Pro-Amnesty Lobby Employs Army of Lobbyists

Pro-Amnesty Lobby Employs Army of Lobbyists

“[H]ow is it that some of America’s most powerful interest groups, which have joined forces to apply their considerable influence to get Congress to pass immigration reform, have failed so conspicuously?” asks Ross K. Baker in USA Today.

“The list is impressive. According to OpenSecrets.Org, a component of the Center for Responsive Politics, the 573 groups that have lobbied the [amnesty]bill (the majority being in favor) included Microsoft and the Christian Coalition; Facebook and the AFL-CIO; The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Roofing Contractors Association; The Human Rights Campaign and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.”

“Within the [amnesty]movement are members who dominate their own policy area but might be ineffective venturing into others. So while the National Association of Realtors might be successful in defending the home mortgage interest deduction, it has much less credibility in the field of immigration.”

34 Illegal Aliens in Custody After Border Crossing Stunt

“Thirty-four young migrants are in U.S. custody after trying to enter the United States without documents in the latest round of what is becoming a new tactic in confronting what they consider unjust U.S. immigration policies. U.S. immigration officials interviewed the group dressed in a colorful graduation caps and gowns late into the night Monday after they marched across one of the bridges connecting Mexico to Laredo while chanting ‘Undocumented and unafraid!'” ABC News wrote.

“There were several minors in the group, including 17-year-old Luis Enrique Rivera Lopez. He came to the border from Guasave in Sinaloa, a Mexican state that he had known only by its reputation for drugs and violence before going there from Los Angeles early last year.”

Jury Debates Charges Against Former Guatemalan Soldier

“A federal jury in California was set to debate Tuesday whether a former Guatemalan soldier lied on his U.S. citizenship application about his alleged role in an army-led massacre there three decades ago. The jury received the case of former special forces officer Jorge Sosa on Monday afternoon, after prosecutors said in closing arguments that Sosa was on the run from his violent past when he sought refuge in the United States,” the AP reported.

“If convicted of making false statements and obtaining American citizenship unlawfully, the 55-year-old Sosa could face 15 years in federal prison and lose his American citizenship.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    While listening to the news this morning I heard two separates reports regarding immigration and amnesty issues. The first was a story about how the Democrats may be using the government shutdown as a bargaining tool to get the GOP to “give in” and agree to the blanket amnesty plan that Obama and his script writers have been attempting to force upon the American people. One democrat senator said it was “kinda like a shell game”.
    The second news report was about how the CA and GA democrat party and lawmakers have started a program where they are searching for Latino/Hispanic men and women that they can transform into candidates for all the upcoming elections, whether in the local, state, or federal levels of government. Of course these candidates would be running on the democrat ticket. They are also offering incentives for any republican Latino/Hispanic lawmakers that are willing to run on the GOP ticket but will vow to support only Democrat legislative issues. They are openly admitting to “fixing elections” for the benefit of the Democrat party, encouraging misrepresentation by candidates to their constituents, and just plain dishonesty. This epitomizes the arrogant attitude of the Democrats who believe that they are smarter than the stupid American people and that they can lead better using deceit and tyranny as their weapons to bring socialist government rule to America. As a rule I trust few politicians anyway, no matter what the party, but this crosses the line in their devious plan to destroy our Constitution.

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      Do you think they are stupid enough to take a chance on getting dethroned at their next election. I will work hard against any politician voting for, or supporting amnesty for illegal aliens.

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    What’s it matter? Let them in. Let them take our jobs, it doesn’t matter. The public doesn’t care (they’re too busy playing with their smart phones), our national government is afraid to lose future votes, our local and state governments are too lazy, and our media is afraid to lose Hispanic viewers. NOBODY GIVES A _ _ _ _!!! Just let them ALL in and quit acting like you give a _ _ _ _!!! Go to and see how we are giving away an American Industry right here in sunny South Florida.

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    When there is no more unemployment, maybe we can consider letting them in to work, but until then, the ILLEGALS need to stay on their side of the border… That is for all countries, not just Mexico.. We don’t need anymore illegals sucking off the government anymore, like free housing, education, free medical help, and all the freebies Obama wants to give to them. If they want to join our military for a certain length of time, and prove their loyalty to our country, learn English language, and pay taxes like we do, fine, but no just walking across the border and demanding rights anymore..

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      Any illegal alien that wants to turn our Republic into another “failed state of Mexico” rather than actually wanting to become Americans. I have no more respect for them than I have for Islamic jihidists.

