Isn’t a Half-Truth the Equivalent of a Lie?

Cardinal Theodore McCarrickWashington D.C.’s, archbishop emeritus, Theodore McCarrick, wrote an impassioned call in the Washington Post September 1, 2013 for adopting the Senate’s immigration reform bill that includes an amnesty. In his argument for the legislation, he claimed:

Despite this real need, U.S. immigration law fails to provide channels for these workers to migrate safely and legally. Visas for low-skilled workers are absurdly small given demand, with only 5,000 permanent work visas available each year.

That statement is profoundly misleading. The 5,000 visas McCarrick refers to are immigrant visas set aside for employers to sponsor low-skilled workers (often extended family members). But, the statement obscures the fact that there are guest worker visa programs specifically designed to allow low-skilled workers to enter the country to take temporary jobs. There are separate programs for both agricultural and non-agricultural low-skilled workers. The agricultural guest worker visa program (H-2A visas) has no limit on the number of such workers. In addition a large share of the more than a million immigrants admitted each year at present are coming to join the workforce and only a small fraction of them are professionals sponsored by an employer. Many of the others, including refugees, take low-skill jobs.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    MccCarrick is no different from the Mormon General Authority Uchdorf pushing for amnesty so their illegal alien members can “come out of the shadows”….apparently his penthouse in the Church Office Building doesn’t overlook the protest march demanding rewards for breaking American laws.
    Where’s Mormon “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, upholding, and sustaining the law.” — Obviously just busy work for Primary children. When current church president Monson was president of East German mission he counseled his German members to obey Communist law. Unfortunately that doesn’t apply to illegal aliens in his own country who get financial, employment counseling, clothing, food, household “as long as needed” from the church.
    As long as the members put up with it and keep paying tithing out of their dwindling pay and unemployment insurance these authorities will keep welcoming illegals.
    Hispanics in America are flocking to become Protestant (TIME MAGAZINE) so Uchdorf welcomes and McCarrick
    tries to hold on.
    HELLO….all working illegals break AT LEAST two of 10 commandments…SINS. : LYING to say they’re legal and STEALING an American’s job. Many also steal children’s ID’s (50,000+ in Utah alone) to get jobs. Plus crimes.
    I myself resigned from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am sending my tithing to Numbersusa, Judicial Watch, and FAIR.
    These hypocritic “religious leaders” promoting SINS AND CRIMES do understand MONEY.

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    Laws have not been written just to read, they have been written to follow. And illegal aliens are violators of our laws. But isn’t anyone (including congress) who knowingly aid and abet an illegal alien entrance into our nation on the amnesty program criminals?

    Many honest citizens of other nations make an honest effort to come to the USA, why should illegal aliens be given superior preference over legal immigrants?

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    Frank Mitchell on

    If there was a “real need” for low-skilled labor, Economics 101: “Supply & Demand” states unequivocally that wages would be rising rapidly. Where is this happening? Nowhere!

    Maybe the Archbishop is more interested in new (primarily Catholic) illegal aliens, than he is interested in the plight of low-skill US citizens (primarily non-Catholic)?

    Is lying still considered a sin in the Catholic Church? My wife claims that it still remains a sin according to her priest.

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    Frank Mitchell on

    By definition a “Half-Truth” would also be a “Half-Lie”.

    Unfortunately, for the Archbishop’s immortal soul, he is lying through his teeth.

    He has conveniently “forgotten” about not only the unlimited H-2A visas but also the “Family Reunification” visas which dominate our over 1 million per year legal immigration program.

    So, if anything he is 1% truth and 99% falsehood. Maybe he should recheck the 10 Commandments.

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    I don’t buy the Bishop’s plea. Just like the Demwits, he wants a bigger base. He wants more Catholics and the Dems want more of a voting base. How could this be happening in the America I grew up in?

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    The bishop needs to direct his energy to straightening out corrupt governments that won’t care for their masses, rather than tell Americans to ignore their right to a sovereign nation and reward lawbreakers.

    As a practicing Catholic, I’m not buying the bishops plea.

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      I totally agree with you LoneRanger! All bishops in the USA need to read “The Immorality of Illegal Immigration” by Father Biasco.

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    Seeing the Amnesty Trees Through the Forrest

    Data is obscurred and blurred when it comes to foreign overpopulation TOTALLY upsetting America’s current depopulation birthrate…..even the America needs more divesity argument for it when America is the most diverse country in the world is a moot misleading point.

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      Why don’t you ask the hundreds of people who have lost their lives from Illegals who come here breaking our laws and getting a free ride .they are the ones who you need to read their story and then use this emotional diatribe on why these illegals should not be given amnesty .They come here claiming a better life when they kill and rob our citizens of life and property,We must stop this lie that they are the kind of citizens we want to become citizens of our country

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        John Winthropp on

        Runninbear those are the bad illegals there also exists the good ones………..and how many saved by the good ones?

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        Frank that does not mean all illegals are criminals or at fault……remember they do not come here uninvited……they are being used,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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          Peter: How are illegal aliens NOT in violation of our laws and therefore criminals?

          Even the illegal aliens that overstayed their visas have violated the conditions of their visas. They have come here without a “legal” invitation. Can I invite a few dozen people into YOUR home without your permission? (Please post your address).

          If any were dragged here in chains, please contact the police so that they can be released and returned to their home countries.

          I agree that they are being “used & abused”. That frequently happens when you are involved in a criminal enterprise.

          What will the Senate Amnesty Bill actually do to stop further abuse? Remember the same enforcement was promised under the 1986 “Immigration Reform”.

          How about just enforcing the 1986 law? That would stop most of the abuse and bring people out of the shadows (& send them home).

          Fix & fully implement E-Verify. Fine and imprison employers who employ illegal aliens. Deport ALL illegal aliens quickly, humanely and efficiently. Enforce the LAW!

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    First of all, his very first line, “despite this real need”, is a flat out LIE. We have no need for low skill workers. In fact, minorities like blacks tend to fill most low skill low paid jobs and the unemployment levels for blacks [and young people] are at near Depression era levels.

    And why is it the business of the Catholic church to be commenting on the need [or not] for labor in this country? It has nothing to do with them. What he’s trying to do is make the old argument that because we won’t issue you a visa so you can come “safely and legally”, we have somehow FORCED you to come illegally. No, we haven’t and there is no justification for saying that.