Plans this Weekend? Take Time to Talk to Congress

FAIR's Town Hall TrackerIt’s not to late to contact your U.S. Representative before they go back to Capitol Hill. A number of members are holding town hall events this weekend and throughout the month of September. Visit FAIR’s Town Hall Tracker to see upcoming events happening in your district or state or scroll down to see the map below.

This weekend is your last chance to talk to Congress before they return from August recess. Tomorrow — September 7 — two key events for true immigration reformers are happening in Phoenix, Ariz. and West Chester, Oh.

While the media has ridiculed the work of true immigration reform activists over this August Recess, we know that members are getting the message! Last Sunday, Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas commented that members are hearing over and over that the Senate bill is “No Dice” with American voters.

By the time Congress returns to Washington on Monday, more than 927 town halls will have occurred in the country! We know from reports in places like Waxhaw, North Carolina, Tulsa, Okla. and Spanish Fork, Utah that the demand was so high for some meetings that larger locations were required.

Over the past month, 15 U.S. Representatives held town halls specifically asking about proposed immigration bills in states like New York, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Minnesota, Florida and Texas. Immigration was also a top question asked during Q&A sessions.

Check out FAIR’s Town Hall Tracker to see if an event is near you, and if you can make it to Phoenix, Ariz. or West Chester, Ohio tomorrow, please make every effort to attend!

We Are America Rally in Phoenix

Black American Leadership AllianceThis rally will kick off at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning at the State Capitol Building in Phoenix. The We Are America Rally is organized and sponsored by the Black American Leadership Alliance, which organized the DC March for Jobs in July.

According to rally organizers in Phoenix:

Arizona stands with BALA in the fight to keep American jobs for American workers by standing against amnesty for illegal aliens. We will be giving our support to our representatives who stand with us, educating those who are on the fence and showing those who are pro amnesty that the American people want jobs, not more competition. Giving legal status to illegal aliens will give employers access to 11+ million (+ because the government numbers do not represent an accurate count) more cheap laborers who will not only be a first choice for hire but will also drive down wages for future hires. We are organizing our AZ rally and ask that everyone please invite others to this page to keep up to date on rally info and to help spread the word. If we don’t stand up and speak out against amnesty now the future of American workers (the backbone of our country) could be taken away from us. What kind of future will that leave for our children?

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Rally for America in West Chester, Ohio

OH Rally for AmericaGathering near the office for Speaker of the House John Boehner, this rally is focused on telling him:

We do not want the Senate Comprehensive Immigration Bill (S744) and we do not want it in conference committee with the House. Otherwise the end result will be the biggest amnesty in U.S. history.

Organized by the Ohio Citizens for Sensible Immigration, the Ohio Grassroots Rally Team and the Southwest Ohio Patriots, the rally will start at 2 p.m. in The Square at Union Center.

The event will be emceed by Doc Thompson with The Glenn Beck Show, Jenny Beth Martin & Ralph King with Tea Party Patriots, Sheriff Sam Page from North Carolina, and many other hard-working activists trying to keep our country safe and protect American workers.

Rally for America will also feature Madison Rising, a New Jersey-based band known for their rock version of The Star Spangled Banner.

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See the map below to find an event near you this weekend or click here for a larger version.

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    Another bad jobs report. Not enough to keep up with population growth. There are people still promoting the idea that the retirement of baby boomers will tighten up the job market. And it’s totally false and just part of the propaganda that we have some “shortage of workers” when the opposite is true.

    First of all, every poll taken in the last few years, including every one by AARP, has shown that most all boomers will work at least part time, either through wanting to, or because of need. Many expect to have to work full time several years past 65. Some have taken retirement at 62 but did not want to. But the bad job market left them no choice. They still could have been working and paying into SS, not withdrawing from it.

    Second, the baby boom generation is considered those born 1946 to 1964. While the first boomers have passed 65, many are much younger. Do the math. Boomers born in the sixties are 49 to 53. Any boomer born in or after 1953 is 60 or younger. The idea that these people are on the verge of retirement is not true.