Rep. Perry Questions Why Immigration Rally Is Held on Closed Federal Land

On Tuesday, October 8, Rep. Scott Perry (R-Penn.) was the sole Member of Congress to address the fact on the House floor that the National Park Service permitted a rally to occur on the National Mall, which was supposed to be closed during the federal government shutdown.  Congressman Perry questions the discretion exercised by the Administration to the grant the permit.

Rep. Perry said, “On the Mall adjacent to the street that’s closed because it’s a Federal park area, there’s an immigration rally that’s being supported by the Park Police. What’s happening, Mr. Speaker?”

Click here to watch Rep. Perry’s remarks.

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    Why only one member addressing this? As for any bogus claims of “free speech”, no one was being blocked from saying anything they wanted to say. They just should not have been the only people to be allowed on federal park property to say it. World War 2 vets, many of whom will not be healthy enough to make the trip again, get blocked from their memorial while lawbreakers get the red carpet treatment.

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    When Two Open Border Political Parties Fight Over the Government Shutdown on Obamacare

    They’ll use any tactic to belittle their opposite party opponent. Amnesty isn’t as big a fish to fry compared to possibly blocking full Obamacare implementation, RE: foreign/corporate lobby interests paying for healthcare.

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    That’s an easy question to anwer, Rep. Perry. This administration values illegal aliens and their welfare much more than its own citizens. I’ve come to the conclusion that all those who aid and abet in way are paid off by the pro-illegal factions or the third world governments who urge them to break our laws. We are no longer a sovereign nation, nor are we a nation of laws. We’re simply a dumping ground for anyone who wants to waltz in.