLD OUR CURRENT LAWS FULLY and THEY WILL SELF DEPORT and HAVE NO REASON TO COME BACK. That is the ONLY thing needed with regard to the MASSIVE PROBLEMS of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Just that plain and simple. It will SAVE THE USA and AMERICAN PEOPLE IN ALL WAYS!

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      you should travel more outside your neighborhood and get to know our country and its history…..