Growing Lawlessness: Crowd Surrounds Border Patrol in Tucson During Arrest

Growing Lawlessness: Crowd Surrounds Border Patrol in Tucson During Arrest

“Dozens of protesters tried to use their bodies as shields to prevent the detention of three suspected illegal immigrants stopped in front of Southside Presbyterian Church Tuesday night. At the end of a sometimes raucous confrontation, the crowd was dispersed after Tucson Police Department officers used pepper spray to force them back onto the sidewalk,” the Arizona Daily Star writes.

“Up to 100 people were there at the peak of the protest, Tucson police estimate. About 20 or 30 of the protesters formed a double circle around the Border Patrol vehicle in an effort to stop them from leaving. Another person tried to crawl under the vehicle, said Raúl Al-qaraz Ochoa, a local activist who has used that tactic before, resulting in his arrest.”

Rubber Stamping Citizenship by Obama Administration Means Security Risks

“Pressure from the Obama administration to rubber-stamp citizenship applicants and the failure of the Department of Homeland Security to properly train personnel and give them the tools to vet those applications have jeopardized U.S. national security, federal law enforcement officials and a Homeland Security union leader told TheBlaze,” the Blaze says.

“Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council, the union representing 12,000 United States Citizenship and Immigration Services officers and staff, told TheBlaze Congress needs to investigate why his agency has been left without proper tools to screen applicants and made the nation vulnerable.”

Amnesty Bill Creates Millions of Voters in Next 25 Years

“The Senate immigration bill would add 17 million new potential voters to the U.S. within 25 years, according to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, released Thursday that argues the influx could have a major effect on American politics.
That 17 million is in addition to the 15 million already built in from existing immigration levels through 2036, the researchers said. By comparison, the last four presidential elections were decided by an average of 4.5 million voters,” the Washington Times writes.

“Not all of those 17 million will definitely become citizens. The center’s research looked at those who would be of voting age and eligible for citizenship, based on projections from the Congressional Budget Office.”

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    When did we change from a country whose leaders lived up to their oaths to protect and defend ? Now, if enough money changes hands or the promise of votes to keep the fat cats at the public trough, our so called “leaders” will sell us out in a NewYork minute.

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    Amnesty would create 17 millions of voters….did you think about this when Cubans are giving for free what the resto fo the World has to suffer for?………really suffer………….most of the illegals are abused and their bosses make money with them………………………………………….as simple as that…

    Finally a town that loves this land and sticks to eachother how often do we see that>>????? almost never since the Brits were kicked out……………………….usually nodody sticks to anybody if not just look at our politicians….

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    We’ve given illegals free reign to ignore the law. No surprise that they try to stop the border patrol.

    And the news that this administration is just rubberstamping citizenship applications shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. What does anyone think is going to happen with an amnesty.