Rep. King Says He’s Ready to Stop Amnesty in the House

Rep. King Says He’s Ready to Stop Amnesty in the House

“There’s no telling when an immigration bill will come to the House floor, what it will say, or who will support it. Only one thing’s for sure: Steve King will vote no.

And he’s not alone. The Iowa Republican has organized a small but growing number of conservatives who are committed to voting against any House immigration bill – no matter what it says – because they fear that the Senate will inevitably find a way to add “amnesty” to the equation,” National Journal reports.

“Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says there are a ‘significant number of members who are really concerned that anything that they come out with would be hijacked as a vehicle to push amnesty.'”

House Democrats Ready to Introduce Amnesty Bill Today

“House Democrats, frustrated by the lack of action by House leadership and fearing all hope of a bi-partisan comprehensive immigration reform bill is lost, are expected to introduce an immigration bill of their own today,” ABC News reports.

“House sources tell ABC News the Democratic bill will mirror the bipartisan legislation passed by the Senate in late June — including both increased border security and a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants.”

Shutdown Affects Immigration Courts

“For tens of thousands of immigrants across the United States with pending immigration cases or legal procedures, the federal government shutdown will put some urgent matters on hold and allow others of less importance to move ahead,” the Washington Post writes.

“Petitions for political asylum and non-emergency deportation cases are among the matters that could be delayed for months if the shutdown lasts more than a few days, according to immigration lawyers and advocates.”

San Francisco Moves to Prohibit Cooperation on Immigration Detainers

“San Francisco officials on Tuesday moved to curb their partnership with U.S. immigration authorities, by ending a practice that facilitates deportations by extending the detention of illegal immigrants arrested for crimes,” Reuters reported.

“The San Francisco Board of Supervisors action, which would exclude certain violent offenders, represents the latest pushback by state and local officials in California against the federal government over immigration enforcement.”

It’s Good News That Illegal Immigration is Rising?

“New estimates from the Pew Research Center suggest that the number of unauthorized immigrants is once again rising in the U.S. Although this turnaround from the sharp decline in the unauthorized population during the Great Recession is likely to be condemned by many, it’s actually good news,” says Madeline Zavodny.

“Unauthorized immigration is a bellwether of the strength of the economy. Unlike legal immigrants who may have waited years or even decades for a visa, illegal immigrants respond quickly to changes in economic conditions. Inflows rise faster when the economy, especially the construction sector, is growing, and slow down when the economy is shrinking.”


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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    thank you, katie. i believe what you say comes from a place of truth. a revolution is overdue. mr B.O. is carefully plotting out his blueprint for racial /economic divide, which invariably will bring race wars—african americans against mexicans. why else does he show a disregard and contempt for rule of law? favoritism to illegal aliens over veterans at their own memorial? disgraceful. only in california can an outlaw feel welcome. lawmakers her have lost all rational abilities to discern right from wrong, moral or immoral. i believe by virtue of passing pro-illegal policies and legislation, they are making the safety and national security at risk and jeopardy. I am afraid because california is home to 3mill illegals. if they dont get their way, the amnesty they demand—woe to us law abiding. civil disobedience and chaos, riots, no doubt. i spoke to my local sheriff and asked if they will deputize if necessary. I am ready to take up arms and protect and defend my home. Patriots, do not forget us in California. Rise up—and help us. We need a coalition of multiple organizations, to band together w/ the same end goal: End Illegal Immigration & Illegal Sanctuary policies

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    Dan…………….is this a double standard or you just do not know our reality and think you do……….the Cubans got it easy…..the Somalis…………..are being brought here to Nebraska, Maine…..they get housing, money…….hardly work……but the Mexicans break their backs…the good ones and you go against the people that deserve to have a chance????.

    It think what is wrong with our country is actually people like you………….I hope this feedback makes you a better person and improve yourself………………………..

