It’s Official: For Obama Admin, Illegal Aliens > Veterans

While the National Mall is officially closed to everyone – including U.S. citizens, tourists and veterans of our foreign wars – the Administration is allowing a myriad of illegal alien groups to assemble in order to rally for amnesty.

Last week the news was dominated by images of World War II veterans being barred from their memorial on the National Mall, and then breaking through the barricades with help from Members of Congress.

Tuesday, groups and unions like the SEIU, Casa de Maryland, and the AFL-CIO claim thousands of amnesty supporters will gather on the Mall that is closed to Americans.

The National Park Service is not merely turning a blind eye to protesters spontaneously gathering on the Mall. They are, presumably under direction from the administration, allowing illegal aliens and their lobbyists to erect a stage, banners, and even jumbo-trons in order to support the interests of people in the country illegally.

There you have it. Under this Administration, the interests of illegal aliens trump honoring our “Greatest Generation.”

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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      Absolutely Wrong! As a Service Member married to a “Legal” Non-U.S. Citizen, this is a slap in the face! After paying thousands of dollars to obtain a Alien Resident Card, Obama is opening the door for those who broke the law! What type of message is this sending?? It works out for Washington, less Immigration manpower/cuts to their funding! Its time “We, the American People” take back Our Country!

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    What’s Really Sad and Illegal Too

    Is to stick the American taxpayer for the cost of Illegal Alien Marches closing down city streets with the open border mayors leading the march illegally on official duty time.

    Where’s ICE? Ordered to stay in the office by their open border management and look busy?

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    Travis banning on

    Well that should make it easy for the INS. If they don’t have a card they should have a patty wagon ride

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      these illeagals are here illeagally,should they not be arrested,if you rob someone and get caught you go to jail,well they break the law by intering the US without a passport,how come there not arrested,the ins should do there job

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    it’s a republican and tea party thing to let these illegal THUGS rally and also responsible for government shut down because this is what they LOVE mostly , illegals in the USA !

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    This is absolutely deplorable – the very idea that our WW II veterans have been treated in this disrespectful manner! This dictator has to go – he is ruining our country, and acting more like a a brain-damanaged tyrant who cares nothing about the patriotic citizens..

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    Why do we bother with any boarder guards……really. If all you have to do is go to a country(other than yours) in big numbers….. ILLEGALLY……. Under cover of darkness,across a river,stowed away in a vehicle,trespass on American’s property(if they get in the way KILL them). Then stay long enough to obtain ILLEGAL documents and get the FREE STUFF offered to legal citizens,increase in numbers by having kids (who are now citizens) and become part if the system example- local government,state government,national government,then all you have to do is PUT FORTH LEGISLATION FOR AMNESTY……………………………FOR THE MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS THAT HAVE FOLLOWED “THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD”………Why would you bother to do it LEGALLY(you are already getting the benefits) the rules only apply TO THE REST OF US. In the 70s even though I was in the WRAF in England when I married my GI, I still had to have a background check done blood work and a chest x-ray for TB and an interview with his Commanding Office….to even apply for a GREEN CARD….and every January for years I had to fill out a card at the Post Office to let the Gvmt. know where I was etc………………………….WHY DO THESE RESTRICTIONS NOT APPLY NOW………….DO WE NOT CARE ABOUT THE CHARACTER OF THE PERSON(KILLER,ARSONIST,RAPIST,PEDOPHILE) what about putting a strain on the health care system(MEDICAL EXAM)GREEN CARD(being aware of your whereabouts for security reasons)……With all of these null and void for the SOUTHERN BOARDER OF THE US and LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS LEAVING TO FIND BETTER LIVES ELSE WHERE…..LEGALLY……..I say again WHY DO WE NEED BOARDERS ???????

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    I would say it is a good day for a round up. Illegal means Illegal in any language. Why should people be awarded for doing something that hurts this country and yes is “ILLEGAL.”

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    It’s time to write a stringing follow up post, or to
    update this one.
    They have arrested Veterans at their own Memorial, while Illegal Aliens are welcomed on the National Mall.

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    Obama really detest our country and its The The people that voted him into office should **** their heads in shame. It has nothing to do with race. It is Obamas disrespect for this country, its people, its foundation THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS.

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    If the country is closed to Americans but not for ILLEGAL Immigrants, what does that say about Odummer ? TRAITOR to the 100th degree !

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    This doesn’t surprise me at all since this administration and the democrats look at amnesty as an instant 11 million voter base expansion for them. The putz that holds the office of president currently, has never served in the military and could care less about those that have and preserved his right to disrespect them and every other American ideal. The trend of less veterans serving in the congress has been increasing over the last few years and this congress only has 108 out of 535 members that have served. That’s 20 percent roughly compared to figures of 60-70% in the congresses that served thru the 1970’s and 80’s. It’s difficult too make people understand how important these memorials are when they have never experienced the pride of service to one’s country. Sitting in a plush office in Washington, D.C. does not constitute service to one’s country in my book. This administration more than any other has made me feel ashamed for what they have made America stand for in the eyes of the world.

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    [edited for content]
    If ICE and the Border Patrol or even the INS ACTUALLY DID THEIR JOBS, I’d say load their asses on buses and drive them NON-STOP back to Mexico and DUMP THEIR CRIMINAL ASSES WHERE THEY BELONG!

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    I am absolutely, and totally, completely against allowing illegal persons to obtain amnesty.
    If they wished to be here there were legal methods to opt for.
    They chose to be here illegally.
    They have no rights here other than those allowed any other criminal.
    NO,NO, NO Hell no.
    I am opposed to providing financial, or any other means of support for individuals who are here illegally.
    I am opposed to providing food stamps, or any physical support for those who are here illegally.
    I am opposed to any governing agency that feels it is appropriate to treat illegal persons better than they treat their tax paying citizens.

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    Kristen what is your article about? you talk about oranges but your conclusion is about bananas. One has nothing to do with the other one…ONE is about the Feds and the other one about the Constitution and the Freedom of Speech and the right to protest….are you sure you live in the US?

    did you go to College?

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      Tom Jones, you are looking at this with tunnel vision. What she is pointing out is that all over our country federal sites have been barricaded to keep Americans from stepping on them, whether there is any cost involved or not, while illegal immigrants are being allowed to amass crowds right in the middle of what is also federal property. Her point is that illegal immigrants are being granted rights that are denied to American citizens, especially those who fought to keep us a sovereign democracy. I would say she is comparing citizens and illegal aliens-no fruit involved.

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        Bob's your uncle on

        You’re being really short-sighted mate. If any of your ‘american citizens’ had a cause to assemble, you would be afforded the same rights.
        I’m not even from your country, and I know the laws, while you’re just shouting in angry objection. RAWR! MIKIE SMASH EVIL IMMIGRANTS! Dey tuk ur jerbs!

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    You notice that the term “undocumented” isn’t even used much any more? Now they’re cast as “immigrants”. I guess in the same way that bank robbers would be “customers”.