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    The best way and simplest way to stop illegals from crossing our boarders, is to, fine business’s that hire all illegal immigrants. At the present time, we have to many legal Americans looking for work. Now, if we put a stop to hiring illegal immigrants, I’m sure they will stop crossing our borders to look for work.The fault lies under our government leadership for allowing this to go on and on. The problem here is, they are not only allowed to come here to work, but also, allowed to cast their votes for many of our, so called, leaders in many states and in Washington. This will never stop, until we put and end to illegal immigration. Wake up America, Wake up.

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    Regardless of the outcome on this immigration fiasco, remember this. ‘One tree makes a million matches, but just one match can destroy a million trees’.
    Keep up the ‘good’ fight, remember that your vote counts, use it wisely during the next election, and even more closely in the one which follows.
    Banish in shame any who work against the American people for whatever selfish gain.

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    Are companies getting tax breaks or kickbacks to back immigration reform? Long term, amnesty and importation of unskilled workers (especially) will require higher taxes to pay for all the “benefits” those low paid workers can suck out of the government. Those workers will also ban together, as a group or by union, to demand higher wages. This reform has a very short term benefit to companies. Are the CEOs so greedy as to take what quick profits they can now and retire to their estates with no care whatsoever for the future of their company or country? I think so.

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      As someone who has been on the front lines of trying to unionize in the past, once they start trying to unionize they will be fired and by that time there were be so many people trying to find jobs (because amnesty will dump tens of millions of new workers in a market that can’t find work now) That they will easily be replaced. Plus the amnesty bill does nothing to stop future illegal immigration so once those who are illegal now become amnestied in, these business owners will fire them and just hire new illegals from the never ending pool that will invade the country. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that amnesty will destroy the job market in America so bad, that eventually it won’t pay to jump the border and look for work. What makes me mad is that while this happens these corrupt jerks in Washington will still get their pay checks and pensions.

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    I view amnesty in a very simple way. The Democrats wish to dominate the country and support the dictatorship we presently seem to have. Amnesty for a group that would vote Democrat is an easy way to establish this.

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    What is it that we don’t understand the word “illegal”? If they are illegal, then send them back to their country. They don’t have a RIGHT to be here. In Arkansas, 51% of the Spanish are illegal, and yet we have a Bishop that quotes the bible (erroneously) to justify all the illegals. In fact, Bishops all over the US are spending hundred of thousands of dollars lobbying for the illegals. Most Spanish are Catholic and this is the only way the Church can rebuild it’s membership and base. The problem there is the Spanish have always gone to the Church for ASSISTANCE rather than contributing money. The beautiful Churches we have here were built by immigrants, but they were basically Irish, Germans, Polish, etc. We are growing old and our contributions are getting smaller and we are being ignored by the Church.

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    Richard Richardson on

    Immigration reform as the general public wants it will never happen for one very large reason, look who is backing the the bill for immigration reform.

    All of these very large company’s want cheap labor, and will pay and fight for for it!

    We as John Doe, average American don’t stand a chance against them and their money and influence with our so called elected leaders.

    This is why we have not seen any positive change so far and why we wont see any in the future.

    It would take a very massive movement by the people to bring about any kind of change, and then it still would be influenced by the corporations that are donating a lot of money to all people involved in process of making a new immigration reform bill.

    So in the long run we are back to square one!

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    While Ross Baker claims in his USA Today column that there are polls indicating strong support for “immigration reform”, you don’t get the details until you actually read the column and go to the link that contains the polls. Over 80% favor strengthened border security and implementing measures to stop people from entering and staying illegally. Neither of which the Senate bill does, in spite of promises made in the beginning that verifiable enforcement would come first, and then and only then would any actions towards legalization be taken.

    The Senate, in fact, was asked to vote on mandatory e verify for every job and finishing an actual physical fence, and those things did not pass. You can’t be trusted. There’s a record a mile long of enforcement promises that never happened. Fool me once, shame on you. At this point, for some people it’s fool me a hundred times and I will still drink your kool aid.

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      Leland, You Are Absolutely Correct: Americans, real Americans, do not want, and cannot tolerate this influx of illegals into our country. And the Media, who has now become widely known as “pocket change in Obama’s pocket” can print and state all they want to about how humanitarian, or good for economy, or any other Obamaganda – it won’t change the facts. Illegals are wanted here by two factions: Big business for cheap labor, and Politicians for their vote.

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        Unfortunately some Republicans after losing the election now think they can get the Presidency by giving into amnesty. What they don’t realize is the average working American disagrees with them.

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      The Inmigration and Naturalization Acts say , very clear . that is a Felony that a person , group of persons of local goverments to harborings illegal alliens allow them to stay in the country illegal . The californian congress and it,s governor are in true violation of Federal Inmigration laws when offering Drivers Licences for illegals alliens