Illegal Alien Population Back Up to Nearly 12 million

Despite claims that alleged increased enforcement has led to a decrease or at least a leveling off of illegal immigration, updated numbers from the Pew Hispanic Center show a rise in the illegal alien population from 11.3 million in 2009 to 11.7 million in 2012.

Landowners on the border won’t be surprised. They’ve been sounding alarms in Washington during the past two years that they’ve seen no abatement in illegal crossers on their properties. The new Pew numbers demonstrate that their testimony is not merely anecdotal.

Actions have consequences and the uptick in numbers is largely due to President Obama’s recent executive actions. Immigration enforcement has been eliminated for all but the most violent offenders, policy changes have granted stays of removal for broad classes of illegal aliens while local and state efforts to participate in immigration enforcement have been stymied at every turn by the Obama administration. The net result has been a nationwide sanctuary policy which incentivizes more illegal aliens to come and more to stay.

And while the Administration maintains that it removes nearly 400,000 illegal aliens every year, the new Pew numbers prove they’ve made no dent in the current illegal alien population.

This steady increase should silence calls from amnesty advocates – but will it? The reaction from the open borders lobby will be: See, we can’t stop people from coming to the U.S. so what’s the point in even trying?


Just as this blog was completed, the New York Times eagerly reported that the rising illegal alien population dashes “…the hopes of some lawmakers that tough enforcement could substantially reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants in the country…”

In reality, the population increase only highlights how effective the Obama Administration has been at dismantling immigration enforcement under the noses of a completely ineffective Congress.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    By stalking we are saying to the illegals it is ok to come here because we are trying to welcome you . Being unable to come to a quick and solid front says WELCOME ! Sooner or later you will be taken care of !

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    Obama doesn’t take no for anything. He even go so far as the U.N. to get his way overriding the
    american people he so despise.

    He must be held accountable and receive his just punishment.

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    All this talk of amnesty is bringing more in. I am worried how many terrorist are sneaking in and also legally coming in. Legal immigration is also a huge problem, there are just too many here. The number of refugees has increased, many are not truely refugees but lie to stay.
    They are taking over my small town, yes they even take middle class jobs, not just low paying jobs. There are hundreds of new Bosnian LLCs truck companies here, most are very rude and I worry about all these foreign truck drivers causing accidents.
    America will be majority Brown, etc if immigration isn’t stopped. Nothing like Mayberry, more like Mexico city or Muslim city. Wanted a better country for my kids.

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      Soon we will be third world america. These illegals are coming here ( in many cases ) to get welfare benefits. Our department of agriculture extended the invitation by telling them how to file for benefits , in their native language. How to come on a tourist visa and never leave. Naturally they are striving in droves. Either over the southern border , northern border or by sea! They are striving here. There are those that their government pays their way here too. Pedophiles , sex offenders, and various criminals too.

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    So is the New York Times trying to claim that LESS enforcement is the answer? Because there is NO “tough enforcement”. How can you declare a failure what you’ve never TRIED?

    The double layer fence that was promised in the Secure Fence Act of 2006? Never happened. Mandatory e verify for every job in the country? Doesn’t exist. Holding for deportation those who are in jail and known to be here illegally? Not happening, unless you commit a major major crime, and even then doesn’t happen sometimes.

    This is another example of the Alice In Wonderland mantra by advocates of illegals about our “broken system”. It’s broken because that’s what you want, the non enforcement policies you have advocated. It’s YOUR measures that have failed.

    It’s like when the Mexico-California border was secured by a double layer fence during the Clinton administration. And to the shock of all the advocates, crossings in California dropped to next to nothing. Proven by the fact that so many illegals now make the much more difficult desert crossing in Arizona. Here’s an idea. Let’s repeat what HAS worked and “finish the dang fence”, as John McCain said, or at least he said it when he was running in 2010. And then it was back to amnesty for him after he got reelected.

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      Did anyone think the illegal pop. went down? It dipped a little due to the economy but came back in a flourish with the Dream act. Due to get worse not better because the GOZP is full of has beens.

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        Many of these so called dreamers are in our nations prisons ,especially California . Many are demanding rights reserved for American citizens. Some of these same dreamers are guests at the White House, congress etc. Previous waves of illegal aliens crossing did not become American citizens. I read that about 30 percent from the first wave under Ronald Reagan ever attempted to achieve citizenship. We only see the Latino aliens. There are many from the middle east , Africa, Caribbean coming to the USA to get a piece of the welfare pie. I have concerns. Are these people terrorists? Released from their former countries mental institutions? Prisons?

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      I have to admit I am at a loss of how to convince our politicians to be on our side of this immigration problem.

      It is hard to believe it has come to this. We fax, we phone and email and it doesn’t seem to move them.

      Looks like we may have to be seen and heard. It seems to work for the illegals when they gather and march

      and yell and scream for rights they should not be given. Of course they have Laraza and other pro amnesty

      groups organizing them and paying for bussing them to the places they march.. That seems to get OUR

      POLITICIANS attention!! Americans should not have to do that in order to convince OUR POLITICIANS

      to work for us, their fellow Americans!! We will just have to do whatever we can to convince them to be on

      our side!! This is a sad situation, when citizens of our county have to take a back seat to illegals ,because our

      government and our politicians will not work for us!! I thought we had intelligent politicians, evidently NOT!

      Avery one knows if you give freebies they will keep coming!!!!

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        I read that la raze and several organizations are given AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS in addition to money from MEXICO! They are very well financed. Many unlike gal aliens send money to their families . This also aids their economies . It seems that all of central & South America are coming here. What you don’t notice that these illegals are coming from Arab countries, Asia, Caribbean also.

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      Many of the illegal aliens come by plane, train, boat on tourist visas . Ever see a family of 6 try to run across the border at midnight in the desert ? NO! They either come here on a visa, or our government or theirs pays their way here. Ever notice they are never homeless when they arrive ?

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    There’s a Problem With an Accurrate Count of Undocumented Illegal Aliens

    They’re undocumented, so how do you count them?

    If they are legally “countable”, irrespective; then how can the American employers claim they hired them unknowingly to avoid criminal prosecution?

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    A guesstimation at best, and if it’s anything like the numbers the imbeciles in our government were claiming back prior to IRCA in 1986, it could be three time that number!

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    This administration and several previous ones have thrown in the towel on trying to stop the invasion of our country. They imply that “they” are here and there’s nothing we can do about it. Wrong! We have laws that if only they were enforced, those who don’t belong here would be escorted to the border and told to leave. I heard Enrique Morones, who aids and abets illegal aliens, say the invaders come illegally because they can’t come legally. To him, that makes it okay. We once had leaders who defended and protected us and our nation. No more. If you get here, you’re home free. Step up for the benefits and soon you’ll be handed American citizenship, which means nothing to our government anymore.

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      Actually this was a bad move… the Republicans lost control on stalling the Bill and individual ones are being introduced the pressure increases nd Boehner and his party will eventually crumble to pieces…..