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    Please do not reward these criminals. The only reason Democrats want to give them Amnesty is so they will get their votes. And for their Corporate friends so they will have their slave labor. ANY kind of Amnesty will put most of us into poverty. It is as bad a choice as Obamacare. The illegal immigrants would get that also and put us into bankruptcy. Anyone with a brain can see that. They are half the reason we are on our way there now.

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    Can’t be true President G.W. Bush said Americans won’t do that kind of work that’s why we need these illegals. Now two men like Bush and Kennedy who tried to help us fix that with an amnesty could not be wrong could they.

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    I think it’s astounding that there hasn’t been more outrage over illegals obtaining legal driver’s licenses – it just was signed by Gov. Brown here in California.

    Putting aside the obvious for a moment – that is, that it’s absurd to grant a legal document for someone who is illegal – what verifiable documents will be required for an illegal to actually receive these legal driver’s licenses? As far as I can tell, none. None whatsoever.

    What this means is that an illegal can say s/he is anyone – the potential for stealing someone else’s identity, or just creating a new one, is immense. Also, isn’t there a law in each state requiring a person who obtains a driver’s license be above a certain age? Well, how will anyone be able to prove that an illegal is of legal age to drive?

    Any illegal who is a few (or more) years younger than the legal age to drive will simply state they are older than they are – since they are illegal, what possible documents will prove their age? Likewise, illegals who have vision and/or other health problems will not reveal this, creating potentially more hazardous drivers.

    In the states, we use birth certificates and other legal documents to prove our age, our identity, and our address. Do you think an illegal will obtain these from their country of origin – and do you not think they will almost always be fraudulent to begin with? Fake id’s here in this country are a big business. Do you not think that fake id’s from various countries in Latin America and Asia will also be easily forged? Despite these ‘legal’ driver’s licenses, we will still have no idea who these people really are – their actual identities, their ages, their backgrounds, their mental and physical impairments (if any), etc.

    Why haven’t conservatives in Congress raised any of these issues or concerns?
    Our political leaders have really let us down here.

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    I fully support this Rep. king , but I totally reject the rep. king from New york . I fully stand AGAINST ANY AMNESTY plan , program or legislation . In point of fact I believe ALL immigration should be stopped , halted , and ended until we have the southern border and the entire illegal immigration problem completely solved ,

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    WHAT IS IT ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS THAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND? If they wanted to become a US Citizen they would have done it by now. You CAN NOT put them ahead of people that have or are paying thousands of dollars to just even get a green card. This is NOT fair to them. And it is NOT FAIR to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. they are putting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BEFORE AMERICANS. How dare they..

    If you don’t think a revolution is getting started over this Obamacare crap then you haven’t seen anything yet. You are all pushing us too far and someone is going to break. Do they all really want to cause this? Oh, wait, is this their ploy to push us into this so Obama can cry and get martial law? If anyone will do it, he will.

    This and Obamacare as well as gun control are the worst you can do to this country. We have laws and we have rights……………….our government needs to do their job and enforce them.

    NO Amnesty…………..deport them. They are freeloaders that will bring all of us down to poverty. They rape our State and Federal programs and that is half the reason we are going bankrupt, look at California and you will see what will happen to the rest of us. They use fake documents to be here which is a felony offense so we are going to reward criminals? This is nothing but treason and tyranny what we keep seeing coming from our administration. We are damm tired of this.

    My God this administration has lost their brains. Or is it just to much money and power for them to handle and just got to have? . Either do the job or get out. We will find someone that will do it right and FOR WE THE PEOPLE like we pay them to do.

    As the saying goes…………..have you fried your brains on drugs because you are sure acting like it.

