Obama Nominates Pentagon Attorney to Head DHS

Obama Nominates Pentagon Attorney to Head DHS

“President Obama said early Thursday that he wants to make a major push to have Congress pass immigration legislation this year — but by late in the day the White House was confirming he will nominate someone with little immigration experience to head the Department of Homeland Security,” the Washington Times writes.

“Administration and congressional officials said Mr. Obama will turn to Jeh Johnson, who was the top lawyer at the Pentagon, to run the agency that oversees the Secret Service, the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and all three immigration services.”

Rep. Labrador – GOP Should Not Go to Conference on Immigration

“With President Obama again pushing immigration reform, Idaho Republican Rep. Raul Labrador says it would be foolish for House Republicans to pass immigration reform and bring it to a conference committee with the Senate-passed immigration bill,” the Daily Caller writes.

“‘You know that I believe in immigration reform, and you know that you and I have disagreed on this issue a little bit, but I will tell you I have always been — at least over the last few months — against a conference and now more than ever,’ Labrador said Thursday on ‘The Laura Ingraham Show.’ ‘And the reason is because I have seen in these negotiations that Harry Reid and President Obama will not negotiate in good faith.'”

Amnesty Could Return With Shutdown End

“The Senate and House had not even settled the final details of ending the government shutdown before President Obama was on to his next priority. ‘We still need to pass a law to fix our broken immigration system,’ Obama said Wednesday evening as Capitol Hill scrambled to end the standoff. In case anyone missed it, the next morning he declared: ‘We should finish the job of fixing our broken immigration system,'” the Washington Examiner says.

“There’s no doubt the president wants an immigration deal; he’s talked about it for years, and now can’t put it off until another term. But could the Republican-controlled House of Representatives — exhausted, dazed, and confused after the self-inflicted battering of the last few weeks — actually get itself together to pass a reform bill to go along with the Gang of Eight bill the Senate already passed?”

Some in Business Lobby Threaten GOP Donations Over Immigration

“Even before the partial shutdown two weeks ago, Republican executives pressing for an immigration overhaul were venting frustration that the full House has been unwilling to consider any immigration legislation, including a bipartisan Senate bill, in the face of opposition from one wing of the party,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Norman Braman, a Miami businessman and GOP donor, said he is asking candidates who solicit campaign contributions for their position on immigration and will be reluctant to support those who don’t back a revamp. ‘Those of us who have been active and supportive of the party have a duty to express our feelings,’ he said.”

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    Open Border Type Attorneys Like Amnesty Overpopulation

    It gives them high cost case loads during concurrent economic degradation due to this same amnesty/overpopulation….just charge it to our grandchildrens’ federal budget debt.