DHS Document Warns of Fake Illegal Aliens Seeking Arrest for Publicity

DHS Document Warns of Fake Illegal Aliens Seeking Arrest for Publicity

“An internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document obtained by Breitbart News shows that the agency is aware of pro-amnesty American adults posing as DREAMer illegal aliens as a way to further their political agenda. The document says that such pro-amnesty American adults are crossing the border into Mexico then back into the U.S. with the intent of being captured by U.S. immigration authorities, detained and incarcerated. At a later time they will reveal themselves to be U.S. citizens. The document says they are conducting this activity with the goal of attempting to show America’s immigration system is broken, and needs to be reformed through legislative proposal such as the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” bill,” says Breitbart News.

Obama Says He is Willing to Work on Amnesty With House

“President Barack Obama said on Tuesday he could support the House of Representatives taking a piece-by-piece approach to changing immigration policy as long as key elements such as a “pathway to citizenship” for undocumented immigrants were included. The White House had hoped a broad bill to reform immigration rules would be the president’s signature achievement this year, but the effort has stalled in the House after passing with bipartisan support in the Senate,” Yahoo News says.

“In an interview with Noticias Telemundo, Obama said he could back efforts in the House to advance elements of immigration reform one at a time – rather than all at once as the Senate did – as long as all of his priorities were part of the outcome.”

Amnesty Lobby Tries to Revive Issue

“Nancy Pelosi is huddling with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, top labor leaders and former AOL exec Steve Case in separate meetings this week as supporters of immigration reform try to revive the issue, which fast seems to be dying on Capitol Hill. Their goal: get legislation moving in the House again before the Thanksgiving recess,” Politico reports.

“Proponents concede that it’s a heavy lift, and that Republican lawmakers didn’t come out of the August recess ready to act. The Syria debate, and now the battle over whether to fund the government and hike the debt ceiling are the top priorities in the GOP-controlled House, whose rank-and-file are already skeptical of [amnesty].”

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    Talk about confused thinking. So these “protestors” are citizens, pass themselves off as illegal to get arrested at the border crossing from Mexico and they think this proves we have a “broken system”?

    it only proves that you are dumber than rocks. If you go to the police station and confess to embezzling money from your boss, true or not, they are going to detain you and question you.

    And what exactly is it that they think “reform” is going to do to identify people who deliberately lie about their status? Are border agents supposed to assume that everyone who is illegal might be a citizen? Is it their job to prove you’re a citizen? No, it’s yours.