Amnesty Deemed “Essential” During Government Shutdown

DHS Maintains Services for Illegal Aliens, Suspends for Citizens
Despite a government shutdown and the furlough of thousands of federal workers, business as usual continues for most of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

86 percent of DHS workers deemed “essential,” must report for work.
A vast majority of DHS employees will work during the shutdown because they are either: law enforcement, critical to the security of the country, or work for part of the agency funded by a different revenue stream – i.e. different appropriations cycle or application fees.

Illegal alien amnesty continues.
Immigration services will still process applications for deferred action. The federal government claims these reviews can continue because the application process is funded by fees. Unfortunately, DHS also has discretion to waive the fees. Over 450,000 illegal aliens have received amnesty under President Obama’s executive action since August 2012.

E-Verify is suspended. Employers cannot verify worker status.
In the meantime, the web-based employment verification system E-Verify is offline. The program is a critical tool for many small businesses because it helps employers ensure only legal workers are hired. 404,000 employers are enrolled in E-Verify. Its suspension is concerning and the reaction from amnesty advocates is alarming. One group joked on Twitter: “E-Verify will be down. Quick let’s go get jobs!”

E-verify is down. Let's get jobs.

Immigration and Border enforcement personnel remain on duty – but are prevented from enforcing the law.
ICE and CBP agents are law enforcement officers tasked with protecting “life and property” and will continue to work during the shutdown. Some support staff, however, may be deemed “non-essential.” The cruel joke is that ICE agents in particular have been prevented from enforcing immigration laws against large classes of illegal aliens, regardless of the government’s funding status.

In the meantime, there’s speculation as to whether the government shutdown could impact an amnesty rally scheduled for early next week. With national parks in DC closed, the rally may not move forward without push back from Capitol and park police. With some officers furloughed, they have thus far declined requests for permits to use the National Mall.

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    Kristen Williamson on

    “an undertaking by the authorities to take no action against specified offenses or offenders during a fixed period” – Thanks for defining exactly what is happening under this administration! Particular classes of offenders – illegal aliens under 31, parents of U.S. citizens, non-violent illegal aliens – are receiving deferred action and are not incurring penalties outlined under the law (removal) for entering illegally. Not only are they receiving amnesty by not being removed when they come into contact with federal authorities, they are actually being rewarded with temporary lawful status and work authorization.

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    86 percent of DHS workers deemed “essential,” must report for work.

    They do not have to report unless a contract must enforce retroactive salary payments,,,

    Illegal alien amnesty continues.

    This is not amnesty….amazing what we have become when we do not understand what English is……some of us repeats like monkeys…….
    an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses.
    “an amnesty for political prisoners”
    synonyms: pardon, pardoning, reprieve; More
    an undertaking by the authorities to take no action against specified offenses or offenders during a fixed period.
    “a month-long weapons amnesty”
    verb: amnesty; 3rd person present: amnesties; past tense: amnestied; past participle: amnestied; gerund or present participle: amnestying
    grant an official pardon to.
    “the guerrillas would be amnestied and allowed to return to civilian life”
    synonyms: pardon, pardoning, reprieve; More

    A pardon does not enforce penalties nor punishment………..

    E-Verify is suspended. Employers cannot verify worker status.

    WOW…it appears something is about to happen PERHAPS IMMIGRATION REFORM?

    Any way only facts above and if erased/censored……..then you represent other country but the USA…