DHS Releases Sex Offenders

DHS Releases Sex Offenders

“The news last week that federal authorities had to release 2,837 convicted sex offenders back onto the streets has renewed focus on a Supreme Court case that requires the government to release immigrants whose home countries won’t take them back. A report released last week by the Government Accountability Office said the nearly 3,000 sex offenders are part of the 59,347 immigrants who the courts have ruled cannot be held, whom the U.S. has been unable to send home, and who instead were released under some sort of supervision as of September 2012,” the Washington Times writes.

San Francisco Area Sheriffs Say Immigration Holds on Criminals Are Needed

“The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association sent a letter Friday to Board of Supervisors members opposing a move to prohibit law enforcement from detaining undocumented immigrants suspected of committing crimes. The organization, which represents those who oversee The City’s jails, became the latest entity to join the percolating debate over a controversial federal program called Secure Communities, or S-Comm,” the SF Examiner writes.

“At issue is whether the Sheriff’s Department should continue to honor immigration holds, or detainers, that are ordered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Under the federal program, the fingerprints of those arrested by local law enforcement agencies are reviewed by ICE officials who can request that a person be held for up to 48 hours so suspects can be picked up for deportation.”

What the Washington Post Believes is Scandalous, And What Really is Scandalous

“Cuccinelli, Virginia’s attorney general, championed hard-line immigration policies while rising through the state ranks — but he has awkwardly sought to play down his record in hopes of not alienating Hispanics and Asians who represent a small but growing part of Virginia’s electorate,” the Washington Post writes.

Flash back one month to this Townhall article on Cuccinelli’s opponent, Terry McAuliffe. “Two weeks ago, we brought an emerging “visa for sale” scandal to your attention, laying out how its somewhat byzantine intricacies may infect the Obama White House, the Clinton camp, and Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign in Virginia. One week later, McAuliffe’s headache became a migrane. News reports have revealed that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating a “green” automotive company McAuliffe co-founded, from which he abruptly resigned earlier this year. The basis of the probe? Alleged improprieties connected to soliciting loans in exchange for “EB-5″ foreign investor US entry visas.”

Would Healthy Illegal Aliens Subsidize Sick Americans Under Obamacare?

“Failure to responsibly deal with the 11 million undocumented immigrants residing in the country undermines our bold attempt at health care overhaul. Keeping immigrants ineligible for the Affordable Care Act and exempting them from the individual mandate undermines the law’s primary intention — to lower costs by requiring everyone to be insured. A large function of the ACA lies in its subsidies, which immigrants are across the board ineligible as they wait a more than decade long process to become citizens and therefore eligible for all the same benefits,” says Robin Ye at Policymic.com.

“By granting a pathway to citizenship and venues for the same/alternate version of federal benefits granted to authorized American citizens, spending will increase on Medicaid, refundable tax increases, and of course, the administrative costs of dealing with the influx of people. But in the long term, revenue will be recouped from higher income and social security taxes applied to this group of people, and visa processing fees. And let us not forget the economic and social boon that high-skilled immigrant workers, low-skilled immigrant laborers, and DREAM-ers can offer, both tangibly and intangibly.”

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    Obamacare Means Medicaid to IAs

    Medicaid already excludes dental to adults and a lion’s share of good doctor choices too. When Obamacare kicks in it will be a complete joke, as 70% of the uninsured transfer to it, basically all they’ll have by then is IA unpaid emergency room insurance anyway IMO. We’ll subsidize that.

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    Typical. The story of the countries refusing to take back sex offenders is another example of our real “broken system”. What is supposed to happen is that we then refuse to issue any visas of any kind to that country until they start cooperating. But, as always happens, over and over, we don’t enforce that. Why trust any promises on the issue of immigration? Is there any law or policy not deliberately ignored by our government?