House Gang Loses Members

Today, after months of proclaiming it has been on “the verge” of revealing a “comprehensive” immigration reform bill, the House Gang of Seven (formerly the Gang of Eight) lost two more members.

Texas Republicans John Carter and Sam Johnson issued a joint press release announcing they were formally leaving the group, “After years of hard work and countless meetings, we have reached a tipping point and can no longer continue working on a broad approach to immigration,” the members wrote.

However, they made clear that they were not abandoning the talks because they no longer agreed with the group’s mission (i.e. amnesty for the 12 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S. and a mass guest worker program), but rather blamed distrust of the Obama Administration’s willingness to faithfully execute any new immigration laws. “We want to be clear,” the pair continued. “The problem is politics. Instead of doing what’s right for America, President Obama time and again has unilaterally disregarded the U.S. Constitution, the letter of the law and bypassed the Congress….”

The Gang already lost another member, Raul Labrador (R-ID) earlier this year, leaving Florida’s Mario Diaz-Balart as the lone Republican of the group. Its Democrat members continue to include Zoe Lofgren (CA), Luis Gutierrez (IL), John Yarmuth (KY), and Xavier Becerra (CA).

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    Can’t say I know much about the views of Diaz-Balart or Yarmuth, but just having the warped mentality of Lofgren, Gutierrez, & Becerra in that group, would make any sane person abandon it in a heartbeat!

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    Legal Ameicans Paid Too Much?

    This question may seem unrelated to this article, but IMO it isn’t. Our open border politicians feel by bringing in our low paid foreign replacements; we give the American corporations [much of this is foreign owned now] their only chance to compete globally.

    The problem with this logic is simple, it excludes a technical understanding of how manufaturing works in a country [we’ve forgotten the basics in our mostly service based economy]. Manufacturing automobiles, a good example, requires American high pay, or we stop buying them. As this demographic shift due to lower overpopulation wages quickly/immediately impacts American consumers; the foreign headquarters’ automotive companies will have to close their assembly plants in America. Their motherland assembly plants will be the last to close, because near their headquarters are their engineers. Its far cheaper to use on-going producibility with headquarters’ engineers when the plants are near by, than using costly and inefficient business travel to other countries for product changes/improvements that occur constantly in manufaturing of automobiles.

    NWO non-technicals can’t grasp this basic manufacturing technical fact(s). Many would call me a protectionist bigot for even bringing this basic “technical” manufacturing fact up.

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    Once again we see that US government is all about political games and popularity contests rather than sound principles of justice and equality of opportunities for all as claimed in the constitution. America needs real leaders that understand our Founding fathers’ intentions rather than opportunistic politicians willing to sacrifice these self proclaimed truths in order to keep their seats and jobs in Congress and Senate. I know personally many of these undocumented hardworking people myself and sadly I have even known some with Bachelor Degrees in Math and other fields working as waiters. Shame on the shortsighted members of Congress, what a waste of talent ! May God open their eyes before it is too late to do the right thing now. However, make no mistake that each action causes a reaction, in this case a political one that will be shown as a lack of support and votes in the next year elections and in 2016. May God bless America. May god keep America as the last stronghold of human dignity and freedom for all.