Sen. Sessions and Sen. Lee – Time to Shut the Back Door Against Amnesty

Sen. Sessions and Sen. Lee – Time to Shut the Back Door Against Amnesty

“The Gang of Eight immigration bill is a 1,200-page legislative monstrosity. Senators had roughly 72 hours to read the final version of this massive and complex bill before the votes began. Like with Obamacare, the Senate was supposed to pass the bill in order to find out what was in it. But while lawmakers and the public were left in the dark, the White House strategists and special interest allies who crafted the bill knew exactly what it contained: immediate amnesty, weakened enforcement, and unending illegal immigration,” say Sen. Sessions (R-AL) and Sen. Lee (R-UT) at

“We are concerned . . . that the House will pass individual, incremental bills only to have them cobbled together in a backroom deal with Majority Leader Reid and the Gang of Eight. Through a series of procedural maneuvers, House leaders could agree to begin negotiations with the Senate, known as a conference, using one of these smaller, targeted bills, while the Senate could bring the Gang of Eight bill to the negotiations.”

Biden Stumps for Amnesty During Mexico Visit

“Speaking at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico City on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden said that the international partnerships he and President Barack Obama are seeking to build–including one between the United States and Mexico–are “literally going to shape the future for my country for the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years,'” CNS News reports.

“‘With regard to immigration, let me make two things absolutely clear,’ Biden said in Mexico City. ‘It is not only from the perspective of the President, myself and the American people a matter of justice, respect, and according dignity to all people to bring 11 million undocumented men, women, and children out of the shadows, but it’s also overwhelmingly in the self-interest, the economic self-interest of the United States.'”

Illegal Alien Protests Treat Any Enforcement as a Red Line

“Red lines aren’t limited to the Syrian chemical arms sites. Illegal immigrants and others pushing for amnesty are laying down vivid red markers of their own, telling congressional Democrats that under no circumstances should they allow the enforcement-only Safe Act to become law. Seven protesters were arrested when they chained themselves to the White House fence to emphasize the point on Wednesday,” said the Washington Times in an editorial.

“The Safe Act is a Republican House bill that grants states the authority to enact their own immigration laws and gives local police the authority to enforce them. Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina drew up with the measure intended to bring out-of-control borders under control. The bill cleared the House Judiciary Committee in mid-June on a party-line vote.”

California Tries to Erase Citizenship

“California is challenging the historic status of American citizenship with measures to permit noncitizens to sit on juries and monitor polls for elections in which they cannot vote and to open the practice of law even to those here illegally. It is the leading edge of a national trend that includes granting drivers’ licenses and in-state tuition to illegal immigrants in some states and that suggests legal residency could evolve into an appealing option should immigration legislation fail to produce a path to citizenship,” the New York Times writes.

“‘It seems they stay up late dreaming up ways they can reward illegal immigration and create either new benefits or new protections for illegal immigrants,’ said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which backs stricter federal laws. ‘The overriding objective of the California Legislature is to further blur the distinction between citizen and immigrant, legal and not.'”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Although many of us thought that amnesty was dead in the House of Representatives, it seems that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing her best to ensure that October becomes the Treason Season. However, no matter what happens to S.744 and House efforts to emulate it, the fact that 11+ million illegals remain in our country guarantees that the amnesty war will continue year after year. There is simply too much money and too many potential votes at stake for the treason lobby to ever give up on this. Until we have national leaders with the vision and political will to expel these invaders, the problems described here will never go away.

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    Time shut the back door on them until their term runs out to prevent them
    from doing more harm to this beloved country.

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    Why don’t you close the borders now and quit talking about it. Just do it. We cannot afford anymore immigration. I don’t know where this abomination started. I think we should take in some people legally but this mass coming across the borders is not acceptable. This is our country and we should have some say on what is happening and we are being ignored. Close the borders and vet every one who has come in, including the terrorists that are here now. Because of your non actions, we are in danger in our own country.

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    I wonder which enticement is the strongest making so many in government obesessed with the idea that anyone who sneaks into our country should become a citizen? Bribes from the businesses that crave cheap labor? Is it votes they’ll garner from the organizaions who support illegal immigration? Or maybe it’s just good old humanitarianism…don’t bet on that! Whatever the reason, they’ll continue untll we finally elect people who put the welfare of Americans before that of criminal illegal aliens and foreign interests. During the last three decades we’ve been sold out by our government in their desperate attempt to remain at the public trough.

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    Who is the potential Washington D.C. Judas in the Republican Party who presents the greatest threat for passing a law that grants amnesty, legal status, and U.S. citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants? A lot of Congressional experts and anti-amnesty activists would answer it is Speaker John Boehner or Majority Leader Eric Cantor who pose the biggest danger. While these two are absolutely terrible on opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants and giving them U.S. citizenship, these rats are not my greatest concern. The key legislator for getting a comprehensive amnesty through Congress is someone you would never suspect. He is the respectable conservative House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Bob Goodlatte. This guy has turned out to be a ‘plant’ for those in the GOP seeking to get amnesty passed in the House of Representatives. Rep. Goodlatte now says he is ‘open’ to passing a narrow amnesty provision in his committee like the DREAM ACT that could be used as a vehicle for a House/Senate conference for the purpose of hammering out a ‘compromise’ on the outrageous Senate Gang of Eight amnesty bill. Rep Goodlatte is also ok with issuing green cards to illegal immigrants while they are in a provisional status waiting for their U.S. citizenship. So much for protecting unemployed Americans from having to compete for scarce jobs with foreigners who should not even be here. It is time for Congressman Bob Goodlatte to hear from Americans opposed to granting AMNESTY to illegal immigrants. It is time to light up his D.C. phone lines and his District phone lines in Virginia.

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    Dan it is incredible naive of your part to hope by not doing some kind of Immigration Reform we will get rid of the issue……it will actually get worse and by 2020 we will have the size of CA the population of illegals……… instead of supporting a comprehensible Bill to fix our situation you do not want to fix anything….in other words… are in denial…….

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      “Reform” is not an amnesty. That only insures “it will actually get worse”. Real reform would be all the enforcement measures that would work but people like you fight them.

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    Is there any limit to the pandering of this administration? Joe Biden in Mexico campaigning for amnesty and saying it’s a matter of “justice and respect”? How about respect for the law of this country? Why is he ignoring the fact that Mexico has no problem with jailing and deporting those there illegally.

    Get off your knees, Joe. The Mexican government is blasted repeatedly, year after year, by Amnesty International for their deliberate ignoring of the rape, robberies, and murders of those who cross their southern border on their way to the US. Where’s your big concern for “justice” for those people? Oh, that’s right, it won’t get you any votes in this country, so you look the other way. Phony hypocrite.

    And where is it in the “economic self interest of the United States” to have undereducated Mexican illegals [which most are] come to this country, have families, and then their American children make them eligible for all kinds of social programs? Like Senator Diane Feinstein, another complete phony, pushing for amnesty but then saying the federal government, in other words you and me, has to pay for all the benefits California will have to pay out.
    These people will sell their souls and lie through their teeth to get a vote. Unfortunately, the clueless American voter never makes them pay a price for their dishonesty.