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      I so agree with you, on ALL of your points. I believe that is exactly what Obama is doing. He doesn’t want to leave office, and will (I believe) produce another large attack like 9/11, to try and get us to give our gun rights away. But if we DO, we ARE screwed… The 2nd Amendment (I’m not a gun owner, but I still believe this) PROTECTS THE REST of our Constitution, and if he is forced to create a false flag event, then he WILL create Martial Law! We as citizens usually do not have “insider knowledge” about things, but infowars dot com… Alex Jones can sound like a lunatic at times, but if you watch, then search the info on the web, he is dead on right! 9/11 was government backed, to scare us, into the ‘real world’. Do some research… Inplanesite dot com… Saddam Hussein was a CIA OFFICER, trained here! That has been declassified. Unabomber, again CIA connections where he saw too many high level plans, and went rogue… Declassified. McVeigh same things, please all of you, look into this… INFORMATION IS POWER! We have passed peak oil, our fresh water all over the world is over half gone…heat waves last summer killed most crops around the world, which resulted in grain shortages..which in turn made cattle raisers who had to slaughter beef early, which means meat is in shortage…ALL VERY VERY scary. Revolutions are about 100 yrs apart, we are overdue. Get informed! Illegal immigration is the effort to make OUR AMERICA, a third world country and part of the North American Union with Canada and Mexico (the real reason our borders are not secure) AND THE ULTIMATE GOAL of the New World Order, in which we all bow and are enslaved by the ultra rich! Dick Durbin said in an alternative media article that congress is basically “owned” by the bankers anyway (which if true, is the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE bank, who LENDS to our government with intrest and they print our money, and this was not original… It was started in 1913 by a limited congressional vote near Christmas, when most had gone home for the holiday). So in order to GET elected, you must be financed by the bankers….and then they are owed, which is why we have a debt so large, that if we had put $1M away a day, since Jesus’ time, JUST FOR THE USA, we could NOT PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT! In fact my Ex-Hubby figured out if we had put $20M away per day since Jesus’ time, we STILL could not pay off our debt! These are ALL shocking 1 at a time, but all together, OVERWHELMING doesn’t cover it! Feel free to copy this post and email it to yourself, so you can fact check ALL that I have said. It’s scary as hell, but a revolution is coming, and all those hollow point bullets that the Department of Homeland security bought, was not for our military, it is for use against US, as in you and me. Am I nuts? I don’t think so, with the research I have done, but are you? If you don’t check ANY IF THIS OUT? Maybe…don’t summarily dismiss,unless you respect the post enough to see if any of it is factual….if we open our eyes and minds, we have a chance…if we don’t – most of us will perish, unfortunately. Please God, allow us the wisdom, the knowledge and skill to defeat this Evil in our nation. In Jesus’s name I Pray. Amen

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    Uh oh. When you see who Madeline Zavodny writes for, it’s Forbes if you click the link, the only real surprise would be if she had anything bad to say about illegal immigration. The pro business Forbes is infatuated with illegal immigration because business wants to pay nothing while taxpayers pick up the costs of everything else provided to illegals and their large families. The only “good news” is for greedy big business and it’s bad news for American workers and taxpayers.

    And ABC’s claim of “increased border security” in the Senate bill is nonsense. It’s smoke and mirrors. Unless there are verifiable benchmarks to be achieved BEFORE any legalization, it is nothing but the same old empty promises by the same old liars. Those benchmarks are NOT assured.

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    cynthia curran on

    Unauthorized immigration is a bellwether of the strength of the economy. Unlike legal immigrants who may have waited years or even decades for a visa, illegal immigrants respond quickly to changes in economic conditions. Inflows rise faster when the economy, especially the construction sector, is growing, and slow down when the economy is shrinking.”
    The problem with this is more of the construction industry requires high school now and lots of illegal immigrants in the Los Angeles area have high unemployment rates.. Los Angeles is around 11 percent. The recession pushed for more education because those with more education are now working in construction and service work that they did not do 5 years ago. For example, more lower skilled construction in LA-Orange was almost all illegal immigrants now its more of a mixture. In fact all cities in California with lots of illegal immigrants have unemployment rates above the national average since they have to compete against even college graduates for construction and service jobs that they did not in the past.