Will Boehner Protect Americans or Democrats?

It’s difficult to tell who Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is serving these days. Is it his constituents, the Republican caucus, or Democrats?

How he proceeds on immigration after a two-week stand off with President Obama will surely tell.

Obama has made it clear that his next priority is strong-arming the House into an amnesty bill. In order to achieve that he would need Boehner to allow a vote on Pelosi’s massive amnesty plan or the Senate bill, which hasn’t even been referred to the House. Of course, you’d never know that considering the unending calls from amnesty activists for Boehner to bring it to the floor.

Or, there’s another way for Obama, the Democrats, and special interests to get what they want – have the Republican-led House pass just a handful of immigration bills. They can be solely enforcement focused, make nominal improvements on the border, expand big business access to cheap foreign labor, or yet another veiled attempt to delay in visa-tracking.

Whatever the bill(s) passed by the House, Democrats have one goal: get to conference with the Senate amnesty bill. This is the message from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and Bob Menendez – just to name a few. And they can achieve that goal with any bill passed by the House.

Numerous Republicans have voiced concern about passing any immigration bills knowing full well the Democrats’ and pro-amnesty crowd’s intentions. Former member of the House Gang of Eight, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) said, “It would be crazy for Republicans to pass immigration reform and go to conference.” Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) is circulating a letter asking GOP leadership to commit to no amnesty and no negotiations with the Senate.

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) claims Boehner told him there’d be no cooperation with the Senate on their amnesty bill – but the Speaker’s staff would not confirm.

So the question remains: Who will Boehner and House Republicans take their marching orders from? Will they hand a victory to Obama and the Democrats by using House legislation to negotiate an amnesty with the Senate? Or, will Republicans decide that serving Americans’ interests is more important.

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    Boehner protects his pocket onyl…everytime he says The People I hear my pockets…………………besides the guy hates Obama…he is a racist like most GOP……

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    There is no reason to allow these illegal aliens to be given amnesty, let them come to our country the way all legal immigrants have done it before them. Plus we barely have jobs for our American citizens, let alone to allow the 31 million + illegals to come into out country and take jobs our own citizens need to support their families. Besides most of the illegals that come into this country are criminals, which they have proven with the murders, rapes, robbery, etc., that they have perpetrated on our American people over the last decade. I say NO AMNESTY for these people, send them back to where ever they came from. If they can’t come in the legal way then they have no right to be here

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    robert lee wright on

    after all of the changes outside the law with OBOMOcare, why even consider Amnesty ??

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      no amnesty send them all back give ICE the power to send them back instead of making them stand with there hand tied behind there back because of Obama our Muslim president tells them to let them in he uses them for votes that is why he didn’t stop them when they had there rally when he put fences up to keep our vet’s out that fought for our and his freedom if he hates this country so much send him and his family to the middle east were he loves and helps because he sure in the H$LL DOESN’T HELP THE GOOD OLD U.S.A.

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    When did AMERICANS no longer matter to anyone in Washington? Why are you all trying to destroy this ONCE great country. Tear the citizens down and leave us abandoned by our OWN government. You all make me sick as you are completely out of touch with America and it’s people. Thanks for making America a slum, a disgusting third world joke.

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    Matthew Jahnke on

    This is why the borders need closing! No one should come over and steal American jobs, houses, and everything else we have worked so hard for!

    Also, this is why the battle for Texas independence was fought! To keep the people who weren’t supposed to be in the country out of it!

    Also, why did we fight Mexico? We were once part of it until 1836! So, we need to fight the same battles again, only with words, not actions, which is a mistake!

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    Raymond Borkowski on

    This whole idea of giving amnesty to a bunch of uneducated criminal is a crime in itself

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    Dont you even think about caving in and voting for any kind of amnesty !!!! WE / YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR COUNTRY BEFORE YOU GIVE A PASS TO THOSE WHO ARE HERE AGAINST THE LAW … If you do cave like you did with the shut down I will not even think about giving ANY of you my vote again !!! FOR ONCE TOTALLY STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE AND WHAT THEY WANT AND BELIEVE IN !!! WE ARE THE ONES WHO GAVE YOU YOUR JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE, NOW DO YOUR JOB FOR US !!!

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    Amnesty for illegals in any words of any kind is wrong !. that’s telling all criminals that there is no justice or law in America ! giving criminals residency in America and letting them be citizens after breaking the laws is just plain lunacy ! this is what they are, CRIMINALS illegal means they are already criminals, and giving them the rights and benefits of Americans is not doing Justice to Americans. We pay the taxes that are feeding them and their anchor babies , and letting them vote and have total freedom to do what law abiding citizens do is wrong and should be criminal on it’s own. Stop ignoring the facts and enforce the immigration laws, Letting them get away with coming here illegally will only add to the influx of more illegals, And giving them citizenship in any form or amnesty will only bring more illegals to suck up the resources that have been stretched way too far already. if you want to know what the general public feels, listen ! we are tired of being burdened with illegals and their tireless ranting that they have rights and we owe them anything, The only thing they are owed and deserve is deportation.!

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    25 million unemployed AMERICAN citizen stand firm against amnesty for 15 million illegal aliens–or any form of guest worker program. Congress do the math that is a net loss of 10 million votes. So damn your “cheap labor and more dependents on big government” agenda

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    linda hutchinson on

    Boehner will, as usual, give Barry everything he wants. I truly believe that through the NSA spying on American Citizens that Obama has gathered dirt on every Congressman/woman, every Senator, Supreme Court Justice and anyone else that could possibly stand in the way of him taking America to A Socialist/communist country. I pray for the day American Patriots rise up and reclaim our once FREE Nation

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    Absolutely NO AMNESTY!!!.

    I am an immigrant.. I came here legally. My family had to jump through all the hoops to get here. These was no free anything. If my Dad had not kept a job, we would have had to go home. When we got here, we had to prove that we had enough money to back home if things didn’t work out.

    We had health checks before we left England. If we had been found to have any infectious diseases, we could not have come here.

    I am so tired of hearing “Si se puede”. Go home, you did not earn the right to be here. I am tired of my tax dollars going to pay for anything for you.

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    Lewis Klinedinst on

    There are laws already established to handle immigration. Congress and the President need only stay out of the way and ensure we have enough Border Patrol age and Soldiers along our borders to enforce our laws.
    Deport all illegals and then review existing laws to see if change even needs to be made. Blanket amnesty to law breakers (illeagles) is not the answer nor a solution. Police arrest and jail a women for taking $3 or less from the bittom of a water fountain because she was hungry and had no money, yet every one talks if amnesty for stealing into my country illegally. That is just wrong.

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    Boehner is another political fraud, and lacks a backbone like just about every Dem throughout Congress, period! Will real Americans ever see a majority of true representation in OUR government, instead of these brown nosing degenerates that pervade this current dung heap?

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    The Republicans must be kidding. Amnesty is the one issue that even a lot of liberals are skeptical about. I have heard numerous times “I’m a liberal but I agree on no amnesty”. And yet the Republicans would give away the one issue that favors them, trying instead for Latino votes they will never get anyway, and which only makes their electoral situation worse in the end.